Everest: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Everest: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Climbing Mount Everest has become dangerously popular. John Oliver explains why.

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65 Responses

  1. Barry Purcell says:

    “nine of them sad” is everything I want from a joke.

  2. Random says:

    He had to sit in those pants for the whole time, poor Jonny got all sweaty.

    • Clay Loomis says:

      You realize there is _editing,_ right? There is a CBS video clip at 19:12. They could have stopped taping, then had john put on the pants when the end of the show was only a couple minutes away. Of course, maybe he just likes warm legs.

  3. Star Cherry says:

    I feel like the name should be changed to:
    “The World’s Tallest Graveyard!”

    • SithLord Hibiscus says:

      That’s officially called “Rainbow Valley” and it’s at the top of the mountain, in a small valley on the NW side of the summit, that you can drop or push some climbers in, assuming they are close enough to not require more than 10 m or less pushing/pulling. Check the Wikipedia page on Everest and it’s buried in there somewhere. It should have its own Wikipedia page given that for far too many, that is their mass grave for eternity, as it would cost 200,000 USD and cause more deaths, to retrieve bodies.

    • Roman Hall says:

      Yeah it’s been referred to as the world’s largest open grave.

  4. Nirrrina says:

    Well I already had a lot of respect for Sherpas. Always have. Now I have even more respect for them. I can understand the need & willingness for your family. There needs to be a orphan & widows fund for these Sherpas that are killed. Every single climber/tourist needs to pay into it just to go.

    • BigFatFuss StuntMonkey says:

      *sherpas* … not all “Sherpas” hike or climb (as referenced in this very video)…

  5. Mad Madame says:

    “That isn’t the warm embrace of family, that’s one man physically squeezing the White Guilt out of another.” *snaps for truth* That line gave me shivers.

  6. Zorgo Crypton says:

    I remember typing how I love the show even though the problems shown are usually American.
    And now, I can say I love this episode because it has pointed out one of the bad tourism problems in my country.

  7. MegaAnno2 says:

    Did I just get rickrolled by freaking John Oliver?

    What has the world come too

  8. deviousxen says:

    I can’t think of a better metaphor for how shitty rich people are than them PUSHING EACH OTHER for pics at the top of the world and them STILL Not being happy. xD

  9. Leonidas I says:

    What kind of budget does this show have…

    I LOVE IT!

  10. The Castaway Traveller says:

    Sherpas be like, “This is my hundredth climb to the peak.”

    • AstronomyToday says:

      @UltimateBreloom that’s not “evolutionary advantages” it’s simply altitude acclimation.

      I live in Colorado @ 9,114ft and my I can feel the thickness of the atmosphere in my lungs when I travel to lower areas now after living here for 13 years

      I’ll also smoke your flatlander cannabis up in 1 hit.

    • AstronomyToday says:

      @Parzival not sure where you heard that you get big money for summiting a mountain, but it actually costs each individual around $170,000.00 and the average accenter has absolutely no experience in mountaineering, less than half have any experience and under 1% are veterans.

      Got some bad news about that career in Engineering; turns out hajidid in India can do it for 5 cents to your dollar and the US market for engineers is virtually non existent these days, so get ready with that degree to compete in a field full of hundreds of thousands of other engineers who unlike you, already have a decade of experience and 35 references to land that sole position, same goes for Europe.

    • Josh Embrey says:

      @Manored genetic testing has determined that people native to that area are physically adapted to low oxygen. Superhuman? They’re high-altitude X-Men.

    • UltimateBreloom says:

      @AstronomyToday Acclimatization is only part of it. There are actual genetic advantages. https://youtu.be/elOn5ZYg5fc

    • Ya'el Rothke says:

      And you should pay your sherpas enough to support their families well for at least a generation if they die carrying your luggage. They also deserve mandatory recognition in your photo op.

  11. Maekar I Targaryen says:

    The Sherpas on Everest are like superhuman climbers. It’s obvious without them all of the yuppies would have zero chance. Sherpas on Everest are some serious, next level badasses!

    • BigFatFuss StuntMonkey says:

      *sherpas* … not all *sherpas* are “Sherpas” (as referenced in this video)…

    • Brian Dent says:

      yuppies don’t have 11k to spend on a mountain selfie. All the people in this video where older, likely boomers or Gen X.

  12. KingXOreo says:


  13. Augustuvi Primce dea.V. says:

    you need 4-8 months of training in a certified school if you are climbing the North side

  14. Mr. Divery says:

    Everest should be like the NYC marathon, you should be required to complete several smaller mountains before you can claim the big one.

  15. ApexKnight says:

    I can’t believe I’ve been Rickrolled in 2019. John Oliver you absolute madman.

  16. hard mode says:

    so unironically this is the Mt. Everest of human stupidity

  17. Blanco8x8 says:

    Thanks to this video. “Everest-shaming” is a thing now.

  18. Enkay says:

    The highest ever phonecall was made by Snoop..?

    • Hiba Aswad says:

      Enkay Brilliant

    • DaWulpertinger OfStarland says:


    • AstronomyToday says:

      well if everest is 28,000ft, the average airliner flies at 45,000ft which people place cell calls from all the time and if the international space station is 274,560~334,819ft and astronauts also now have the ability to make ‘Laser cell’ calls…. then as it turns out they weren’t ever close to placing the highest cellphone call in the first place and it’s just another shitty lie rich people tell to their poorer friends to feel superior.

  19. Geo Dez says:

    The REAL HEROES of Everest are those Sherpas. Everyone else are posers.

  20. Teyl1 says:

    “That is one man literially squeezing the white guilt out of another.”

    Amazingly accurate. That dude really wanted to believe that claim as fast as he could so he didn’t have to feel as bad about paying this man to risk himself daily to make his up hill walk possible.

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