Errol Spence Jr. POST FIGHT PRESS CONFERENCE vs. Mikey Garcia

Errol Spence Jr. POST FIGHT PRESS CONFERENCE vs. Mikey Garcia

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Errol Spence Jr. POST FIGHT PRESS CONFERENCE vs. Mikey Garcia

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89 Responses

  1. Altitude1 says:

    What a fight! Errol is a beast!!! I was going for Mikey but man what heart Garcia has. Much respect.

    • mookeychase0907 says:

      Mikey has ten times more heart than those faggot dudes in his division like Keith “Runtime” Truman and “Shitty” Shawn Porter. If they were scared to fight him then we can forget about seeing them fight him now. Errol is the truth after this display. We knew he could bang we knew he has power now we know he can box,none of them cats stand a chance to beat him. Anybody that says they knew he would win in this manner is a got damn liar. I said the only prob Mikey may have is ES being a southpaw his power I didn’t think would be a problem…I gotta salute ES and also MG for having the heart to step up and fight a bigger stronger fighter…

    • lanny almon says:

      big different betweeh heart and just being a punching bag! 375-75 is not heart

    • cbenji07 says:

      +Boxing and MMA BreakDowns he won 0 rounds.

    • Ernesto james says:

      rome 20 cotton picker

    • Altitude1 says:

      Ernesto james keep that racist shit to yourself.

  2. Billy Freeman says:

    Took Mikey to school and then dropped him off at home afterwards ?

    • Marion Knight says:

      Billy Freeman mickey should never have gone up 2 weights.

    • Rizzo Aristotle says:


    • purple perfecti says:

      +moreliam2 bullshit!! Even broner got more balls than mikey! He went pro AFTER mikey but moved up to 147 way BEFORE mikey. Mikey waits 40 fights into his career to have the balls to move up. Yall delusional ass Mexicans need to cut it. Mikey got his ass whooped at a weight he should’ve went to YEARS AGO.

  3. James Bond says:

    Congratulation CHAMP! To the naysayers: Don’t doubt the TRUTH!

    • Karriem Williams says:

      +Lee Mack Spence showed IQ last night.. We knew Mikey wasn’t ready but he had the balls to call him out. The boy had a lot of heart and showed chin. Lets not act likey Mikey don’t deserve his due though. He aint a champion in 4 different weight classes for nothing.

    • Karriem Williams says:

      +Lee Mack Bottom line.. I dont think Pac really want that fight lol.

    • Karriem Williams says:

      +rany lopez Spence walk around at 170 and you can tell he is more on the chubby side then. You can even see it in his face when he doesn’t have training camp. Spence know he got more work to do at 147 but dont think he wont rmtake that bone if canelo throw it at him.

    • Lee Mack says:

      +Karriem Williams yo my nigga I like Spence but PACMAN too fly too fresh too too flashy too quick too fast too slick too experienced too much too many bullets on the clip..

    • Lee Mack says:

      +Karriem Williams bottom line if pac beat the shit of Margarito at SUPER WELTERWEIGHT I SEE NO DIFFERENCE HIM FIGHTING SPENCE AT WELTERWEIGHT PACMAN UD

  4. kokoa pea says:

    That was very nice of him to introduce him that way. Go EJ! #MANDOWN

    • kokoa pea says:

      +PROJECT 47 if you really think that after being out punched 270 times Errol couldn’t knock him out you’re lying to yourself. Man up and accept the defeat. Quit being childish.

    • PROJECT 47 says:

      +kokoa pea typical Spence fan always making excuses Spence him self said he was pushing for the KO just take his balls out your mouth and be your own man your feeding of of Spence?

    • kokoa pea says:

      +PROJECT 47 like I said after you just witnessed that clinical beat down from Errol Spence if you still wanna claim survival as the moral victory then your just as fake as Mikey is. I see why your a fan ?. I’m going to go rewatch Spence beat Mikey’s ass again lol. You have a good day ?.

    • Flexgado24 says:

      JC Denton no lol

  5. German Negron says:

    Mikey said: i got better footwork…

    Errol Spence Jr: Keep that same energy when you get to the ring.

    The champ wins. Easy fight.

  6. 40&FIT says:

    Would I be considered petty if I go back to find all the Mikey fans I argued with on several YouTube channels that Spence would walk thru Mikey? ?

    • slidRazor says:

      Spence didn’t walk through garcia that almost discredits his performance he out boxed garcia and picked him off. Garcia game adjusted from having a plan to being able to survive. But he didn’t get blown apart to extent I would have said it was an extremely dangerous fight, I thought that if spence would dominate it would have been a grueling battering but it was more of a surgical precision.

    • Guilty till Proven innocent says:

      40&FIT Fuck no because if he won they would be on your ass

    • Moto GP says:

      Nah, just smile, they just don’t know!

    • Moto GP says:

      +Trep Bellafonte – LOL! Good idea, I can never find those comments afterwards!

    • Unanimous says:

      @40&FIT Had Mikey won I think they’d be on your ass.

  7. Motivation Man says:

    Errol definitely won me as a fan, forever

  8. John Ibn says:

    Damn I’m glad he spoke on supporting your own ethnic group.

  9. A Pimp Name Slickback says:

    Where are all the Mikey fan, that were in the comments, talking about ring IQ and footwork, and Mikey being the better boxer ?. I don’t see them ?

    • Boxer HVAC/R says:

      +Vegas Element um Eroll spence fighting style comes from a Mexican fighting style you idiots eroll spence grew up in a Mexican boxing gym as a,matter of fact get that straight texas is a dominate mexican state

    • yarddownmuzikink says:

      +Joe A stop trying to be a white boy. The word should be “Miate” ???

