Eugene Ranks Every Girl Scout Cookie

Eugene Ranks Every Girl Scout Cookie

Eugene is surprised by some very special guests who help him rank your favorite seasonal cookies from best to worst. How would you rank them? #RankKing

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Olivia Kilduff of Girl Scout Troop 8015
Georgia Ankwicz of Girl Scout Troop 8015

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67 Responses

  1. Why addy Woop says:

    Olivia shouldn’t be a Girl Scout if she hates every cookie lmao ?

  2. pinkbunnygirl43 says:

    Aww my heart melted when they said to Eugene that he was kind enough. ??

  3. YB Chang says:

    Samoa’s are the best!! I ate so many Girl Scout cookies while editing this video ???

  4. Ace Coordinator Mary says:

    If you have an episode of “Try Guys Try the Ouija Board” episode _without_ the Unsolved Bois we will all *_riot._*

    • Kayla Deines says:

      But they don’t work for buzzfeed anymore?? They can do whatever they want now, right?

    • Ada K. says:

      +astromechas Oh no, that sounds awful! Where did you find this information and what happened afterwards?

    • astromechas says:

      @Ada K. Can’t remember the exact source since it happened awhile ago, but as far as I know, Freddie got off with a verbal warning, something about how their contracts state they can’t collab with ex employees. As such, Freddie, nor any other Ladylike member, has shown up in Saf’s videos, despite still being friends.

    • Sara Casadiego says:

      +The Procrastination Artist Now that you say it, I’ve never seen as many collabs as you’ve expect in buzzfeed 🙁 that’s sad… a Shane + Eugene + Pikachu doing some ghost hunting would be awesome

    • Lorena Favela says:

      No we won’t

  5. D Chipilliquen says:

    How about The Try Guys Try Zero Waste for a week ???

  6. SandY sands says:

    Eugene with kids is the most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen and we need more of it

  7. Rebecca Palmer says:

    “Hey kid, you know about blood diamonds?” Omg eugene omg

  8. iamdangrous 76 says:

    Eugene’s ranking was so much better than the Girl Scouts ranking

  9. Unnati B says:


  10. Kimberly Victoriano says:

    I glad Samoa’s are in first place ? they are personally my favorite Girl Scout cookies

  11. Amanda Avery says:

    New slogan shirt options!!!
    “I’m right, you’re wrong, shut up”
    “Maybe I’m right, maybe you’re wrong, let’s all get along”

  12. yeetus deletus Sknsjeje says:

    Eugene: yea I’m not good with kids

    audience: tf

  13. Yours Truly Queen of whatever says:

    Eugene looks like the skinny version of the boy scout from “Up”

  14. Jamless Jimin's SugaKookie ಠ_ಠ says:

    Eugene sweetie idc if you don’t like kids, you are good with them ?

  15. bella says:

    Eugene: you remind me of a young me
    Olivia: elbow.
    Eugene: exactly elbow

  16. Bella Stipanovich says:

    “do you think my shorts are too short?”
    “they’re a bit tight”
    *comes back with different shorts*
    uh heLLo, HeLLO, … Girl scouts….

    • Lucy M says:

      LOL! I didn’t even NOTICE that he changed shorts, that’s SO funny and SO appropriate! Glad he went in to change them for the kids’ sake. (although the moms probably enjoyed the short shorts for a moment 😉 )

  17. Project Supplies says:

    Eugene is secretly great with children and loves them deep inside

    • Arrival at Humanity says:

      This is where I feel like I connect with Eugene on a spiritual level.

    • Mik Kurzhal says:

      He said once that he wants kids. And I think it’s the fact that they’re older that he can handle them. Speaking as a person who teaches swimming lessons and therefore has to entertain all ages, babies and toddlers scare me, while the 6 year olds and up I can handle no problem.

  18. First says:

    Eugene’s list to talk about later:
    A history of blood diamonds
    How foie gras is made
    Celine Dion
    Leonardo Dicaprio
    The Titanic
    Elbow (probably)

  19. Izzie Blaake says:

    *Maybe I’m right*
    *Maybe you’re wrong*
    *Let’s just all get along*

    _except robbers_

  20. ken adams says:

    EUegEne before meeting the kids
    *I’m Right You’re wrong Shutup*
    EUegEne after meeting
    *Maybe i am right , maybe you’re wrong , lets all get along*
    Now that’s the kind of character development i need

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