Every Disney Animation Movie Ranked

Every Disney Animation Movie Ranked

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Schaff watches a lot of Disney movies! This vid took a year to make aaaaaaaaaaa

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26 Responses

  1. Doctor Allosaurus says:

    I haven’t seen Disney’s Dinosaur in full myself (at least not recently), but I think there’s one reason why quite a few people appreciate it: It seems to have this theme of “only the strong survive”, where all the dinosaurs migrating to the nesting grounds are all out for themselves. Everyone in the herd is on their own, and anyone too weak to keep up will be left behind for carnivores. Heck, when they find water, when Aladar tries to shout “There’s enough water for everyone!”, the dinosaurs are all pushing and shoving each other for the first sip. All of the characters, especially Kron, follow this philosophy, except for Aladar, who seems out to help those said weak members. Instead of traveling up with the stronger and fit members of the herd, he stays behind helping the older dinosaurs get by, and he’s also insistent that dinosaurs can get by and survive if they all stand together and work with each other. He’s eventually proven right when around the end, the herd manages to scare off the carnotaurus by standing together. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why people cherish Dinosaur, but I myself got that theme from seeing a few of scenes from the movie, as well as some positive reviews of it.
    Also, I’m only about 18 minutes in this video and I’m already content with calling this a masterpiece. I can only imagine the amount of time and effort went into this ranking, this is a great early Christmas gift!

    • tapchoke says:

      ​@im sacred 3 dots – report – unwanted commercial content or spam

    • Matthew Housham says:

      I think the carnotaurus’ are pretty awesome as villains.

    • prjoliphant says:

      @gamewriteeye769 I see we’re your coming from but the animation isn’t Dinosaur’s only positive it has other good qualities too and isn’t a bad film far from it Shaff really didn’t go into good detail ether time’s why it’s a “bad film” and to be honest you didn’t ether despite it being a long comment although I do agree that The Land Before Time is the best animated dinosaur movie but this isn’t bad ether and people have brought up valid reason’s in review’s and in comment’s why it’s objectively good it’s not just another Avatar it’s an objectively good movie on it’s own and people have proved it in the past

    • gamewriteeye769 says:

      @prjoliphant It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just accepting the opinion that it’s a bad movie (Schaff’s in particular), and that’s ok. I had noted the criticism he gave in my previous comment’s read more section, referring to this video, not necessarily the movie. I know, sheep opinion, but I didn’t have much thoughts on this movie (Dinosaur) tbh 😵

      Decided to add this, but, if you want my honest opinion: I tried really hard to like this movie growing up as a kid, because I was all like, “Yeah, it’s a 3d version of The Land Before Time. Awesome.” But with disappointment in the game of life, I never really had the nostalgia for this media like I did with the latter one mentioned.

      Not only is the original Land Before Time a better film than Dinosaur despite its advocation to a younger audience, the scene where Littlefoot’s mother died just hits **way harder** than the meteor blowing up da monkey’s island. It felt forced in to make conflict during arguably the funniest scene in Dinosaur prior, that being Alador and yellow monke (can’t remember name) finding girl monkes. That’s what you call tonal whiplash, and not to mention, the journey to The Great Valley had more memorable stakes compared to…whatever reskin Dinosaur was trying to find; migration grounds, or something.

      It missed a spark of magical quality to make it stand out, and in today’s standards, the animation besides the opening panorama lacks any…substance? All the cave scenes in Dinosaur were so monotonous and tone-deaf in color, even though it was going for suspense. I’d like it more if it had heart and soul to latch onto (besides the protagonist doing good things for the sake of good things), but everything felt forced.

      Is it the worst Disney animated film? Not by a long shot like Schaff says, but it falls somewhere in the middle, where more could be desired to make it memorable and standout, besides everyone just talking about its standout animation for its time, kinda like Avatar (why do you think everyone hates Avatar all of a sudden 😑)?

    • prjoliphant says:

      @gamewriteeye769 Wait so you didn’t like it your other comment made it seem like you did

  2. Spark 112 says:

    As a Mexican person I can say that the interruption in the middle of the movie to celebrate the birth of Jesus is a great cultural reference to a Christmas tradition we have where we make a play out of any story and add the birth of Jesus Christ on it. We call it “Pastorela”.

