EURO 2022 FINAL: England vs. Germany | Highlights | ESPN FC

EURO 2022 FINAL: England vs. Germany | Highlights | ESPN FC

IT’S HOME! England prevail in the 2022 Women’s EURO final in a 2-1 extra time win over Germany at Wembley Stadium.
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36 Responses

  1. Hao Liu says:

    Germany played a beautiful game with almost-perfect mid-field control and quick touches, and a cool head and professionalism after losing the first goal. It’s just hard to contain England’s endless energy that fed from the overwhelming home field crowd. One amazing cup final overall and congratulations to both teams on the inspiring performance!

    • Jon Tupper says:

      germany’s first touches and passing were precise. england needs improvement there. the spirit in both teams was amazing.

  2. KLeonidas Mapogo7 says:

    Well deserved; fought to the end ; finally England got a major trophy!
    There are many good teams in Europe but Canada and USA are very strong squads ; Japan and Brazil too !
    I’m rooting for the home team USA but Sweden; Germany, France and England are looking good; interesting World Cup coming up !!

    • Anthony Navarrete says:

      @Julio Alcaraz I have to respectfully disagree. England even drew with Canada on home soil earlier this year. Canada is a good team. And the USWNT literally bossed that game from start to finish. It should have really been at least 3-0. It was a good performance, the finishing is just not there right now. But it will be at the World Cup next year.

    • J.L. says:

      @Jon Jon – No, the USWNT is not finished, and the more they kneel, the more demoralized they become, and the more they lose. Lately, even on US soil, they’ve been doing quite poorly! If Australia’s Matildas make some changes for the better, they should have a golden opportunity to possibly go very far in 2023 WC – even win the whole thing Down Under!

    • J.L. says:

      WOW! Just imagine if England had beaten the USA, CANADA, BRAZIL, AUSTRALIA and JAPAN… outside of Wembley on their way to a championship! In truth, however, MOST OF THE WORLD’S BEST TEAMS are NOT in Europe, and the non-EURO teams I’ve listed have all won WORLD CUP and OLYMPIC championships with the exception of Australia. Next year England must prove their worth! And AUSTRALIA? – may THEY win the World Cup Down Under!

    • KellyClarksonfangirl says:

      @Julio Alcaraz ALEX MORGAN

    • Julio Alcaraz says:

      I agree. The USA 🇺🇸 win over 🇨🇦 Canada didn’t impress me much, the European teams have caught up to the USA 🇺🇸. Congratulations England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 on this well deserved win. I can’t wait for the Women’s World Cup

  3. VILJL says:

    The game took place in front of a European Championship (men’s and women’s) record for attendance, with 87,192 in the stands to see England’s women win their first major competition.

    • Carpe Diem says:

      Most were free tickets. Actual paying attendees, less than 20 thousand. Still not bad for women’s football.

    • TheOscar401 says:

      To be fair, last years men’s final could’ve broken it had it not been for COVID restrictions

    • luis a says:

      @Daniel L bro you hating nothing less to it

    • Sococomfort22 S says:

      The issue with women sports and in this case soccer/football is that they don’t draw this attendance for club games on a regular basis. It’s more of an Olympic sport where people only care every 4 years. Womens soccer has a little bigger window with the World Cup and now Euros but they need to draw more consistency at the club level to earn money.

  4. Gerard Ryan says:

    Some great goals in that game. Congratulations to England. Well done to both teams.

  5. WretchedDrummeR says:

    What a great tournament!!! Lina Magull was definitely a standout player for me this tournament. No surprise for me when she equalized. But England deserve that Win! Wow, great goals. Womens Football is on the rise worldwide! Love to see it.

    • Jikku says:

      How did England deserve it man??..towards the end they were barely hanging on…it was the Germans who played much better…their midfield was outstanding…the English girls were too tired and just waiting for the Penalty kicks to come around…one mistake in the end and the Germans lost it…England didn’t deserve to win.

  6. greenMT says:

    I thought Germany scored twice at the 78’ minute and was like “wow that was fast to take the lead” but they just showed the same goal twice 😂

  7. Tom F. says:

    Great game, and well done by England. I do feel bad for Germany. Until the overtime, I feel they controlled the game somewhat better, despite the losses of Popp & Buhl. And Russo’s foul on Oberdorf should’ve been a straight red, which could’ve changed the game. But England was quicker on the counter and their defense was slightly better.

    • zdbrownie says:

      @Al Ben haha that is not a foul

    • WoodsyLovesABarby says:

      @Miguel Carrasco don’t say should of, England weathered the storm and got their goal, just like they did against Germany today, that’s a sign of chanpions

    • Dennis webb says:

      @Al Ben It is about screening for positioning and 100% legal and done all of the time.. If not, every time a defesive player screens a player from reaching a ball heading out the back line would be fouls.

    • DarkbyDesign says:

      England played well and got lucky this time around. That late toe poke sealed Germany’s fate.

      I guess they know how it feels to be an England fan for decades now.

    • Al Ben says:

      @Miguel Carrasco That last goal was a foul. The ball wasn’t in her position and she tackled/block the German girl to get to it. You are not allowed to tackle obstruct, block someone if the ball is not in your possession.

  8. Ozzy says:

    Congrats to England! I can’t help but wonder how different the match may have turned out had Popp not been injured just minutes before the match during warmups. Buhl was also a big loss. Still, both teams played a very tight and scrappy match which went all the way to 120 minutes. I thought some of the refereeing was suspect and the subs from Martina Voss-Tecklenburg could’ve been better. Brand should’ve stayed on and Dallmann should’ve been introduced early but of course the Popp injury threw a wrench in her plans. For England, their subs had a huge impact once again; their depth is incredible. Walsh, as usual, was a maestro in midfield and of course set up the first goal with a fantastic pass. Sarina Wiegman always seems to make the right changes; it”s no surprise she’s been so successful in her career. Overall, the tournament was a joy to watch and the turnout from fans was awesome to see. Congrats England, it’s coming home!!!

    • Henry Hawran says:

      There are always players that could not play due to injury etc. So it is a bit futile to dwell on it too much. England fought hard and won the match with the hand they were dealt and have no need to feel as if they should apologize for having won. If the situation was reversed I guarantee that the Germans would not be qualifying their victory. They would be celebrating brazenly.

    • ytnsanw says:

      Keira Walsh was the player of the tournament for me. Quiet, unassuming, kept everything ticking over in the engine room…

    • E Schuler says:

      I thought the same about the refs and Huth seemed to make that known on field as well. Can you even imagine if Leupolz and Marozsán were around for this tournament?! Buhl and Popp definitely were missed. With them out, England had more depth. I appreciated Voss-Tecklenburg’s choices; I think Schüller and Brand were both a bit injured. The stats ended up pretty equal. Happy for England and the Lionesses though! Enjoy!

    • King of Sim says:

      Bro wrote a whole essay

  9. errol simmonds says:

    The world is coming to an end!!! I didn’t think that I would ever witness England win a major tournament before I die. Then again, I never had the women in mind. Congratulations to the lionesses!

  10. glassharmonica says:

    Ella Toone is cold blooded!!! That finish… in a final… what a touch… ice water through her veins!

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