Eric Church – “Why Not Me” | October 4, 2017

Eric Church – “Why Not Me” | October 4, 2017

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20 Responses

  1. Sherrie Thurman says:

    Much love Eric .. much love

  2. Robert Barger says:

    God bless you Eric Church

  3. Marsha Loftis says:

    so sad!! πŸ™

  4. Monmouth Outlook says:


  5. wittoweebler says:

    this guy really likes his sunglasses..


    GReat Song Eric !!!!

  7. love usa says:

    God bless you Eric!

  8. Bob Cooper says:

    A true man

  9. Jamie Gibson says:

    Just over here peeling onions! πŸ™

  10. 1cflchopper says:

    88 people dislike this video=88 mentally Disturbed people..

  11. Jennifer Hipp says:


  12. Karl Miller says:


  13. Daniel Thomas says:

    Beautiful song. Prays to everyone affected.

  14. Veeta Crews says:

    AWesome song !!!!

  15. Krysta O says:

    Absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking.

  16. aLew says:

    Smh 125 dislikes

  17. Joseph Butler says:

    Who dislikes this?

  18. king phobia says:


  19. Expedition360 says:

    What a great guy and song

  20. Google User says:

    Hey Eric, that’s great and all – but where is your tribute to the 50-60 people who are murdered in Chicago EVERY MONTH?

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