Every Cut of Beef! (Almost) | Basics with Babish

Every Cut of Beef! (Almost) | Basics with Babish

I know that choosing the right cut of beef at the butcher or grocery store can be overwhelming. Once you know which cuts work in which scenario, choosing the right meat is a breeze! Special thanks to friends of the show, Porter Road, for walking us through the Basics!

Some beef cuts and recommended methods:
Chuck Roast: Grind, roast, or stew
Denver Steak: Sear or grill over high heat
English Cut Short Ribs: Slow cook or smoke
Tenderloin: Super soft, serve with a great sauce
Strip Steak: Serve rare to medium rare
Flank Steak: Great for marination and quick Sear
Tri-Tip: Great for smoking or slow cooking
Sirloin: Lean and flavorful Cut
Shank: Mostly for Ossobuco

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56 Responses

  1. Binging with Babish says:

    Did y’all find any new cuts you’re excited to try?

    • Brice Murrie says:

      @Timothy Souter Yeah definitely. Might get lucky if you go to a butcher and ask. Calling it a triangle tip or bottom sirloin might make the butcher understand what cut it is. I grew up in California eating Tri tip most of the time I had a steak and when I was on the East coast nowhere knee what I meant when I asked for Tri tip.

    • TechnoGuz GD says:


    • FBI Open up says:

      Wow thanks Babish you inspired me to cook food thanks

  2. Erwin Moreno says:

    Man a diagram to highlight the parts would have made this perfect

  3. KiraNoOkamiFR says:

    Babish : *hypnotized by the meat and not listening*
    The professional : blablabla worcestershire sauce…
    Babish : *turns around immediatly* Are you a wizard ?!

  4. WolfsbaneFilms says:

    I’d love to see you have a go at Sam’s rabbit stew from Lord of the Rings

  5. Abigail Dolan says:

    me: lol i dont cook
    also me: watches a 30 minute video on cuts of meat

  6. Nick Hannam says:

    I think ol Babby might be out of his wheelhouse here. This man knows his meat!

  7. rabidmayer says:

    You know your butcher’s good when he’s drooling introducing the cuts.

  8. Arcana Imperii says:

    McDonald’s: *”premium angus beef”*

    Babish: *”hold my sirloin”*

  9. Mark Sellers says:

    3:00 — “worchesterSHIRE”
    3:02 — Babish (in particular, his neck) resisting temptation to comment

  10. Turtle Wurtle says:

    Could you please do shrimp parm and pretzels with milk from the goldbergs

  11. Vance Corsey says:

    My stomach “let’s get a Denver steak” ??
    My wallet: beef ramen is close enough.

  12. Der Nerd says:

    babish: So lets pretend i’m the cow
    butcher: *sharpens knife*

  13. Marc Thompson says:

    Babish: “can you grill one of these up real quick”

    Me: Where are you going? I want to see this!

  14. Evan Hansen says:

    “pecan-ha” mention, but no show 🙁
    It’s pronounced picaña (spelled picanha), Guga would be sad

  15. oculism says:


    *I live half a mile from this butchery*

    time to do some shopping

  16. BubblewrapHighway says:

    We really don’t understand why people want the porterhouse cut.
    “What are you naming your new butcher business?”

  17. Dustin Makimoto says:

    could you do a basics on drying meats?
    like those pepperoni sticks at the deli, or a good salami.

  18. Hill Elson says:

    So it’s called Papayan, you can probably tell where it originates from…
    Andrew: Pineapple.

  19. Scottobot says:

    “Tri-Tip is hard to find”

    *Laughs in Californian*

  20. Andrew says:

    If two vegans fight, is it really beef?

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