Escaping a Karen be like…

Escaping a Karen be like…

A good strategy is only good when people don’t fail

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escaping a karen speedrun

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41 Responses

  1. I am MoBo says:

    Karen may have won this battle but we will win the war

    • Smith Family says:

      i woulD tell the Karen that the manager seems to Be useless anD that i think that i shoulD fire the manager anD search for a new manager anD that i’m gonna try to help her with getting her son out from unDer the cart anD that he is still alive anD is stuck anD that we neeD a strong man to lift the cart cause the manager trieD to lift the cart But he isn’t strong enough to lift the cart anD that thin we get her son to the hospital

    • 9B17 pranav vikram says:

      We will

    • SpringtrapYT says:

      Karen will never stand a chance. Unleash twitter

    • Eric B- a Muur says:

      I’m convinced a lot of these YouTubers just like wearing dresses and it gives him an excuse

    • Unicode 3164 says:

      ratio+L+YB better+poor+ skill issue+ur mom+my balls itch+ unfollowed+ blocked bozo

  2. Blodvad says:

    I love how this doesn’t end like the others.

  3. MiszS says:

    “she levels up with each manager taken down” lmao

  4. Darkne55drifter says:

    “Sir we have an emergency” **we got em now**

    Karen: “what’s the emergency?”

    Thats when he knew. He f’ed up

  5. Sarpiko Marpiko. says:

    Karens are the most terrifying creatures to ever exist

  6. Enigmatic says:

    “I’ll sue you”
    “We’ll see about that” *grabs the peasant for backup*

  7. Iamwaffled says:

    “You’re wrong because I’m offended”
    –every Karen ever

  8. Mady Pathak says:

    MoBo: *doesn’t win the battle*
    Me: “Impossible.”

  9. Bharath Desikan says:

    Plot twist : diego knew what he was doing and killed himslef to get away from karen… Thts the lt of this video

  10. Master Raz says:

    His Friend : “Sir, we have an emergency”
    Karen : “what’s the emergency?”
    MoBo : “It’s non of your business!”
    *(Speedrun 4 seconds)*

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