Ethan and Grayson AFTER SURGERY

Ethan and Grayson AFTER SURGERY

We don’t remember anything and we apologize in advance…


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41 Responses

  1. PEACE is everything says:

    I love the fact that E is so concerned about uploading a video for us❤?

  2. Inbar Harari says:

    E: “you look like a f***ing fool”
    G: “we look the same!!”

  3. Goriabition er says:

    Ethan:”you look like a fooooool”
    Greyson :”WE LOOK THE SAME”

  4. Dezirae’s days says:

    Grayson- “Listen man I love you but you gotta chiiiiiiiilllllll dawwwggggg” ?

  5. Sister Spooked says:

    *Ethan’s best line in the episode: “Oh shit. It’s Tuesday! We gotta upload that fuego.”*
    *Gray’s best line in the episode: “I wanna dance, man. I wanna swiggle them hips!”*

  6. Karima Mahmud says:

    Ethan: *sleeping*

    Grayson: All he does is sleep and I get so bored in the morning and then I get sad… then I get bored *randomly poses* ???

  7. Yunki says:

    Greyson: It’s my first period!
    Ethan: it’s definitely not your first…..

    Me: ?

  8. Charli XO says:

    “That’s my womb-mate. They best take care of him.”
    – The best Ethan line

  9. Nasrin Alosta says:

    Grayson – “we gotta make some pan-”
    *passes out*
    15:33 – 15:36

  10. Cayla Stevens says:

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Not a single soul:
    Grayson: ???????

  11. Maddy Sebastian says:

    “I appreciate your kindness, but stop touching me” WHY IS THAT ME

  12. Shayla Rodriguez says:

    *Ethan:* Hey yo was that anesthesia dairy free?
    *Doc:* Sure
    *Ethan:* Alright good I’m just checking

  13. kimberly rubio says:

    mom: want some apple juice?
    Ethan: apple juice? hell ya I want some apple juice

  14. L C says:

    I love how they put E and G on their hands to tell them apart ?

  15. iCreative says:

    no one:

    not even the gods:

    ethan: hAve YoU sEen hIs BoObiEs? tHeY’Re jAcKeD…

  16. Angel Khanna says:

    20:01 I love bro

    2 seconds later… STOP BEING A LOSERRRR

  17. Kristina says:

    Ethan: Give him back. I need that mans. Where’s my mans? That’s my womb-mate.

  18. Londyn Kylie says:

    ethan: aRe My EyEs OpEn??
    also ethan: ???

  19. T.D.D says:

    “ watch your profanity…..there could be youngins”??- E

    “ I love ya brotha…. but you gotta chiiillll”???-G

  20. alexisoverit says:

    *Who else noticed the E and G on the twin’s hands so the doctors wouldn’t get them confused!? loll!* ??
    btw anyone down to be yt friends? I vlog 🙂

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