EVERY Cosmetic Added in Fortnitemares 2023 (Jack Skellington, Michael Myers, + More!)

EVERY Cosmetic Added in Fortnitemares 2023 (Jack Skellington, Michael Myers, + More!)

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47 Responses

  1. CD891 says:

    Jack Skellington opens up so many possibilities.
    Didn’t think Disney would let their classic characters hold guns. I need a Goofy skin now

  2. AzureFire-Studios says:

    Jack and Myers look amazing, they did a great job with the both of them.

  3. QT_Viperz says:

    Anyone agree the Michael Myers emote is the best thing?

  4. NinAmuro57 says:

    Seth could be a reference to Set, the Egyptian God, since he’s also known as Seth. He’s a mummy, after all (and also has a pyramid on his back).

  5. AwkwardAngel says:

    It’s still so amazing to see Jack Skellington here. I was so over Disney collabs primarily being Marvel/Star Wars over and over and not their own classic films but Jack getting in and (hopefully) selling well can open so many doors! Would love if Sally was added with him for Christmas and for Beauty and the Beast skins :^)

  6. ニコロビン says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween but some of the skins are pretty good. And the Michael myers emote is great. I hope one piece comes as the next collaboration

  7. Silly Fany says:

    Alan Wake was simply my first horror game and it’s still my favorite to this day. I screamed so much at the announcement of the sequel that I must have woken up the whole neighborhood lmao. What an incredible upgrade. Thank you for the video! ❤️

    • Ben Carlington says:

      Omggggggggg I feel you! I screamed out of excitement,as loud as I could, til I got heard in Mexico (I’m living in Norway) So yeah, Alan wake is just such an amazing video-game, the very first that introduced my young being to the world of thriller- horror videogames. I have such a special appreciation for it. I’m even more excited now because for a second I thought that was just any random character of Keanu Reeves. Then I ref by the bottom Alan Wake and believe me I almost fainted. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • ADIS him says:

      @Ben Carlington who the other dude what is he

    • Primorion says:


  8. Super King Dynamic says:

    Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite Disney movie, so this is just hype. Maybe next year we could the Oogie Boogie man.

  9. Cooldude says:

    I’m so happy they added Michael! Sadly no ghostface tho…

    • ×Nick-Bot× says:

      This is a good start though! Maybe with the addition of Michael we will see other fan favourite slashers like Ghostface, Jason, Freddy etc. Personally I love Michael Myers but Ghostface has always been a favourite so here’s hoping it will happen in the near future!

    • ×Nick-Bot× says:

      @SlayingMantis676  oh trust me I know. Most people don’t understand licensing issues. Alot goes into it for certain characters added. These 3 are a great example of licensing. They’ve probably been at it for a while trying to work something out. Personally, I like the collab stuff as well as original content. I like collab stuff because it brings in characters I’m familiar with and love but I also like the OG content because it’s new and creative aswell as fun. So I understand both sides of people being happy and others being upset. They don’t want to rely to much on collabs because their game just becomes the next Super Smash Bros and completely removes any originality it had once upon a time

    • KnightWings says:

      @×Nick-Bot×Jason is kinda tricky they are very strict with that license

  10. Jokerzz says:

    Idk if I’m more hyped about micheal myers or the pumpkin king

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