Erin Andrews Talks About Her Court Case

Erin Andrews Talks About Her Court Case

Erin talks about winning her recent, high profile court case.

Deleted Scene from “Batman v Superman” Starring Jimmy Kimmel –

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Erin Andrews Talks About Her Court Case

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20 Responses

  1. TheAymanhawk23 says:

    Please give me 55m. im naked rn

  2. L3ndzo83 says:

    shes almost naked now.. id be expecting sueing if i was kimmel

  3. citrusfirefly says:

    It’s not about the money, this bad video will never go away. It will show
    up her WHOLE life. My mom told me my whole life never put naked anywhere of
    yourself, she says “say what you want”, “do what you want” but try with all
    your heart never naked on any eletronic. I am glad Erin won -that the guy
    got in giant trouble! The hotel allowed him to get next to her room, they
    should just said no, they gave him the room next to hers, no request like
    that should even have been considered. Good for her and this got national
    attention and a wake up call to people. Go ERIN!

  4. Bleach says:

    I want her to drink me

  5. sirka067 says:

    She’s so hot. Thank god she grew her hair out.

  6. ant sz says:

    Bullshit, how about the families of people killed by cops or other heinous
    crimes? i didn’t see her career go down the tubes.

  7. KELTALK (Blog about Mongolia) says:

    talk Erin talk!)

  8. Jerrad Grinstead says:

    50 million!? Jesus H that’s a mountain out of a molehill.

  9. Lorne Armstrong says:

    I only click on these videos to watch Jimmy Kimmel try. Keep trying Jimmy.

  10. mychoclabwinston says:

    She is annoying as hell, go away already, yes she’s smoking hot, but offers
    no insight into any sports game or interview. 

  11. Hannah Fink says:

    She’s really pretty ?

  12. DirtyBob6969 says:

    what a whore.. watching her video right now

  13. NEON MULLET says:

    I just doubt that if this had happened to some poor maid who wasn’t famous,
    they wouldn’t be getting 50 million. Being a celebrity helps you a lot in

  14. George Garcia says:

    bruh for nude photos shes getting 10mil? at the most she should have gotten

  15. jeff matt says:

    I support Bernie & I was thinking
    if Hillary does become the nominee then why should I or any Bernie supporter
    vote for her. Both the media & the DNC have been rigging this election
    since day 1. If you vote for her then why would the DNC & the media ever
    stop rigging future elections? They first tried hiding all the debates on
    weekends & holidays having data which shows these are the worst days to
    have them on, The extreme media bias against Bernie & the shameless way all
    the media & the DNC establishment has been glowingly raving about
    Her all along. Isn’t it weird that all the southern states got to vote
    within the
    first 24 states? Could it be she is from Arkansas knowing she would get a
    delegate lead so then the media could then say it’s over? Even though the
    next bunch of states favor Bernie quite significantly. The media constantly
    showing the super delegates to shape public perception knowing that they
    are not official till July & are subject to change. How about in Iowa & how
    they won’t release the overall vote totals because it is believed that
    Bernie got more
    votes. How about in Nevada that apparently Harry Reid secretly pulled
    strings on election day influencing behind the scenes to help her out. If
    you vote for her if she becomes the nominee, then your basically saying
    that it’s that the media & the DNC acted this way.

  16. DeezNuts says:

    Scammer. She knew she could get paid if she made believe she was depressed
    and suffering. Such a bullshitter. Scum bag.

  17. Jaret Gandee says:

    who else when they heard about it searched for the video, watched it, and
    then jacked off?

  18. drago barz says:

    “so many ppl reached out from all over the world rly” yes I imagine how
    deeply devestated third world countries are that poor Erin had her butthole
    peeped upon. how will we ever prosper as humans and evolve unless we give
    55 million to someone who sucks at their job, only has it cuz of hot

  19. Salman Moyeen says:

    The level of Justice System: Retarded.

  20. Anon706 says:

    Some one take a nude of me and we’ll split the money 50/50