Even Comey’s Firing Was All About Trump

Even Comey’s Firing Was All About Trump

FBI Director James Comey was as surprised as anyone to learn he’d lost his job. And, somehow, President Trump made the whole thing about himself.

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20 Responses

  1. Alexander Kamensky says:

    It’s treason then.

  2. fidorover says:

    “Uh, Mr. President, I’d highly recommend against firing Mr. Comey. Since he’s investigating you, it’d be like Ralph E. Wolf — a.k.a. Wile E. Coyote — firing Sam Sheepdog for watching over Ralph’s sheep-stealing shenanigans. And, of course, I used that Looney Tunes reference as I know how fond you are of watching cartoons right after _Fox & Friends_.”
    — _Anonymous White House Advisor_

  3. Anant Raman says:

    Since that’s basically my viewpoint, I’ll paraphrase what Trevor Noah said about this: Trump is behaving literally like an African dictator at this point. Firing those questioning or investigating him, mocking federal courts and threating to disregard them, it’s just amazingly authoritarian.

  4. mushroom_clouds says:

    Impeach that orange turd for treason and impeding on a federal investigation. Worse than Nixon smh…

  5. Bofan Chen says:

    BREAKING NEWS – Donald Trump appoints Jared Kushner to be the next FBI Director.

  6. Flintstoned says:

    So Jeff sessions, the guy who recused himself from the Russia investigation, recommended that the guy LEADING the Russia investigation to be fired?

  7. I feel It says:

    I am actually glad he’s president. Can you imagine all the twitter rants he would go on from the side lines if he lost? Now that orange geriatric fat fuck can’t get away with the lies and being a crook he always has been

  8. YF Zhang says:

    Trump openly praised and admired dictators like Putin and Kim Jung Um on his campaign trail. Why does this even surprise you? I fear for Comey’s life if Trump learnt anything from Putin.

  9. Sanid says:

    As someone from Germany let me thank you guys! Y’all saving me some bucks that where meant for the House of Cards subscription.

  10. OrcoDevelopment says:

    Why did the audience cheer when he said Comey was fired? Comey is the only guy that could’ve thoroughly investigated Trump. His involvement with the Hillary emails is irrelevant to the potential Russia ties. I don’t think they realized what they were cheering…

  11. KingOfMadCows says:

    Trump is no longer Putin up with Comey.

  12. Solarix says:

    *Waits for Trump to announce that Kid Rock is the new FBI Director*

  13. Livid Imp says:

    You’re all laughing, but Trump will replace Comey with a crony to dispose of the evidence. Without any evidence, the Republicunts won’t have the impetuous to impeach him. There is nothing funny about all of this. Trump keeps taking these baby steps towards dictatorship and the Republicunts will have neither the desire, nor the balls to stop him.

  14. Sungwoo Kim says:

    the fact that the crowd cheers for the news about FBI director being fired shows that people don’t really think before they act and follow what’s going on around them like sheep….

  15. Erroneous Botch says:

    I’m liberal, but the liberal fucktards applauding Comey’s termination by Trump like that’s a good thing then booing Sessions for being the one who helped coerce the termination just boggles my mind. Don’t be lemmings. Yes, Comey intentionally screwed over Clinton, but his investigation on Trumps administration Russian collusion would be less bias than the puppet Trump will now appoint to take Comey’s place. #D2R

  16. Hal Jordan says:

    If you still support Trump at this point, then there’s no helping you.

  17. kaptainkooleio says:

    Nixon:”I’m not a crook.”
    Trump:”Hold My Beer”

  18. Channel for Positivity l Understanding l Justice says:

    *’Comey knows too much. And he’s not going to do exactly as I say. So Fire him.’*
    – Trump’s mind

  19. Shardul juyal says:

    Sally yates.. You’re Fired.
    Michael Flynn… You’re Fired.
    Preet Barara..You’re Fired.
    James Comey… You’re Fired

    This is the Apprentice… Yay.

  20. Angry Kittens says:

    BREAKING NEWS – Donald Trump’s newly appointed FBI director, Anna Vasil’yevna Kushchyenko, clears Trump and Sessions of Russian collaboration charges!

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