EST Gee – Riata Data (Official Music Video)

EST Gee – Riata Data (Official Music Video)

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Ain’t shit fuckin’ with me, I’m nothin’ like these rap niggas
Real street nigga, 5500 made man, yeah
I’m the real thing

Yeah, I can’t vouch for them, but they can vouch for me
Legend of Riata Dada, came up sellin’ hank and weed
I can’t make no opps not diss Lil Dead, but I can make ’em bleed
Paper right and I ain’t fightin’, you in a gunfight with a steak knife
Police know they need helicopters tryna stop us ’cause I’m gon’ yank, right?
When I move, it’s a chopper scene like the opera, I send a bitch nigga to the doctor
I was tryna stop you, but all that shit you pop make it impossible
Guccis on me, semi spit like a run-on sentence, it ain’t no comma
If I wasn’t this, then I probably been done signed with DJ Drama
But I’m thuggin’ and I’m shinin’, fuck with coke, I roll with Gotti
When he met me, I had sixty, all fifty stuffed in my pocket
Before I signed it, me and all my partners, diamond chains and watches
We like mobsters, only difference, we sip syrup with our pasta
Aim is true, he’s clocked in, I watched brethen drop it, then he locked it
Pay him whack his partner, niggas snakes, but I’m an anaconda
I make sure that’s proper, way more with the cut, it ain’t Hydroxy’
But I made it, mama
Couldn’t save you first, you know I’m sorry
This shit hypnotized me
Only thing excite me is a body
He be acting cocky like we ain’t shoot at him when he’s with his mama
This a blackout, give you to my lil’ partner, he flip niggas’ Honda
Nigga coolin’, we done mucked they shooter, fucked up they lil’ roster
I was nappin’ chronic ’til I got a book, I’m hooked on phonics
I’m a Fendi scholar, hit it two, three times and it’s still proper
Get that strong white, call this batch a boxer, Ivan Drago
Did I really leave the streets alone to rap? I ain’t decided
Hit your partner top, he squirmin’ just like fishes outta water
I ain’t got advice, just hit the trap and pray you make it out it
I had sleepless nights, can’t let ’em sneak me twice, I gotta watch ’em
Get a move, turn off your phone, we finna slide, pop my yopper
They be wildin’ ’til we hit they blocks, then niggas playin’ possum
Niggas bold like we ain’t takin’ souls and puttin’ ’em with my mama
And don’t pat me at no shows, I got my gun and I get hot there
I’m from Louisville, where we wet our Blacks and sip raw out the bottle
I don’t care how much he did, he rat, he do not get acknowledged
I’m the same nigga used to play pitch back, talkin’ with Fat Chris on Redondo
Now I’m twelve floors up with a thick slut getting my dick sucked in a condo

Dick sucked in a condo, bitch nigga
5500 made man
EST, Big Gee, nigga
You hear this shit, nigga
Real street nigga, you know
Play me like no rapper, jump off stage on one of you niggas

#ESTGee #RiataDada #BiggerThanLifeOrDeath #EverybodyShinesTogether

Music video by EST Gee performing Riata Dada. © 2021 CMG/Interscope Records

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42 Responses

  1. Yo Gotti says:


  2. CMG THE LABEL says:


  3. Female Doggy says:

    Gee really a superstar it’s crazy how fast lil baby and CMG got it done. Obviously he put in years of work but they also catapulted him this year and his whole wave 🔥🔥

  4. Condom Blueprint says:

    I think it’s gee flow which got us on em hard we so use to hearing all these other rappers with the same flow bro came with a breath of fresh air

  5. DJ NEFF says:

    I can’t stop bumping this album, every song a hit 💯💯🔥🔥

    • J says:


    • Fly Eagles says:

      Facts n I’ve never seen someone first album have so many stars on the features. His peers know he a star ⭐

    • David Crescencio says:


    • David Crescencio says:

      @Krisan Chambers no, the way he rides the beat is not what is most promiment if u listen to the content and lyrics then you would have commented on that, his pen is just better than most right now, hate when people dont give credit smh “rides the beat well” bru everyone popping rn is able to ride a beat, also jay z gave the co sign after hearing half a verse saying he talking that ifykyk

  6. Keemie Bryant says:

    He really the hardest out rn everything a hit no 🧢

  7. Yit win says:

    “I ain’t got advice just hit the trap and pray you make it out.”

  8. John Doe says:

    this how it look when the villain wins — let’s go EST G

  9. Mwm Mwm says:

    CAN WE 👑 crown GOTTI NOW?! He’s the only boss who’s doing this from state to state.

  10. Tee Taylor says:

    Chief keef type beat

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