Escaping Minecraft’s Tallest Prison (titan’s vault V2) ft. MiningBlob

Escaping Minecraft’s Tallest Prison (titan’s vault V2) ft. MiningBlob

Titan’s Vault is, so far, the most inescapable prison in Minecraft (in my opinion)
Can I escape it? Let’s find out.

HUGE thanks to MiningBlob for recording the lines in the beginning and making this prison:
Also thanks to FadezElias for helping build the prison:
And of course huge thanks to YOU! For making all my hard work worthwhile 🙂

0:00 – opening
1:02 – intro
2:48 – safety measures
5:05 – phase one: setup
6:08 – phase two: entry
8:19 – phase three: patience
9:44 – phase four: perseverance
11:32 – outro

Little Nightmares 2 OST

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Until next time, ladies, tootloo!

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41 Responses

  1. MythrodakTV says:

    If they use like 60 elder guardians all with nametags to give you mining fatigue every second, just do the “afk” gag when you mine it.
    UPDATE 2: if mining fatigue is normal, then you actually don’t have to drink milk… Because dying clears it anyways…. I’m dumb.
    UPDATE 3: I’ve been informed that the barrel with wooden hoes is for an item checking system where you must fill all of your slots with 37 hoes to bring to the guard.

    Here’s my method of getting past this:
    You have the barrel in your inventory and leave one hoe outside the golden pressure plate room, when the guard clears you, you move forward a bit, throw out another hoe in front of you, and then move back a bit to pick up the hoe from the other side of the door, you then throw your barrel at the top of the vertical water tunnel (it will float in the corner so that the guards can’t see) you then give the guard all 37 hoes and walk back a bit to pick up the barrel. That’s how I would get past it anyways.
    I’m dumb(x2)

  2. Abhinav PV says:

    The fact that he just not escaping the prison but making the most cinematic experience for the audience is quite impressive

  3. GKH Playz says:

    Everybody gangsta till Mythrodak builds his own prison

  4. Shubhuu Playz says:

    Everybody gangsta until the parrot makes the ” Parrot Prison “

  5. The Doodle Master says:

    But as they say: the taller they stand, the harder they fall. This line hit me so hard

  6. Geoffrey Jefferson says:

    This guy went insane mining blocks for hours and trying to break out of vaults to the point of talking to pumpkins and parrots.

  7. passivegotit says:

    Everyone gangsta until they put him in a bedrock box

  8. Mattex Edits says:

    Mythrodak: why i keep Getting inprisoned?
    Mithrodak One Month ago: Ok so now we Will Build This Torture chamber…

  9. Squilpy says:

    Imagine Mythrodak just going to an actual prison and escaping. When the police asks him “how did you escape?” Mythrodak just says: This prison was easier to escape than the pandora’s vault. That would be a gangsta moment lmfao

  10. i_like_chicken _wings44 says:

    Everybody gangsta till Mythrodak escapes a bedrock box

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