Ernie Designs a Tattoo for His Mom | Kids Draw | Cut

Ernie Designs a Tattoo for His Mom | Kids Draw | Cut

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46 Responses

  1. Megan • says:

    _Finally our Cute Ernie and his lovely mom !! 💕_

  2. Felix Herrmann says:

    When he screamed aaaa shes deeeeead lmao😂

  3. Julian k says:

    ‘Ahhhh, she’s dead’

  4. Megan • says:

    4:42 *_”Aaah She’s dead”_*_ omg Ernie_

  5. Arctic Fox says:


  6. Aa Aa says:

    I saw Ernie and ran

  7. Abdullah Belghiti says:

    One hundred years of Moroccan man’s hairstyle
    Or Colombia.

  8. nerdgirl22 j says:

    Ahhh shes dead

  9. Hello my friends says:

    Aaaahhh SHE’S DEAD!
    30 minutes later…

  10. Eto Oklu says:

    This kid knows too much for his age

    Aaaaahh Shes dead

  11. phatbastard0alkaline says:

    Wow, she left that in. Brave!

  12. Megan • says:

    2:30 *_A Peeenis_*_ this boy omg 😂😂_

  13. Kreation Projekt says:

    “A peeeniss” “Ahhhh! She’s dead!” Hahaha. I love Ernie

  14. Inger says:

    i feel really bad for ernie’s mom, but the “ah she’s dead” from ernie just killed me lol

  15. SLinnemann Art says:

    I love how chill the mom is “what Pff nothing happend”

  16. d is d trashiest says:

    the fact that they gave a kid a micron pen and the pressure he did while drawing,,, my artist heart is crashed

  17. Dyda96 says:

    I think they sholud do this with older kids.

  18. aya aya says:

    4:45 do i have to feel bad that couldn’t stop laughing when he screamed ” AHHHH she’s dead ! “

  19. mohil jamariya says:

    4:43 ….aaaah…… she is dead……

  20. holisticmaya says:

    “Are you gonna be electrocuted” 😂 i missed Ernie so much

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