    • Lilllllll says:

      I’ve been waiting so long for this 🔥


    • Roboshi says:

      I think it’s nice as well, I mean they lay it out clearly that this is their experience with the culture and it’s obviously gonna be coloured by their own experiences. But actually going to the country and learning a culture then relaying it to people has merit.

      I’d call it an overall positive thing to share

    • José Ramírez says:

      Yeah, I always thought the Mexican culture references in Los 3 caballeros were pretty neat

  3. Cherry Hazard says:

    The thing with The Fox and the Hound portraying the relationship going too fast is actually quite genius in my opinion, children are very innocent and consider any kid that likes to spend time with them their friend, and are actually quite easily attached to them. Although the movie is one of my favorites because of how realistic and “not afraid to cross boundaries with realism” it is, I think that the only problem with it is Todd’s girlfriend. It would have been way more impactful if it had only been him being chased at by Copper and it would honestly be one of the best disney movies objectively if it had happened like that.

    • SketchyGarden says:

      Yeah, it’s mostly due to the book it’s based off, where Todd’s mates and kits are all hunted down whenever he gets them even as he outruns the hunter and dogs. Obviously they didn’t go down that darker route, but him having a mate was a part of the story.

  4. Ash Dalbey says:

    Thing about brother bear is that for a long time, it was the third best representation for indigenous people in animation. It has gone down, but I and many others still have a soft spot for it. It also helps that the interactions between Keenai and Kota remind me a lot of hanging out with my younger cousins

  5. CalderaMan says:

    I knew _Encanto_ would be high on the list, but being the best non-renaissance Disney film is quite the achievement. Not that the movie doesn’t deserve it. The songs, characters, cast, cultural representation, and respectful and realistic portrayal of generational trauma are all excellent. It will always be one of my favorites, and it’s spot on the list is truly well earned.

    • Maria Ximena Otalora Cordoba says:

      In the cultural representation department I cried with some of the cultural Easter Eggs in the movie, seeing those things in a Disney movie gave me the feels, of course there was a lot of stuff left out and the movie, but I wouldn’t espect them to represent everything.

  6. kingdomheartsguy44 says:

    Reminder that Cinderella 3 is an absolute Masterpiece in filmmaking.

  7. Alexandra Musilová says:

    The wild thing about Tarzan is that the movie hit a lot harder for me since in my language, a lot of the songs were sung by a VA who sounded super similar to Tarzan’s. And since my language rarely had the same VAs singing and voicing the same characters, it wasn’t enough of a shock where that would be a problem. Strangers Like Me sounds exactly as if Tarzan was the one singing it. It really elevates the movie because it sounds like a lot of these songs are fully grounded in-universe. (That and also Son of Man in my language goes “My son, you have a human face, may your soul have wings” which just… idk, it’s touching to me)

  8. Alex Ly says:

    Even though I disagreed with a few, I’m always so happy to watch Schaffrillas’ videos. One of the only full ranking videos I’ll watch instead of just putting on to fall asleep to. Good takes, great opinions, and so entertaining 🙂

  9. Cherry Hazard says:

    It’s such a genuine shame that Tarzan could have been a perfect disney movie, but what you said definitely impacted it from being a perfect disney movie. I am still so glad you put it on such a high place, because it honestly deserves it.

    It might be an unpopular opinion, but one of my favorite moments in Disney animation is when Tarzan and Jane meet each other on the tree, he takes her glove off and both feel their hands. It’s honestly so beautiful because not only is it genuinely romantic, Tarzan is also realizing “There are species like me, I am not alone” and Jane is also realising “He is someone just like me.”

  10. checkm8 says:

    As a Mexican who has seen Three Caballeros many times, i absolutely loved it. The soundtrack, the visuals, the culture, I think it’s a great showcase. I love Panchito (pronounced more like pawn-cheeto. At least that’s how I remember pronouncing it. It’s been a long while since I last saw it)
    My only problem is really the beginning with Donald watching the TV, that’s my least favorite part of it but even then it’s just whatever. I like it enough to not ruin the experience. When Jose comes in however that’s when it gets really good for me

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