Erika Costell – Dynamite (Official Lyric Video)

Erika Costell – Dynamite (Official Lyric Video)

I wrote and recorded this song months ago…Although the situation is very different now, and this part of my life is over…writing this song was one of most powerful things I’ve ever done because it came straight from my heart & I’m still very proud of it. Thank y’all SO much for all your support through the start of my music in 2018. I LOVE YOU!

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Song Produced by: Harvey Mason Jr.
Song written by: Erika Costell and Brittany Burton




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56 Responses

  1. Adriane Fernandes says:

    The last scene, when he disappears in the “BOOM” is everything… I guess this part of her life IS over. Can’t wait for what comes in the future. She’s strong <3

  2. Gideon! Playz! says:

    Erika what an excellent song you’ve I love it!! ??

  3. Laney Acevedo says:

    It’s so sad y’all aren’t dating anymore but the thing is y’all both love each other hope u guys could get back together love you ??

  4. Jungkook bts says:


    I love the song it’s amazing♥️♥️?

  5. Melissa Ramirez Diaz says:

    Hope Jerika will come back, love is more powerful than anything else ?????❤❤❤

  6. Hey X says:

    The end where jake disappeared made me emo

  7. Reemie KaramkK says:

    This is the most love I’ve seen on the internet they both love each other but they can’t keep it in they have to let there love out! I wasn’t crying but deep inside there is love

  8. Karina Diaz says:

    Erika ask him out again cause u guys still love each other plz go and ask him out again your the perfect match

  9. Norrie playz says:

    Everyone:saying they miss jerika
    Me:da lonley girl hoping jake would see this vid

  10. Gianna Romero says:

    1 like is one prayer that jerika will be together again?

  11. diamond shine vlogs and gaming says:

    Roses are red
    Vilots are blue
    The sky is gray
    And JEKIKA is no more ?????????????????????????????????????????

  12. Amelia Farnsworth says:

    Erika hope you see this cause Jake keeps saying he wants you back and you know you want him back NOW COME ON ERIKA say you want him back!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Araceli Martinez says:

    You guys are such a cute couple together but thing happen ??hope you guys can get back together?also… is hard to watch old video of you guys together because you guys aren’t together anymore and remembering those good times also it is hard to watch new video of your guys because you broke up ???

  14. Ashley Czasz says:

    3:13 she wrote dinomite instead of dynamite! Dinomite was the original name of the song but she changes it after they broke up. She called it Dinomite because she used to call Jake dino ??

  15. Brandon Shultz says:

    Does this song mean you’re going to get try and get back together with Jake Paul I really hope it does

  16. hi lie says:

    You guys sacrificed so much for jerica just to see it be destroyed, it is really depressing.??

  17. Luciana Cordoba says:

    This is an amazing song,tears came out of my eyes

  18. Kelsey Gilmore says:

    I know I’m not the only one who cried for real but I hope Jake watches this song and they look-alike meet up and I thought we chill there and stuff or talk over Instagram so that I can get back together and then other feelings will come back and he will be getting more views and everything because I turn off my notifications for both of them because I watch them for Jerrica together

  19. Loriana Zhegrova says:

    Omg did Jake listen to this ??? You guys love each other so stop trying to get away from each other as Erika said in the song I can’t spend a day with out you so please get together you guys.
    It’s not that we as fans want you guys together because fandom and popularity but it’s because you guys are meant for each other.?❤️❤️❤️

  20. Lil Skooie says:

    *Jake Paul has rejoined the chat*

    • Adam Kuny says:


    • Brea Novick says:

      I’m can’t take any more Erika u r a beautiful girl and u don’t deserve to be alone and neither does Jake u haven’t even spent Christmas together and none of the fans like this either ur views r dropping ur losing subscribers do u want to go on in life without Jake like he meant so much to u and it breaks my heart cuz I’m ur guys’s biggest fans and I can’t watching ur guys’s videos without balling my eyes out so plz make everyone happy again and ask him out or work things out with him and move back into he team ten house where u belong cuz team ten dropped down a lot it’s like only team 3 now so if u rejoined it would make team ten grow bigger. I really hope this mad u change ur decision and took my advice. Ik I’m just a kid and I’m totally not trying to control ur life but i just can’t take it I’m so sry. Jake is so sad he even make a uncut series about it. I am really hoping u see this and read it so u can figure ur life out right now. I love u and Jake no matter what happens just so u know.

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