Errol Spence Jr. vs Mikey Garcia | BREAKDOWN | PBC ON FOX

Errol Spence Jr. vs Mikey Garcia | BREAKDOWN | PBC ON FOX

The PBC on FOX crew breaks down Spence’s dominant performance over Garcia to defend his Welterweight belt in Dallas on Saturday.

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Errol Spence Jr. vs Mikey Garcia | BREAKDOWN | PBC ON FOX


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88 Responses

  1. PBC ON FOX says:

    What did you think of Spence Jr.’s victory?

    • Tony Kingston says:

      +Dark VadeR Let’s see Bud fight Mikey Garcia or Pacquiao if he claim he’s the welterweight champion like he claim

    • Dark VadeR says:

      +Tony Kingston point taken?

    • Heavy Hitter says:

      Errol looked great Mickey just opened his mouth and didt back nothing up

    • nando carpi says:

      he was bigger taller with longer reach . all this things play for him . mikey did not trow the right punches . spence won because it’s a very good fighter. garcia lost because he could not overcome the size of spence. spence looked tired by the 9 round and mikey could not capitalize because took to many punches hearly . mikey keep is power for the last but spence even tired was good enough to don’t get connected. spence looked not as sharp as before .

    • Dark VadeR says:

      +nando carpi Spence too powerful bro, it’s that simple. Once Mikey realized that, it was over.

  2. Gh0st says:

    Shawn “the leprechaun” Porter

  3. Julio Morado says:

    Porter don’t want no parts of what just happened and that was his belt at one point.

    • Patrick Thomas says:

      Paciouo either he better stay gone lol

    • David Rosado says:

      I think Porter’s style would fair off much better against Spence than García’s. Not that he’d win@

    • Will Givens says:

      And neither does that little midget Packy he was just there making an appearance to try to stay relevant the look on his face said I don’t want any part of either one of these guys I need to find myself a tomato can or continually be the lady-in-waiting for my benefactor mister Money Mayweather

    • Yugi Roxas says:

      +Will Givens little midget ? Look at those two footworks 41yr old Pacquaio would shcooled them both the same night

  4. Raul Sanchez says:

    What breakdown? Just put Errol dominated every single round and mikey had no chance

    • Phil Tanics says:

      I cant believe anyone is stupid enough to think Garcia comes out better after this… and giving him 1 round is a joke, you don’t get point for get punched in the face just because youre walking forward.

    • BrigidC123 says:

      Raul Sanchez – Everyone knew Garcia didn’t stand a realistic chance. Whoever fought Garcia was going to win this, don’t know Boxing.

    • Valo P. says:

      +Sojourn R&R like Benavidez was to J. Love? Like Mikey was for Broner and R. Easter? Selective memory I see ?

    • Ty Archie says:

      +13Gangland sojourn r&r is troll. Great fighters come in every ethnicity. And bums in every one too. I just like to see great fighters period.

  5. MrGabe234 says:

    Lol these guys are crazy; Mickey didn’t win a single round.

    • Rovid Bouski says:

      Rose Fleming, yes, Spence won 3 rds and then won 9 more

    • poppop artist says:

      All Facts No Opinions RIP JOHNNY J “biased Blacks”…lol everyone is so WEIRD when it comes to Black people…I been studying how just being Black effects people…

    • TexRock says:

      +King Flacko What are you talking about? I rock with Spence bro. I just call the fight like I saw it. Mikey got embarrassed just like I knew he would. You barking up the wrong tree with your comment.

  6. TBT/TruthBTold says:

    Mikey called him out. Mikey said he was better in every way. You don’t get credit for getting beat up for 12 rounds. He got dominated and lost.

    • Doc Kaos815 Beats says:

      +de72nlamont Exactly there’s a video of Spence and Crawford talking to each other going back and forth in the gym should be able to find it on here if you type it in

    • Ty Archie says:

      +CODreaper713 Brook didn’t get KO. It was a TKO. He got his eye socket broke otherwise Brook would have went the distance too. Besides he went in there to show who the better boxer was. In every way Mikey didn’t loose because Spence was to big. He lost because Spence was the better boxer. Showed better ring IQ, better defense and boxing skills. Spence did say Im going to show a side of me you guys haven’t seen before.

    • Rahzeel Jones says:

      +Mors principium Est Nah, big bad Spence gave him his first lost…he was delusional…like yourself ?

  7. REALityCHECK82 says:

    They should’ve done him a favor and thrown in the towel. Most boxers will fight on even when they’re been dominated but that unnecessary punishment can change a boxer. Just because you are still standing doesn’t mean you’re not damaged internally

    • gang land says:

      Yea…but most fighters will do that knowing that all it takes is one shot to change the fight…it jus usually never happens that way…fighters like mayweather and Errol spence Jr tend to always dodge that “one shot” although mayweather has been caught wit some pretty clean shots his chin and his composure is incredible…and Spence been watching TBE long enough I think we might be watching the next Mayweather…not as much as a defensive genius and EJ don’t have mayweathers IQ but he damn sure is a winning fighter

    • KuttyJoe says:

      +Maurice Clark You guys are missing something here. Garcia just went 12 rounds with a larger monster. That doesn’t destroy confidence, it builds confidence. I always thought Garcia could beat Lomachenko, but now I think Lomachenko would be crazy to fight Garcia. Garcia is certain to win. Probably even KO Lomachenko. Garcia took a beating in this fight, but who in his own weight class is going to do that to Garcia? Certainly not Lomachenko who’s getting floored by nobodies, and taken to task by C-rated fighters like Pedraza.

