Euler’s Disk

Euler’s Disk

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Matt Parker’s great video about the ratio between spin-rate and precession-rate for the disk:
Moffat’s famous article on the finite time singularity of an Euler’s Disk:
response to Moffat:

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Hosted by
Michael Stevens

Edited by
Hannah Canetti

VFX by
Jack Merline

Music from AudioNetwork



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56 Responses

  1. ThePongoDongo says:

    Each episode is now just a character study of Michael’s progressive decent into madness. It’s amazing.

  2. asian mipa says:

    2:21 my bike idling sound. 2:26 My bike at around 3000 rpm

  3. Citer says:

    2:56 This looks like a meme format ”We are not ready for the tilting yet”

  4. Adam Sandfoehr says:

    Has it really been 3 years since you started doing the Curiosity Box? Wow, time flies..

  5. Some guy on the Internet says:

    Michael’s beard seems to grow longer for every soul he’s consumed through these videos.

  6. Nguyen Tri Dung says:

    VSAUCE outa context : the side that I blow on will pull down

  7. d k says:

    Michael: holds a flat disk
    Also Michael: keeps a globe behind him to keep the flat earthers away

  8. Jason Fox says:

    Euler’s disk in the beginning doing its thing is how i feel like when my anxiety starts leading me to a panic attack. 10/10 content

  9. Trevor Kent says:

    2017: Everyone on YouTube advertises Dollar Shave Club.
    2019: Everyone on YouTube has a much larger beard.

  10. My Dixie Rekt says:

    More like…


  11. Christian Labonte says:

    I miss “HEY, Vsauce. Micheal here”

  12. Saitama Senpai says:

    I love when Maichel just stares at my soul.

  13. Fid Fyodor says:

    I think Michael just forgot the password to Vsauce.

  14. Nazenko says:

    “Our store is really maturing, I’m pretty much in love with it right now”


  15. Oswald Homolka says:

    2:20 rotate your device, he wil stil stare at you
    You can’t escape.


  16. Doublechindoge 7 says:


    I can already *_t A s T e_* the Vsauce out of context #529 compilations.

  17. The Vagabond says:

    Michael: ‘It’s a bit of a trade secret how this works’
    Also Michael: *goes on to explain how it works*

  18. Jim Moriarty says:

    Michael when youtube asked him what DONG meant:


  19. ImELFY says:

    my brain: ok its gonna stop and fall flat

    Euler’s Disk: n o

  20. Kold Kappa says:


    Me: 1:23 – 2:32

    Best 1 minute and 9 seconds of Vsauce content.

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