euphoria | season 2 episode 7 promo | hbo

euphoria | season 2 episode 7 promo | hbo

on the next episode of #EUPHORIA #EUPHORIA

Zendaya leads an ensemble cast that also includes Maude Apatow, Angus Cloud, Eric Dane, Alexa Demie, Jacob Elordi, Barbie Ferreira, Nika King, Storm Reid, Hunter Schafer, Algee Smith and Sydney Sweeney.

All episodes created and written by Sam Levinson, who also serves as executive producer. Other executive producers include Drake, Future the Prince, Ravi Nandan, Kevin Turen, Hadas Mozes Lichtenstein, Ron Leshem, Daphna Levin, Tmira Yardeni, Mirit Toovi, Yoram Mokady, Gary Lennon and Jim Kleverweis. Produced in partnership with A24 and based on the Israeli series of the same name, which was created by Ron Leshem and Daphna Levin, from HOT.

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44 Responses

  1. Jaycee Morgan says:

    Kat trying to gaslight Ethan into making him break up with her and turn the tables on him was just wow Kat I’m done with you

    • Blackythedoggy's OwnerAabha says:

      @itz all good lmfao “normal” 💀💀 i’m literally an year younger than her I ain’t gonna do something as pathetic as that I don’t think anyone my age would she’s just a gaslighting dum bish

    • s says:

      @Oswaldo Orozco i agree. She’s just a kid and she’s mentally ill. She messes up and hurts people. Doesn’t mean she’s irredeemable. The fans have such harsh reactions every week.

    • Victoria Solis says:

      @Oswaldo Orozco I’m 17 too, and I have never gaslighted someone like Kat did. It is expected from her to be immature, but that doesn’t mean it should be excused.

    • Ksenia says:


    • Diana Stuparu says:

      it was an awful thing to do but it was so funny😭😭

  2. Majo E olkay says:

    Since Season 1, Rue’s mom and sister need the recognition they deserve. Their acting is exquisite and the fact that they show how the family deals with Rue’s illness is amazing to me. I would love for fans to also pay attention to these two great characters.

    • MJH tv says:

      If anything, I’d love to see episodes about Leslie and Gia. They’re going through so much that the series has yet to cover. The actual scenes they share with Rue and everyone else is just the surface

    • Claudio Beto says:


    • Marx says:

      Was thinking this exact thing during opening of episode 6. I’ve always ignored how important both of their characters are at highlighting the severe consequences of drug addicts and the impact it has on loved ones! Nika King & Storm Reid are phenomenal and truly deserve every bit of recognition

    • 巴刹那 says:

      @The College Dropout (also if you go back and read, you’ll see the series of questions asked challenged ur talking points and are quite relevant. Lmao. I suggest reading to comprehend instead of merely reacting. Who knows, perhaps it can make your responses more digestible if you practice hard enough)

    • 巴刹那 says:

      @The College Dropout evading* the police. Im
      Not projecting anything. Anyone who grew up in the 90s and saw any episode of cops will tell you that drug addicts, in fact, will figure out how to execute dismounts while running from the police in exactly the manner rue was. If anyone is (anecdotally) projecting, it’s you. Relax.

  3. L A says:


  4. Jukebox Julia says:

    I love that it takes Cassie trying to full-on slit her wrists for Lexi to even stop and consider that maybe she shouldn’t expose her in a school play… and then just decides to anyway 😂

    • zee says:

      @Mackenzie Carter thats not for lexi to decide tho. Rue takes accountability that she can be a horrible person they dont need their trauma and personal issues to be displayed to everyone

    • Ana Lopes says:

      She deserves it. She was asking for attention. If she wanted to slit her wrists she would just do it. Not scream to get her mother and sister’s attention

    • _ says:

      to the people in these replies: remember it’s just a show there’s no need to be genuinely mad

    • saaniah says:

      @Mariam Barry and to think she did all that to make sure nobody saw her as the bad guy or her being in the wrong just for her to answer Nate on the first ring and not even think twice about going with him but claims she’d never hurt Maddie

    • GiveMeSomeSpace75 says:

      @Lola D Exploradora some people need to realize how terrible they are

  5. HorrorGeek9 says:

    Nika King deserves an supporting Emmy nomination for her acting in the last 2 episodes 👏🏽

  6. asytoa says:

    lexi and fez singing together was so cute

  7. Мистер Огонёчек says:

    1: I hope Fez make it to the play
    2: Nate is exactly like his father
    3: Something is going to happen to ashtray
    4: Only two episodes left and im shaking sheeeesh!!!

  8. Rudolf Horváth says:

    I bet the Lexi’s play will reveal some stuff since Zendaya has been teasing before the premiere of season two that we will learn ‘Rue is not the most reliable narrator’. So excited about that.

  9. periodt pooh says:

    im so excited for lexi’s play bc she’s coming for everyone!!!! NO ONE IS SAFE AND IMMA STAY BESIDE HER AND SUPPORT HER TEN TOES DOWN!

  10. Charles Luetje says:

    I really hope there’s a scene in the play about Fez and Lexi’s love. Like, that would be so adorable, but also super tragic if Fez isn’t there to see it.

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