Escaping Candy Prison Using Only My Tongue

Escaping Candy Prison Using Only My Tongue

Escaping 1 Million Sheets Of Paper Using Only A Pencil

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17 Responses

  1. Celebrity Tik Tok says:

    Your Videos never fail to entertain us ❤️

  2. IBestial M says:

    Excellent editing this round. You really hit the nail on this one, great job!

  3. MrAtta-Jelly says:

    We all have to appreciate how this man suffers to entertain all of us keep up the good work

  4. Dovas Variakojis says:

    Trent is slowly ascending into madness every video

  5. Austin Lopez says:

    Can I just appreciate how much work just Dustin dose to make us entertain

  6. LordOfGriffin says:

    I love how much fun these guys have

  7. Kenanana Quitchichich says:

    I love when Trent wins, but if you like to see him lose, instead of 100 layer wall, double or triple it and see what then

  8. Seth Sullivan says:

    I liked the mini games in this one. Nice to switch things up. Been kinda dry lately with seemingly similar objectives. Great job yall!

  9. Isnogood12 says:

    Sometimes I think how cool it would be to try these challenges. Then I think how awfully slippery, sticky and fruity that place is and… nu-uh. nope. definitely a nope.

  10. Youtube shorts king says:

    I never knew a vid could get this good, well done!

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