Every Girlfriend EVER (ft. Amber Scholl)

Every Girlfriend EVER (ft. Amber Scholl)

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52 Responses

  1. Lucy De wet says:

    “girls love blankets and are always”

    Me: what no I-
    *realizes I’m curled in a blanket with the heater on and still cold*
    Me: nevermind then.

    • Crystal_Payne Entertainment says:

      BRUH! XD
      When he said that I felt so targeted lol
      I looked at my bed and realized that I sleep with over 9000 blankets XD

    • braylen hilson says:

      lightning zap u shut

    • Timothy Thomas says:

      idk where u at cuz for me its almost summer so i don’t think the timezone’s fair girls in summer ain’t gonna be all up in no blanket and if you are you’re Santa or crazy

    • braylen hilson says:

      Timothy Thomas it cold still it summer and it’s still cold so SHUT UP

    • Hanan Hazard says:

      Lucy De wet And the fact Amber voiced the girlfriend is perfect cause she has admitted to having a blanket obsession.

  2. I Am Mom-Love Multiplies says:

    The food part is hilarious and so factual. So is the shower part. My husband be on me about both of those 🤣🤣🤣😂too funny

  3. Madi Young says:

    “Girls love blankets”
    *que me watching this under a blanket*

    • Amaka says:

      Me, (who almost flunked Spanish) reading this: ” Kay me watching this under the blanket” like noww my brain decides to act bilingual 🙄

  4. Bernadette Murphy says:

    Swoozie: girls love shopping!

    me:SHUT UP. S H U T. UP

  5. kkittycat candy says:

    I was using like three blankets while watching this😂

  6. wingedhatchling says:

    Swoozie: I’mma bought to make some generalizations.

    Me: This outta be good, we’re individuals Swoozie

    Swooz: Blankets


  7. Animation Andrea says:

    Literally converting my boyfriend to like Swoozie! We’re binging the whole lot!

  8. Tina fashion says:


  9. Abby C says:

    how does this man tell his stories so well i be like” let me get some popcorn real quick”

  10. Zazy Gaming says:

    this is a strategy i used when i was going out w my ex. i would tell her that i was taking her somewhere and she had to guess where i was taking her to eat. she’ll say a place and i’d just say your right and drive there

  11. IᗩᗰᑕYᖇᑌᔕ says:

    You’re forgetting something about girls.


    Hair be *everywhere*

  12. Amber Scholl says:

    I AM DYING IT CAME OUT SO GOOD 😂 thx for letting me be the psycho girlfriend it is my destiny lol

  13. Kate M says:

    That My Hero Academia reference was so perfect. 10/10 would recommend.

  14. NBC Dynamics says:

    – when your GF takes your food from your plate, even though she’s said she wasn’t hungry.

  15. Anonymous Mothman says:

    Me before this video: Idk man maybe I’m not-
    Me after this video: *wait a minute*

  16. Celeste Northrup says:

    Gonna let you guys in on a secret when girls “don’t know” where they wanna eat and want suggestions we’re trying to find out your price point (if you’re tryna do fast food or a restaurant)

  17. Fuchsia Husky says:

    Swoozie: “Guys have their quirks, girls have their qui-“

  18. Lisa says:

    online shopping be like:
    girlfriend: “babe, is this top cute?”
    boyfriend: “yeah… uh it’s fine—it’s cute”
    girlfriend: “just cute??? ugh okay i won’t get it”

    • unigenius says:

      Bf: “Well, if you like it, then get it.”
      Gf: “No, it’s fine. I’ll find something better!”

  19. Daniel D says:

    Guys (me) who have never had a girlfriend: *Write that down! Write that down!*

  20. Daisy Mae says:

    Amber Scholl and Swoozie…
    The duo I didn’t think I needed until now

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