Every CRAZY Pokedex Entry in Pokémon Legends Arceus

Every CRAZY Pokedex Entry in Pokémon Legends Arceus

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Every Pokedex entry from Pokemon Legends Arceus that I thought was crazy, disturbing, interesting, or funny!
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Edited by Katie Rose!


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37 Responses

  1. Jay Redd says:

    On the topic of Overqwil, lots of poisonous animals aren’t naturally poisonous, they gain the poison from their diet, so that could be what’s happening here.

  2. Sebby Cutest One of All says:

    About the Cresselia thing: It’s a reference to the Myth of the Cowheard and the Weaver girl. The OSP has a very great summary about that story.

  3. Marcos luis Martín Morales says:

    About Dialga and Palkia, their new/old forms are literally called “origin” forms, so yeah, I imagined that they were their original forms

    • A sussy baka says:

      @Sanjae harris the anime said unknown is a legendary, it’s not a reliable source

    • Sanjae harris says:

      Yes & the reveal glass show ones true form so therian is true form too .

      Also team rockets boss in anime said therian was true form too.

      People need to watch the anime (fat chance i’ll watch more lol) not all info is in games

  4. Lavamonkey11 says:

    So with the gastrodon thing: In some areas of the world, particularly the Caribbean, beaches have sand largely made up of dead plankton which could be suggest that modern Pokémon scientists know that it eats sand for the plankton but to Laventon they appear to just eat sand.

  5. Steven Palinkas says:

    What I think about the Lilligant situation is they stay in the mountains to grow stronger by facing against Ice types which they are weak to. We have already seen fighting types in snowy places to grow stronger

    • Ellie Nugent says:

      That makes sense. Mangofoomo, Ex-Hippotas-now-Hippowdon proves this by now only being knocked around halfway by Ice Moves whilst originally getting 1-Shot by them and also evolving during this Ice zone. Aka: Snowpoint’s Routes

    • Gengarzilla says:

      Honestly, battling Ice types so often could even be how it developed the part Fighting type.

  6. jj enb says:

    In my opinion, heatran is actually just a species of pokemon that lives in magma, and since its rarely seen in the surface, its treated as a legendary. That would explain how it appears to be in several different places in the pokemon world

  7. foxfire7 says:

    Let me tell you, Hisuian Lilligant is a brutal fighter, it’s signature move is basically Bulk Up + Double Hit in one move.

  8. MacDawnlds UwU says:

    The typhlosion didn’t adapt to the mountain magic, it evolved to the increase of deaths because lots of people have been dying due to pokemon being more aggressive

  9. Katie Squid says:

    Snorlax being harmful in Husui makes me think that the reason they’re so docile in modern games is due to selective breeding. We know this can happen to Pokemon (Alolan Persian), so maybe trainers started breeding Snorlax who were more sleepy than others to get rid of the genes that made them greedy.

    • Ziomownik 2580 fun says:

      @KSound Kaiju wouldn’t be suprised if a regular Snorlax was a man eater. I’m sure this Pokémon is capable of doing that. Snorlax can eat anything!

    • Ziomownik 2580 fun says:

      @Joost Huibregtse
      I think the greedy ones died out since there were more trainers to defend the villages while the sleepy ones survived.

    • error: try again later says:

      @KSound Kaiju it can’t control its hunger so it will randomly eat anything it can grab. Ngl that’s quite scary.

    • KSound Kaiju says:

      Imagine if there’s a dark type snorlax out there that’s like a man eater or something

    • Joost Huibregtse says:

      Great idea! Let’s do it with humans!

  10. Burbo Time says:

    For the Togetic entry, Mikey has completely ignored the possibility that some cruel (or dead) individual had abandoned their Togetic, and he gave it a second lease on life.

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