Errol Spence Can Beat Terence Crawford In Rematch, Shawn Porter Says | TMZ Sports

Errol Spence Can Beat Terence Crawford In Rematch, Shawn Porter Says | TMZ Sports

Despite the one-sided affair inside the boxing ring Saturday night … Shawn Porter tells TMZ Sports he truly believes Errol Spence can bounce back and beat Terence Crawford in a rematch down the line.

If the rematch does pop off before the end of 2023, expect to see Porter ringside looking sharp … because the guy’s new suitline, Shawn Porter Suits and Services, is promising to keep him and other any fight fan feeling as fresh as possible!


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43 Responses

  1. VladI says:

    The first fight altered Spence’s career, the second will alter his life.

    • Sony Augustin says:

      I got Bud first round knock out in the rematch 😴 😤 😏

    • Trey Jones says:

      Spence need to focus on being around his grand kids. That’s how devastating this loss was for him. He should never fight Bud again.

    • Thinkers Think says:

      @Sony Augustin😂😂😂😂😂😂rite

    • Thinkers Think says:


    • Russ_ON_30s says:

      None of y’all are boxers or God. You’re not God & in sports anything can happen. I believe Spence can beat him he lost due to been inactive, not putting the catch weight at 154. Remember I said it first the rematch will be different. I would like for Spence to give God the glory like TC was doing. In sports anything is possible especially giving the higher power the praise🙏🏽🙏🏾💙💙💯💯👑👑.

  2. LeAndre’ B. says:

    Us Bud fans kept saying Errol was too one-dimensional.. Many acted like we were crazy trying to hype up Errol’s fundamentals and pressure. Team Spence better work on more tools and making adjustments. Spence don’t need to fight Bud again anytime soon. Life is more important!

    • Soldierboy39 says:


    • Kobbie Afriyie says:

      You are right——we kept saying he was one dimensional, but all that we heard was that he was bigger and stronger than Bud and blah blah, so he was going to beat Bud.
      ———Bud has too many weapons that Spence has no answers to.
      ——-Bud has answers to all of Spence questions——-that is the difference between the two fighters.

    • Torang Clayruz says:

      Yeah, Life is more important.

    • The Nomenclature says:

      You ain’t lying, but Spence is gamebred and he wants that rematch. Hopefully his pops talks with him and changes his mind.

  3. stranahan07 says:

    Shawn Porter’s business after boxing just made me proud. He seems so passionate about his clothing business. I love it.

  4. Patrik Royale'1 says:

    I don’t want to see a rematch. I don’t think that Spence is in a good place, the fight just happened, it’s too soon, to make a decision like that. I think that his health should be considered first above him seeking some kind of quick turn around redemption. I honestly, think that it will be worse even at 154. Nothing will change with these guys styles..Crawford was the stronger guy at 147 and will most likely be even stronger at 154. Spence can not afford to be slower than he was at 147…I just don’t want to see Spence get severely hurt, it feels like that would be the outcome. I saw Crawford step back, at times when he could’ve went for the kill earlier…I saw him have Spence lunging in throwing a wild shot and Crawford step out the way when he could’ve countered him and face planted him….

    • Harry Mayhugh says:

      And Spence was saved by the Bell I think twice Crawford’s a finisher when it gets you hurt I think he was being nice to Spence

    • Antoine Marous says:

      Bud is a man of respect. That’s why he didn’t go in at those moments because he knew he had it all under control

    • Douma upper moon 2 says:

      It’s one L it’s boxing it happens marvin,sugar ray ,hearns,Hagler duran all took L’s it happens

    • Outbox you and Out ball you says:

      ​@Douma upper moon 2none of them took an L this bad tho

    • Chris , says:

      ​@Outbox you and Out ball youduran did get ko by hearns but yah man errol can’t give crawford a competitive fight I’m a crawford fan and wanted crawford to win but after I felt bad like damn, wow, I thought it wpuld be super close with crawford catching hin late

  5. Yasin Ali says:

    I am not a professional fighter, but I have watched thousands of fights. I can’t imagine any adjustment that Errol can make to win this fight.

    • Q Brown says:

      Did you watch the fight? Not on YouTube. Did you actually watch it live on your tv at home and paid attention to it without talking, looking at your phone, eating, or just doing other shit

    • +only5381 says:

      ​@Q BrownI watched the fight and have laced them up. What was I missing bc I feel the same as the original comment posted?

    • Stone says:

      @Q Brown Right before the ref stopped the fight Errol looked away from Crawford and towards the ref. Crawford showed a little mercy before saying f it and started taking it up a gear then the ref stopped it at the right time. What could Errol have done differently in that fight against a hitman that was breaking him down, neutralized his jab, had more speed, power, reach and footwork? He may be able to do something different next fight but the original comment was about that fight. I’m a hard-core Spence fan. That man couldn’t hear his only coach, couldn’t make much adjustments on his own, and their only gameplan failed. You wanted Errol to have severe permanent damage?

