Ever Given UPDATE 28 March Operation “Backtwist”

Ever Given UPDATE 28 March Operation “Backtwist”

These 4 GREAT YouTube sources helped me better understand this situation. Please support these Channels!
Chief Makoi: (The Blancolirio of the Marine Industry)

GCaptain: – Marine Journalist

Sal Mercogliano:

TheGeotech Engineer:

Aram Bedrosian


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45 Responses

  1. Ed Raz says:

    I trust your report more than anyone. Great job.

  2. jagmarz says:

    Has anyone congratulated the Maersk Denver for managing to stop before it impacted the Ever Given? Holy cow that would have been game over!

    • Alexander Siebold says:

      @david roosa well yes and no 😉 there are ships from maersk line which have roughly similar dimensions

    • Mike Sutherland says:

      I actually was on a ship that collided with another ship at sea back in ’97. This particular situation was off of North Carolina when my ship, the USS Theodore Roosevelt backed into the USS Leyte Gulf. No one hurt, but certainly scary. Damage, around 13 million.

    • Rocco Taco says:

      The CHICOMs caused this accident to destroy commerce of the West. They have invested in rail freight delivery. So no coincidences here. the West is under attack.

    • Jerry Bender says:

      @ron ingram yup n proud of it make sure u get all ur shots ronny n dont forget ur 50 cents on ur way out

    • NicolaW72 says:

      @Haridas Panicker I fear this could be the case.

  3. RicktheRecorder says:

    I am a retired salvage consultant. This was an excellent resume of the situation. I think you may have been listening to Capt Nick Sloane as well!

    • Gustav Meyrink says:

      @Jordan Thistle there are no locks in the Suez canal. The water is exactly at seal level all the time, it will never rise higher than high tide therefore the maximum variation is about 6 feet which is the local difference between high and low tide.
      Neither is the water flowing anywhere and there is no meaningful current.

    • Delano Moll says:


    • hmmbeef says:

      @Delano Moll yes

    • Delano Moll says:


    • hmmbeef says:

      @Delano Moll I like the guy but being an “all-rounder” he lacks the depth to answer questions that require nuance and context, simply listing off the maximum possible weight of a container without realizing the top containers are lighter, and that most of the containers even the heavy ones are no where near that weight gives a false impression of the problem and obscures the possible solutions.

      Helicopters absolutely could lift many/most of the containers especially those above deck. It is a moot point at this point because the ship is free.

  4. K Danagger says:

    Juan, your channel should have over a million subscribers. You are one of Youtube’s greatest hidden gems. Your reporting is extremely well researched and filled with hard facts – no fluff, propaganda, or fear mongering. Your quality of reporting is so much better than the technically inept MSM that it is astounding. You are in a totally different league. You have a lot to be proud of.

    • Dave Hughes Farm says:

      @I’m Me basically non farm boys= zero common sense

    • robinmyman says:

      Get the full reports and opinions on Patreon… £2 a month…what do you pay for the crap that comes out of CNN and Fox etc?

    • paymaker11 says:

      This really is a Great Channel! Excellent job!

    • melanieenmats says:

      Fully agreed with OP here. Why on earth am I keeping up with all flying accidents on the other side of the Atlantic? Because Blancolirio is doing such a great job that he would make almost any subject interesting. Hidden gem indeed!

    • Mikey2Milks says:

      Except he can’t spell the name of the ship correctly. It’s not the Ever Given. It’s the Evergreen. Yeah, real quality reporting.

  5. greg thornton says:

    Juan Thanks for the update. I had a ship that I salvaged 20 years ago as an engineer on Merchant ships. That ship was roughly 2/3 the length and 1/4 the deadweight tonnage. It was stuck on the sandy bottom but got stuck on a boulder that punctured the bottom of the ship near the stern. The salvage took about a week and half and then another 7 months to put the ship back together. We used SMIT to help us out and did the Naval Arch Calculations. Lots of inspections of the ship and internal structures, Tanks, Void spaces etc. The tidal forces ended up damaging the bottom plating of the ship.

  6. Munich FX says:

    “Stuff is gonna hit the rotating oscillator”
    Nice 10/10

  7. Michael Imbesi says:

    The fact that you refer to a ship’s stability as “tender” tells me you actually did your research. I’m a naval architect and I’m glad to know that at least one person reporting on this actually cares about accuracy.

    • jagtan13 says:

      I have watched blancolirio’s video on how to hove to. Interesting to watch.

    • Ivan Semanco says:

      This is reason why we like the channel. Accuracy is standard here.

    • CaptainDuckman says:

      and people keep asking why they don’t just remove all the cargo.
      When I point out there’s not enough trucks and heavy cranes in Egypt for the job, and there’s no paved roads to the accident site to get those trucks and cranes there, you see lightbulbs start to flicker in their brains.

    • melanieenmats says:

      Hi, I for one was very surprised to hear the Dutch salvage team say: we can’t so easily take off cargo, because the ship might break in two.

      These things look like castles, like Pyramids perhaps. But apparently in terms of physics it’s more a sailing boat made of wet blankets :D.

    • Shaun Hensley says:

      @CaptainDuckman Bring in cargo ships with their own cranes and transfer the load

  8. Butch Mcbride says:

    This was an excellent engineering analysis and not just a talking head for someone who explained it from an engineering standpoint and get an excellent job especially the little boy he answered my question is why you just don’t get a helicopter and take them off who knew. I enjoyed this very much thank you

  9. Suzanne Snow says:

    They should have NeverGiven that ship permission to enter the canal with those high winds.

  10. shepherd says:

    You could literally report on anything and be more informative and straightforward than 99% of news outlets

    • ron ingram says:

      a lot of “news” channels actually broadcast commentary, but a LOT of people don’t understand the difference. “Commentary” MEANS opinion.

    • Dalton Mojica says:

      @ron ingram See the thing is, even Juan does commentary and speculation on his videos. The main difference is that he isn’t performing commentary with a preconceived agenda in mind.

    • SomeGirl says:

      there are no more “news” outlets. There are only political propaganda channels. Keep that in mind with all content you consume.

    • Markle2k says:

      You do realize that all of his sources are the mainstream news sources, don’t you? It’s the analysis that we value.

    • melanieenmats says:

      I was thinking the same thing shepherd. Anything researched and presented as Blancolirio does becomes interesting to me.

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