      Hispanics always on Whites Dicks smh.
      They hate your stupid asses too

    • yarddownmuzikink says:

      +Emmanuel Arredondo like Mayweather Schooled Canelo ?????? ?

    • Emmanuel Arredondo says:

      +yarddownmuzikink We talking about boxing not marathon runners??? Fucken Dumbass

  10. Tai Ratuere says:

    Want Garcia to say what he saw in Spence to make him think he can beat Spence ????

    • slidRazor says:

      I watched the fight as a fan and in a analytical view, I believe that when spence throws at times he leaves himself hanging (miniscule micro seconds). It was evident in this fight but mikey (also no other welterweight) I believe has the physicality to get inside that and expose flaw. Its almost to the extent that it’s not a problem for spence because he makes up for it. That’s why Derrick was screaming early roundd about being slow it wasn’t his speed of punches, it was keeping all his output short so he couldn’t be countered.

    • Tom Abela says:

      It dosent mean he think Spence is bad in somehing, mikey just though he was better

    • james price says:

      He wasn’t expecting erroll to totally box

    • mookeychase0907 says:

      +Shawn Fellows Shawn Porter wants all the smoke? Foh he loud talking Danny and Keith but he’s taking pictures with Errol smiling you buggin that nigga want no parts of Errol especially now since he sees he wont outbox him…

    • Menibor1 says:

      He saw a Ppv opportunity and a check……

  11. Joseph Murray says:

    Errol definitely showed class instead of just bullying a knock out or stoppage he won by straight up boxing. Demonstrated a different side of his game. Definitely the TRUTH

    • Ethereal 777 says:

      The Ghost MCMXCIX coward he lost get over it every fight doesn’t end in a knockout, Sugar Ray Leonard didn’t knock out Duran, besides Mikey begged his brother to let the fight continue! Mikey is just tough but he got outclassed

    • Ethereal 777 says:

      The Ghost MCMXCIX stop bitchin

    • The Ghost MCMXCIX says:

      +Ethereal 777 what I said above remains. He didn’t have the power on the night to knock him out.

    • Ethereal 777 says:

      The Ghost MCMXCIX it doesn’t matter dickhead you cling to that because that’s all you have, every fight doesn’t end in knockouts and when 2 elite fighters fight each other the chance of a knockout goes down that much you’d know that if you were a boxing fan, sometimes it’s fun watching someone give a boxing lesson

    • dboyBR225 says:

      +The Ghost MCMXCIX sit ur stupid azz down and get off a niqqa nuts

  12. MrTcp01 says:

    He’s brilliant!
    I really like Mikey also, but he was just outclassed.

    • A In says:


    • -IOI- says:

      He did ok. That first good body shot was a reality check tho. I believe that really cut the fat from his game plan and forced him to adjust BIG TIME. Too bad he couldn’t find the footwork and upper body movement to counter Spences looping left off his jab. Spences mixing of multiple jabs and looping shots allowed him to really have the upper hand in regards to ring generalmanship. Really like this dude but he gunna have to raise his game a little bit when he eventually gets in there with Bud.

  13. MrDeftones122755 says:

    Was rooting for Mikey, but Spence beat him soundly, great showing of skill

  14. KoKoa Butterfly says:

    That’s right Errol…set all their azzes straight.
    No more holding our tongues.
    I have never needed permission to root for you, Wilder, the crazy Charlos or any black fighters.

  15. Kealohapau'ole Kekahuna says:


  16. ILL BOMBER! says:

    Im XXXXTRA glad he called out sugar RAY & mike Tyson! SUCKERS!


      Hold up
      Mike ain’t no
      Sucker bro . He gave his opinion , plus Spence is a middleweight really fighting small guys , STOP . Mickey took the Figth for the money . He look like shit .

    • Guilty till Proven innocent says:

      ILL BOMBER! Put some respect on his name

    • Killer 121 says:


    • Glenn Pettiford says:

      Both Sugar Ray and Tyson have enough boxing IQ to know that Spence was gonna win this fight. They were just trying to be contrary and pick the underdog. They both should have told the truth and say yeah Spence will probably win.

    • Marion Knight says:

      ILL BOMBER! No boxer comes close to sugar Ray Robinson.

  17. Larry Boone says:

    Love this Brother, even speak
    the TRUTH about Leonard and
    and the other Bros that didn’t
    have faith in him.

  18. Jesus Basulto says:

    Take my hat off too Spence!! Most humble champion out there today!! Even tho i was rooting for Mikey but Spence totally won me over wit his respect n how humble he is!!

    • David Muhammad says:

      you actually Garcia would beat Spence, that’s dumb

    • vince 123 says:

      ??? You was silly for rooting against anyway. Yall let Pride get in the way. Make everything about raza instead being a fan of a fighter. Yall act like its a crime to go with a fighter against your race. Its sickening.

  19. Shakur Williams says:

    He’s parents did a great job raising him… ????

    • Heath Ramsey says:

      james smith fucking lame o. Making white peoples look bad man, stfu

    • Judah Riggins says:

      Dashan Luckett honestly yeah

    • osirus b says:


    • Guilty till Proven innocent says:

      Shakur Williams Your English teacher did a bad job teaching you

    • pertjacanape says:

      Shakur Williams My good buddy from childhood won a junior Olympic gold for the USA when we were in high school. His dad was famously devoted to him and drove my buddy hundreds if not thousands of miles annually to various tournaments around the country. That amount of parental contribution was obviously instrumental to my buddy’s success. My buddy became a successful dad, husband, and business owner, able to send his own children to private schools after barely graduating from a public high school himself.

  20. Mac Amo says:

    Love how he credits dad and mom. Especially like how he praises dad for sacrifices his dad made time wise.

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