    • Q Brown says:

      @+only5381 so why did Errol perform the way he did? If you actually watched the fight? And don’t lie about it. Never mind what Bud did. Tell me what you saw Errol do.

    • Q Brown says:

      @Stone ok… why couldn’t Errol make a adjustment? What happened to Errol in that fight? And in what round did it happen? And what was Errol’s reaction to it happening? Make it make sense.

  6. gtwester says:

    Crawford could’ve stopped Spence earlier in the fight but seems to have taken it easy on him. Moving up in weight will not help reduce Crawfords power and ring IQ. It also will not help Spence’s lack of defense that showed up. I really hope the rematch somehow doesn’t happen as I think it’ll be a worse beatdown and as a caring person I don’t want to see any harm come to Spence. He just did not look right out there and I hope everything is OK with him long term. I also personally think his corner should’ve stopped it before the ref did.

    • Darius Slay says:

      Crawford was being smart trying to stop Spence earlier more than likely would backfire. He did not take it easy on Spence at all you have to be smart. Idk why people keep getting this toying with people fighting unless you are taunting. Crawford was being smart and waiting for the right time.

    • JD 06 says:

      You don’t want the rematch to happen because your boy got lucky on a night his opponent was weight drained. Rematch gonna tell a much different story. Keep talking to sh-. You have a few more months before you get smacked in your face with reality

    • ADWKEI says:

      @JD 06 bro it’s just not going to happen man, even with an extra 7 pounds. Crawford will take Errol’s jab away which is key to everything he does, his hands and feet are considerably slower than Bud, can’t fight on the back foot and cant take Buds punch like Bud can take his. All across the board Bud has his number and it’s not a knock on Errol it’s just levels 🤷🏾‍♂️.

    • Channon Miles says:

      @ADWKEIthe jab getting taken away was major the speed is a factor but not one time x really did you Spence land clean power punches to the head he doesn’t really target there until he feels he did significant body work and he just wasn’t there idk if it was mental or what but he didn’t look like championship Spence the truth or nun that just as wilder v fury was a tripling this deserves a rematch the fight was huge

    • Phil B. says:

      Bud was just much faster than Spence in that ring. There was an obvious speed advantage for Bud. He whooped Spence and beat him to the punch all night.

  7. Phillip Riles says:

    A wrinkle in his career!? Spence may have ended up like Apollo Creed in Rocky 4 if the fight would have continued. That’s not a “wrinkle” in your career. That’s a “you need to deeply evaluate whether to continue with your career”

  8. what? huh? says:

    I don’t wanna see a rematch to this occasion; it should just expire and drift into the wind. Errol has nothing to prove after being destroyed in that fashion. Despite the passion or thought to redeem himself to Crawford in a rematch, it’s still a bad idea and may be a worst experience than the this. He should humble himself and admit that Crawford is just on a higher tier than he is fundamentally and technically. Crawford’s style is like cryptonite to Errol because a technical fighter always has an advantage over a pressure fighter. I don’t want to see Errol get beat like that again, so he should just respect the fact that Crawford is more experience, has more power and is a overall better fighter.

    • Deonte Harris says:


    • Ricky Jones says:

      Lenox Lewis should of humbled himself and retired after being koed after rahman.

      Only in today’s society you lose once and need to go away

    • what? huh? says:

      @Ricky Jones Lennox Lewis wasn’t destroyed in that fight. It was competitive despite the ko. Additionally, those were heavy-weights meaning one punch can pretty much end the fight at any given moment, so that’s a terrible analogy and comparison. Errol simply showing heart is insufficient to earn him a victory against a masterful technician like Crawford. Why? (Well you’ve seen why in this fight) but to put it more accurately, Errol spence relies on “[Pressure]” to create openings, and that simply is his fighting sum if you were to view every single fight he’s had. Crawford, relies on variability and capitalizing off of his opponent’s mistakes, so if you’re a [Pressure] fighter, you’ll leave yourself exposed at points throughout the fight which is a [TERRIBLE] mistake against a fighter like Crawford who is a pinpoint accurate puncher and finisher. If a rematch occurs, Spence will lose again, and maybe in an even worse fashion than before, and I’m willing to bet on that just as I betted on the first fight because I knew Terrence would destroy him, while people who don’t know shIt about boxing like yourself, betted on spence.

    • Beauty Collection says:

      Well contracts state differently so that poem you just wrote was pointless

    • Ricky Jones says:

      @whathuh6965  dude imagine crawford knocked spence out cold like rahman did lewis.
      Stop it. The rematch can be exactly the same but this narrative of he needs to retire or not use the rematch is stupid. This is boxing. Anything can happen.

  9. Kkkkkkkkk says:

    Every fighter has a kryptonite, a person who you simply can’t beat.

  10. Keep Going Global says:

    I LOVE how Crawford stayed All Business until the end. Once he won and his family got in on the stage with him he was All Smiles. God Bless you and your family keep Going Legend Terence Bud Crawford 🙏💗🥊🥊🌻

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