    • Jhon Famo says:

      REALityCHECK82 yes, but pride and the k.o. on record. his brother told Mikey it was too much.. Spence is a middle weight

  8. Makesensecommon MAAT says:

    Mikey won no rounds, i don’t know what they talking bout lol.

    • Scorpio Indigo says:

      TheRealist 811 he ain’t win no rounds…if u gave him 2 it’s just cause your a fan

    • Alcides Fuentes says:

      Mikey did everything the fans were saying, he put a great fight he was even walking the weight bully down alot through the fight and he never left in a stretcher how all the fan boys were saying

    • David Zacharie says:

      Alcides Fuentes you’re reaching, Mikey took a savage beating, a knock out would’ve been better for him. He probably has internal bleeding or cracked ribs.

    • darvell lattimore says:

      I gave him round 2 that was it

  9. PROLIFIC_222 says:

    Complete domination for 12 rounds. There you go, I just saved you some time lol.

    • Jumping On&OffTheJet says:

      Richard Rivera Didn’t have to he embarrassed him and made his corner want to quit TWICE. If this was my first time watching boxing I would of thought this was Mikeys first ever fight he was that outclassed.

    • Lee John says:

      Word Boom is Bugging it was a shut out. It wasn’t a knockout because Garcia didn’t try to win he was in survival mode.

    • DB BR says:

      Facts lol

    • Joe Schmoe says:

      +nomar manuel his boxing skill is not auperior just a weight bully

    • Jose Soto says:

      Jumping On&OffTheJet but I thought he was going to get ko in 3 rounds, if Spence was that more superior he should’ve, 20 more pounds and couldn’t, now it’s Mikey got outclassed, what about the promised KO, Mikey will go back to 135 with more confidence that he can last with a 165 pounder, Spence will have doubts in his power, now that he couldn’t get a lightweight out.

  10. Stephen A Smith Jr says:

    Shawn Porter needs to go get tested bc his words been slurring a lot lately. I guess I’ll pray for the brotha tonight… I don’t know what else to say.

  11. Derik Sizora says:

    Porter booking his Uber home extra fast after tonight’s performance.

  12. Edwin Castelan says:

    Lmfao Dana White Lost $10,000.???

  13. Tiger Uppercut says:

    It was like Floyd Vs Marquez… I could still hear Lampley saying “21 months off and he’s better than ever.”

    • Tiger Uppercut says:

      I actually feel a little robbed by this. I thought Mikey was gonna shut Spence’s offense down and make this a competitive bout, but as it turns out; Errol doesn’t like to stop throwing punches. Every round he kept throwing punches until he got his rhythm going and basically turned Mikey into a heavybag. A 4 division champ I might add. They Snuck you EJ. EJ hit back and didn’t stop until the last bell. Over 1000 punches.

    • Damone Johnson says:

      +Tiger Uppercut #salute to you for keeping it real

    • Energy Fitness says:

      +Tiger Uppercut Mikey didnt have anything to counter that overhand left. Spence looks like he found a blind spot. Also, maybe Mikey isnt so good off the back foot?

    • Don Johnson says:

      Tiger Uppercut Spence’s workrate is probably his biggest strength, even more so than his boxing ability and power. Guys just can’t keep him off. He doesn’t ever let you relax or catch a breather. Constant punches, incredible conditioning. When other guys get fatigued and slow down, he actually speeds up as the fight goes late.

  14. DJ says:

    Damn I had Mikey winning this before the fight. I was wrong big time. Spence’s size, skill and determination were just too much.

  15. Botime242 i says:

    Spence shoulda pulled a Nick Diaz….”Porter wea tf u at”

  16. Joshua Cardona says:

    I love Mikey but he lost every round. He showed crazy heart though.

    • Will Givens says:

      Why would anyone want to see little Pacquiao against either one of these guys cuz it would be a massacre and I guarantee you he’s not going to get the money he’s not going to fight either one of them he’s going to hang around and hope and pray that his father Floyd Mayweather lets him make a few bucks

    • Eazy 2Feathers says:

      +Carlos 619 Look at Mikey face and his teeth he looks bad

    • Rod S says:

      There’s no he way he really bet on Mikey smh ??‍♂️

    • frisco giant415 says:

      Frfr dude can take a punch but spence the best from 147 to 154. I think spence can take over both divisions he that good ?bruh got power does everything great showed great defense only one i think can get em is hurd.

    • Ty Archie says:

      I thought Mikey would out box Spence. I sure was wrong. He put a clinic on Mikey and didn’t look for the stoppage until the 11 and 12.

  17. Sean John says:

    Shawn porter, if you know what’s good for yourself, stay away from errol spence.

  18. dvergudo says:

    Spence threw about 20 punches before Garcia threw one at one point.. I rooted for Garcia but any better would’ve been wise to put the money on Spence.

  19. Jovhonte Jones says:

    Shawn Porter looking like Leprechaun in the Hood

  20. brian McK says:

    Porter looks like Notre Dame Fighting Irish Mascot ???☘️????

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