Equifax: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Equifax: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the massive impact of the cybersecurity breach at Equifax and their massively misguided attempts to mitigate the damage.

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20 Responses

  1. ally almon says:

    I love a good rick roll

  2. RAHUL S R says:

    wow man the more i think of it the more laugh ………. GOD BLESS AMERICA sincerly by 457555462

  3. Thisold Hatte says:

    This kind of abuse is endemic to capitalism.

  4. Andrés Gómez says:

    Philip DeFranco covered all this when it happened two and a half months ago, why didn’t his videos on it make it to #1 on ‘Trending’ so people could take precautions? Now it’s too late for anyone to actually do anything but be outraged.

  5. Catalin Bedouin says:

    1:43 why the fk are you screaming in your videos dude?! you look clinically hysteric and I am not a doctor trained to deal with damaged people.
    contain yourself!!!
    I am trying to watch your stuff but, when you go screaming, I go like: “another retard on the internet is posting clips.”
    Are you begging for attention by being retarded?

  6. Benjamin Lafever says:

    I’m surprised there aren’t more people becoming violent in America than there already is, I mean these people are ACTUALLY losing their lives through hacks, idiotic assholes greedy for more money to shove up their asses and the Pharmaceutical companies and what do they get? More money not even a slap on the wrist and they say some apology. This is a fucking joke, I don’t respect any of our government officials or any American leaders.

  7. DrJohn says:

    Thanks for putting up the links for freezing at https://equifaxfraudprevention.com/ I pulled my credit reports before freezing them and found a few addresses listed where I never lived. The Experion freeze process was a hassle and wondering if others found the same.

  8. Mr. Kozzi says:

    Oliver making a show on serious shit into a joke – nevertheless!

  9. Rhapsidian says:

    Well I hope they realize how pathetically poor I am and have mercy….

  10. Hermes Bouza says:

    I’d hope that, after this, Americans realize how idiotic social security numbers actually are.

  11. Tony Li says:

    FBI told me, only last 4 of SSN is random.

  12. Lastkoss says:

    He gambled with his own social security as proof. To much for me.

  13. 69johndz says:

    For now on, before I apply for any credit, I am going to ask if that bank uses Equifax. If they do, I am taking my business elsewhere. This shit has got to stop.

  14. Jonah Lynx says:

    Why did Equifax even have possession of 50% of American ID’s? 50 fucking percent.

  15. LadySara says:

    I been trying to check if I was affected, but haven’t been getting anything on their recovery site.

  16. Tucker Ecke says:

    This covers literally everything that Philip Defranco said weeks ago. Good on you, Phil

  17. Bob Buchko says:

    Since only adults have credit histories, about a quarter of the US population isn’t affected by default. So if you’re an adult with a credit history, the chances are extremely good you were affected. There are roughly 245 million adults in America. Of course, many of those may not have credit histories, but even if we assume they all do, you’re still looking at about a 60% chance MINIMUM that your info was exposed. Oof.

    Please freeze your reports. It is currently free with all three agencies and takes about 10 minutes.

  18. Scheefinator says:

    I just put out a fraud alerts and signed up for last pass premium credit monitoring. It’s through ID Watchdog. The fact that nothing is being done about this, is just…..

  19. TheDavan619 says:

    Once again glad to not live in Murrica

  20. Localpref416 says:

    This happened awhile ago like at least 5-10 months ago

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