Everlong by Foo Fighters (Cover)

Everlong by Foo Fighters (Cover)

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76 Responses

  1. Poképuffs says:


  2. cysticercosis says:

    I love his voice so much.

  3. wumbo rat says:

    it actually makes me really happy that this guy is still living a wonderful life to this day, a lot of times it seems that famous people always get wrapped up in stuff they shouldn’t be involved with, but rick’s just kinda at his little home vibing to his favorite tunes. much love, rick!

  4. dizzy lizzy says:

    His voice is still so good ..

  5. Forrest Lasell says:

    Hey man, I’d love to see this on Spotify, this cover seriously rocks.

  6. Alex Fernandez says:

    You know I clicked on this kinda knowing it was gonna be good but man oh man I was actually not expecting how good this ended up turning out. Like oh man i just wanna listen to a whole acoustic set from you; that was so fun and jamming!

  7. usedtabe says:

    This is the video I expect to see when I’m RickRolled from here on out.

  8. Foogley says:

    I just got EVERLONGED by Rick Astley and I loved it.

  9. duhJeenyus says:

    If you come to the States, whatever is left of it, I am getting tickets! Brilliant cover!

  10. 02 Erwin Kotian says:

    Welcome everyone. This is now henceforth going to be known as Rick-Grohling.

  11. Atlanta Video Productions says:

    Now we need Dave to cover Never Gonna Give You Up

  12. Lavigator says:

    Everyone talkin’ ’bout his voice but damn, that luscious hair though! (Voice is amazing as ever of course!)

    • nat is just commenting says:

      Agreed 😀

    • Bad Kitty says:

      It looks like it darkened naturally, too. Just as handsome as ever, I’m still loving his voice as always. Now he looks more Scottish than Irish, like Shaun Hatosy on Animal Kingdom. 😊😊😉😘😘❤❤❤

    • Jonathan Keith says:

      @Bad Kitty I’m Scottish, baby. They’ll never take our freedom. But I’ll make free time for coffee and a long walk through the highlands with a sweet and faithful lass.

    • Chico Deluxe says:

      I know! It’s the ONE thing that makes me look my age, is my thinning hair. People used to be like “OMG, no way you’re that age!”, but now they’re like “well yeah, obviously you’re 45. that is obvious.”

    • Wyatt C says:


  13. Brooke Rader says:

    What a fantastic voice for this song! Just the right amount of breathless and strained, great rock and roll voice.

  14. Cory Corzine says:

    Your voice has gotten so dope with age.

    Honestly the perfect gravel.
    You’d kill a cover by Gregory Isakov.

  15. Jay Villain says:

    I was not expecting this. The ultimate rick roll…of emotions

  16. Ben Barnes says:

    Wait, he’s not just an internet trope? This is amazing. I feel bad I missed the fact your an incredible musician. Thank you for this

    • Jim Celia says:

      He’s in the rare breed that have gotten better as their career has progressed. Do check out some of the other recent songs on his channel.

    • jeffg1717 says:

      I saw him live in DC a couple years ago and he absolutely killed it, his own songs and amazing covers. It was one of the most fun concerts in a while, and we go to a lot!

    • JewishMonk says:

      He released a gospel album a few years ago that even managed to reach my godless heathen heart. The man has some serious skill.

    • J A says:

      That’s the thing, the only reason Rick rolling caught on is it’s actually an amazing song, I mean the silly video had a lot to do with it but if it was a trash song it wouldn’t have been popular.

  17. Medalion says:

    I know he’s covering Everlong… but damn… there goes my hero, watch him as he goes!

  18. Figarillo says:

    So this is what happens when a musician goes like “oh yeah I like that song I’m going to play it” and basically creates an amazing cover.
    I always knew Rick by the meme, but now I’m glad I’m getting to know him as this humble guy, doing his own thing and being happy behind the paparazzis. Much love from Argentina Rick!

  19. Malcolm Morin says:

    I’d pay to hear a studio recording of this.

  20. Tanner Raine says:

    The fact that Rick is back in my suggestions after all these years, makes me happy to see he’s still going as a singer and artist alike.

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