European windows are awesome

European windows are awesome

I love how windows in Europe work. Both sides open, and they open all the way. Quite the opposite of windows in North America, many of which hardly open at all.

Of course, this style of window isn’t cheap, and if you special order them from here, they cost even more. They call them “tilt and turn” windows in North America (I guess in Europe, they are just called windows)

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20 Responses

  1. GZA036 says:

    Same in the Czech Republic. Was pretty nifty

  2. Dmytrox dh says:

    I thought this was the same everywhere. How do windows work in the US??

  3. emma cameron says:

    American windows go up and down. they rarely open like doors or vent.

  4. Miss Dolo says:

    this was sort of cool

  5. brownmsoe says:

    The problem with that German design, is that it is far more likely to break
    or jam. If for some reason the upper hinge does not reconnect, and the
    owner opens the window, it could snap off completely.

  6. Blood BigD says:

    Who tryna watch my videos

  7. WildCardSquad says:

    German engineering

  8. James Lines says:

    This has a million views! Fuck off internet

  9. MrZapparin says:

    North America is like the Wild West. Everyone is riding around in horse
    carriage, firing their six-shooter and thumping the Bible

  10. Room237 says:

    Now if they only have these made into doors for the transgender bathrooms.

  11. Undory :) says:


  12. petrailani says:

    I loved that when I lived in Germany.We don’t have that in the US probably
    because of the mosquitos.

  13. Juan Juan says:

    This is not his real channel… too bad

  14. phil null says:

    What if u don’t care?

  15. Kaden Poole says:

    So if one place has it, every place has it in Europe? dude ?

  16. Kate says:

    Americans are strange …

  17. zollotech says:

    Would love those in my house

  18. Devin says:

    This video was extremely insightful. I thank you good sir for the
    incredible knowledge you spread to the world.

    Much love,
    The fat pigs over in America

  19. Kim Jong Un says:

    Pointless invention

  20. RossNUFC93 says:

    asif a video about windows has over 1m views wtf!