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High School – whether it’s skipping class, asking a date to prom, or more, this is Every High School Ever!

Shayne Topp
Olivia Sui
Keith Leak
Noah Grossman
Courtney Miller

Director: Ryan Todd
Assistant Director: Sean McCullough
Written by: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Ryan Finnerty, Olivia Sui, The Smosh Squad
Produced by: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Ryan Todd
Creative Director: Joe Bereta
Coordinating Producer: Yvonne Peoples
Line Producer: Michelle Holman
Director of Photography: John Jimenez
Camera: Brennan Iketani
Assistant Camera: Kyle Haubert
Sound: Ivan Harder
Grips: Patrick Egan & Lee Eisenhower
Pre Production Designer: Odin Abbott
Art Director: Lindsey Liberman
Makeup: Paula Barkley
Makeup Assistant: Brianna Hinojosa
Wardrobe: Felicia Cowley & Feleicia Martin
Edited By: Katie Reed
Post Supervision by: Ryan Finnerty
DIT/Media Mgmt: Gabe Laguer
BTS: Phil Mohr
Color: Mike Burton
PA: Andrea Santana & James Thornton
Art PA: Brandie Rovito

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20 Responses

  1. THE AMINO says:


  2. Adrian Vlad says:

    I bet you 3680226839651 dollars that you don’t read that number ;). In fact
    I bet you that you didn’t even notice that I put a letter in those numbers.
    You just checked.
    And realised there isn’t a letter

    Like this comment if I got you x)
    and maybe subscribe?? 😀 (almost at 7k)

  3. Stromedy says:

    Anyone want to be Youtube Friends and support each others videos? :)

  4. Ticci Toby says:

    I just got home. a kid on my bus called me a ‘stupid bitch’. I looked at my
    full bottle of water and was quite tempted.

  5. Alexandra says:

    *If you guys are interested a have an international back to school giveaway
    going on right now? I would really appreciate it if you checked it out and
    maybe entered?*

  6. Carlota Amaral Dias says:

    This is the closest it’s going to get to my request : “Every Teenager Ever”
    isn’t it ?

  7. Alexander Enemark says:

    give me likes for no reason

  8. 5,000 subscribers with no videos says:

    whoever is reading this, have a nice day.

    And pls help me reach my goal….. or na

  9. Conan Lu says:

    They should’ve done “Every Elementary School Ever” since that’s their main
    target audience.

  10. Marcus Mays says:

    Can you do Every anime Ever plz????????????

  11. kristofer sigmarsson says:

    is smosh getting better?

  12. TimeMachineGamer says:

    does anyone agree that its not a smosh vid without ian and anthony?

  13. Raven Marie says:

    I’m starting highschool tomorrow! ?

  14. Miku_Baby says:

    0:28 NARUTOOOOOOO!!!!

  15. Jay Shuck says:

    Sigh, I’ve loved Smosh from the beginning. I’ve always loved Ian and
    Anthony’s acting and personal clear friendship and charm. But this crap is
    NOT Smosh. Yes I know that this new crew is technically Smosh, however, the
    new crew doesn’t possess the same aura or feeling of humor as the old Smosh
    did. True fans since the beginning know what I am talking about. And before
    these little 4th and 5th graders start calling me gay for hating on these
    videos, let me say this: Have you ever watched their old content? Not just
    the music videos, but the actual skits? Go back and watch them for me and
    tell me you can’t see any difference. I’m sorry Smosh, I guess all good
    things must come to an end. Un-sub.

  16. Pyr3x says:

    I miss the old smosh when anthony and ian apeared in the vid :'(

  17. THEMLGPUG says:

    I swear they took over smosh

  18. Booka Flak says:

    Lol i have the exact same thing for zits and iam from belgium

  19. ItsHex says:

    If it’s not smosh why is it on this channel?

  20. Green Raver (M u s i c) says:

    My grade 10 history teach was named michael jackson… he was short fat and