Episode 3 Preview | House of the Dragon (HBO)

Episode 3 Preview | House of the Dragon (HBO)

New episodes premiere Sundays at 9 pm ET on HBO Max.

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  1. Ashley Brandimarte says:

    I love how the writers are doing these time jumps while also not making the story feel rushed. Very well done; I’m curious how they’ll transition to when Rhaenyra and Alicent are older

    • Eiji says:

      @Suzette1122 nope we won’t. As the original story goes, Alicent will toss herself out of a window and Rhaenyra will lose. Not really a spoiler considering that the story of Fire and Blood already exists and that is what the show is based off of.


      <<<- Game Of Thrones is terrible 👎 I máke bétțer môre eñtertaining Cônțent/Śhows

    • Eiji says:

      Personally, I would hope for that to happen around the season finale as it could leave more time to build up this sort of hatred between the hightowers and targaryens. As the story of a Dance of Dragons goes, Aegon, son of Viserys, will be crowned King instead of Rhaenyra, who is at Dragonstone at the time of learning of her half brother being crowned in the dragon pit. Learning of this, she declares war against the hightowers. I honestly think that this first season will end off with that chain of events, after all in the trailers we have already seen a grown up Rhaenyra.

    • Reshma Maharjan says:

      @Suzette1122 I too went down a rabbit hole after watching episode one. It’s tragic what happens to rhaenyra in the books. Hope writers will change it a bit

    • Lord Dom Snow says:

      @Upful Soul how does it feel rushed if they’re building on the episode before this one. the storylines laid out in the first episode was getting flushed out i. this episode. y’all complain about everything

  2. ASMO says:

    Dude!! This show is only getting better and better, and now with the classic intro it just made it way more awesome

  3. Aadam Saleem says:

    Great. This is all the show needs to be . Nothing quirky or zany, just cold-blooded court drama with a touch of humanity.

    • tonshmar says:

      @Sam T NO BULL!! Not OP specifically, but I swear I be wanting to square up with some of the people in the comments expecting the show to turn GoT S1-4 (Debatable) in one damn episode. It’s like, sh#t, the damn show JUST started, give it a damn chance! 🙄🙄

    • tonshmar says:

      @infinity8 Yep. And DRAGONS. 🙃

    • EL34Glo says:

      @Zach Robertson Which is why I they shouldn’t have done it. They should have did a sequel

    • EL34Glo says:

      Um no. It definitely needs more than this. Good start though

  4. Marquice J says:

    this show just keeps getting better and better

  5. batgurrl says:

    The show is getting better and better and it is great to once again be excited by Sunday Night TV. HBO renewing for season two after the first episode says it all

    • batgurrl says:

      @O DD I hope not since it’s different showrunners

    • AshurPlays says:

      @0fficial Selena__ Watch got first, or do you want to wait years for hotd to finish and finally you can watch got lol?

    • Melodic Meerkat says:

      @0fficial Selena__ you should absolutely not watch the animated shorts as it will spoil HOTD for you…

    • Emett Sand says:

      @0fficial Selena__ watch Game of thronea first, then you will understand why they decided to make this show . And also because House of the dragon will take a few years to END.

  6. Xavier says:

    Incredible redemption arc for GOT. 2 extremely strong episodes that set up the entire story. Hopefully, we get a Virtuoso episode this season.

  7. Seamless Thorns says:

    Can we just appreciate the pacing of the show? With no BS or filler, how exciting it grows more and more. Having not read the books, this is really enjoyable.

  8. Marc Miller - Corrupt-R says:

    Really happy with this show so far, bravo HBO! I have to admit I had my doubts, but after just two episodes I’m feeling like I’m right at home in the GoT universe again. So many new shows are garbage, this is really a breath of fresh air

    • Hunter Larsen says:

      ​@joe bond as a person who never played the game and didn’t get fat in season one I’d say trying to make the show more “accessible” for fans like me who don’t even appreciate the lore is a slap to the face to the fans who do. If it’s not your cup of Joe thats it but don’t make a show like every other fantasy show and sacrifice story in favor of trying to sell the show to a wider audience.

    • Giannis Kchrst says:

      @joe bond I understand. My main problem with season 1 is the direction and scenography though. You couldn’t understand the dynamics of the world, you couldn’t understand the scenery (in battles and castles for example) and you couldn’t be convinced about the realness of the world.

    • joe bond says:

      @Giannis Kchrst witcher season 2 was way more accessible than season 1 it had great action, adventures and witcher hunts. Book readers prefer season 1 but non book readers prefer season 2

    • nihar Shastri says:

      @eddyecho GOT didn’t invent straying from the source material lol

  9. Wenstat says:

    The first two episodes truly were incredible. And this one looks even better. This show is pure GoT : intrigue, dialogue, characters, war. It even really has the potential to be greater than Game of Thrones was at its peak.

    • Aleem IzCool says:

      Nothing can top the Red Wedding but yea this show easily has the potential

    • Muffler Tuesday says:

      Better than GoT at peak? Lmao not this show.

    • Regenmacher175 says:

      @Serhii Serpov The way the characters talk is much more in line with how they talk in the books and a lot of things are communicated without dialogue and just with visuals and acting alone but unless you read the source material you won’t know what it’s signalling. Too bad you’re not having as good a time with this as I am but this show’s been fantastic so far.

    • Endeavor says:

      @Northern Yeti Gaming you seem to not know your place boy. Don’t you know how to speak with your lord?

  10. All sports Highlights says:

    Can’t wait for episode 3 this has been amazing so far

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