Every Illumination Movie Ranked

Every Illumination Movie Ranked

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Illumination bad

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44 Responses

  1. Dez S. says:

    The Lorax is such a significant part of all fandom history. The fact that people were so desperate to ship the once-ler with someone that they literally split him in two to pair him with himself is something that needs to be reflected upon. We did this, and we need to stop pretending like it didn’t happen.

  2. Coolkid says:

    The way he explains each film that has a mario reference leading up to the mario movie was actually intense, I was at the edge of my seat

  3. The American Dragon is Back - Bryan Danielson says:

    The amount of terror I felt when we reached the final entry on this list, but still had 15 minutes of the video left, cannot be overstated.

    I love this.

    • Ash Ranjan says:

      Update: Jesus Christ he really hated that movie, also what the fuck was that ending

    • Ash Ranjan says:

      I just reached there and now I’m worried

    • Animall bros. says:

      I know, I mean, I predicted it probably was going to be Hop when the video started, but after seeing talk about The Secret Life of Pets 2 and their adaptation of The Grinch, my brain could not comprehend a worse movie, that I was terrified to find out what it was. And then when he said that he noticed a unfortunate trend in the animation industry, and then the underwear water music played, and the shot of the photo realistic Mario gave so chills. I mean I suppose both weren’t the worst thing ever, they were just weirdly effective

  4. ToTaS says:

    Hop was the only movie by Illumination that I haven’t heard of. The experience I had at the ending of this ranking was like coming across a hidden Lovecraftian tome. Where it’s horrors consumed my soul.

    • beep boop says:

      @KrimsonKatt good lord you’re a survivor

    • KrimsonKatt says:

      I heard of it but never knew how bad it actually was. I had a “friend” (not really) in primary school who tried to get me to watch it in theaters. I refused. And keep in mind that same “friend” made me watch Turbo three times in a row, binge literally every single Air Buddies movie, binge every Alpha and Omega movie, and forced me to play Madagascar Kart (terrible Shovelware Mario Kart clone) on Wii for 4 hours straight. That kid might have had the worst taste in games/movies I’ve ever seen. It borders on parody.

    • Canden Sudweeks says:

      I remember watching it when it came out and thinking “Wow, that was a stupid movie. Why did they make this?”

    • Flinch_SNP says:

      I liked it as a kid lol

  5. Blue Guy says:

    One time I was talking with a friend on Discord and comparing Disney consumerism to Illumination’s, and I brought up how Illumination is good at *selling* films, not making them, and I think that’s the simplest way to describe how they got where they are now despite the ridicule their movies get

  6. CKing says:

    The Vector grimwalker theory is actually brilliant, because it also explains how Vector is such a perfect specimen, since he is the culmination of hundreds, possibly thousands of failed Vectors

    • Red panda says:

      Vector: into the vectorverse

    • Matt Setsuda says:

      He is the resultant Vector from adding together all of those lesser Vectors through the use of vector arithmetic

    • Penny Sanchez says:

      Hunter isn’t the only one. So the head of the evil bank is the Illumination equivalent to Emperor Belos?

    • Tom H says:

      Wait hang on a second. If Vector is a clone, then does this mean we see another version of him rise up in the next movie? Maybe it’s like an army of Vectors all facing off against Gru?

    • Spooderman says:

      the idea of vector clones is unironically more entertaining to me than the clone wars. Instead of many clones with the same core structure and fighting for the same purpose, we have many vectors with different personalities, each being less perfect than the last. one thing they all have in common is that they commit crimes with DIRECTION and MAGNITUDE. OH YEAH

  7. The Conceit says:

    I remember being forced to watch the Lorax in high school and given assignments basically asking what the messages of the movie were. My teacher did not care to hear how this movie actually butchers the story’s original message and how bad it is and it frustrated me be forced to regurgitate what the teacher wanted to hear and not the truth

    • Sean says:

      I got a way to fix The Grinch (2018)

      1. I’ll have the humor more like in the style of The Emperor’s New Groove

      2. Have the backstory of the Grinch be more mysterious just like the 60s special. We can keep The Grinch living a life as an orphan.
      But maybe Illumination should put some hints
      on the Grinch’s backstory like some sort of
      puzzle to make it more challenging.

      3. Have the Grinch’s personality be more arrogant and passive-aggressive.

      4. The character designs be more like Dr. Seuss

      There was actually a earlier design of the Grinch that and he looked great, but they changed his design to look more clean and pleasant. Which goes against what The Grinch supposed to be as a character. The Whos in this movie don’t even look like the Whos like the book and the Chuck Jones special, Heck, Blue Sky Studios did a better job translating the Whos into CG in Horton Hears a Who! compared to what Illumination did in The Grinch.

      5. Remove Fred the Reindeer from the story, that way we’ll have more scenes of the Grinch actually stealing Christmas, since it was surprisingly short. We also removed the plot line of Cindy Lou wanting to trap Santa, since it does feels weird for her to do that.
      We should get a better explanation of how overworked Cindy’s mom is and maybe explain what happened to Cindy’s dad. Like maybe have this be her first Christmas without her father.

    • Kayla PowAnima says:

      @Atlas that’s the message of the grinch

    • Atlas says:

      @Kayla PowAnima No, the message is “Stop making terrible adaptations”

    • Kayla PowAnima says:

      Did they want to hear “if you have a catchy song a suit and long ass legs people will find you sexy” ? Cause that’s the only message i can get

    • sea pop says:

      What did she want to hear? I’m curious how bad you can butcher the message you get from the lorax…

  8. vesper says:

    Your assessment of the Grinch’s character is so spot on. At least with the Jim Carrey version, the Grinch is actually shown being wantonly cruel and destructive for his own entertainment and is socially outcast as a result, like everyone in town goes “oh shit!” When they hear his name and it’s for good reason. In the Illumination version he’s kinda just a sanitized corporate idea of “goblin mode” who kind just wanders the town with maybe a few weird glances but nothing else.

    • G.D. Graham says:

      @KrimsonKatt Definitely

    • KrimsonKatt says:

      I actually adore the jim carry movie. It’s a holiday tradition in my family to watch it every year. It’s genuniely a masterpiece. One of Jim Carrey’s all time best roles. Hate the illumination movie tho. They basically turned The Grinch into Squidward and I hate it.

  9. A_Legendary_Dodo says:

    As a mexican, I firmly believe El Macho to be the most accurate deppiction of a mexican in any animated movie (yes, even coco).

  10. Brooks Spenst says:

    Me and my friend actually had a long conversation today about the implications of the Lorax. At the end we came to these conclusions:
    1. O’Hare controls a city state and is actually doing the best thing for his people despite the moral questions having to do with it.
    2. Thneedvile actually is full of a type of gas as opposed to air, as the air in the bottles comes blowing out because of pressure OUTSIDE the bottle rather than inside.
    And 3. The Onceler was the poorest in his family, and was the literal anti prodigal son. This is shown by his horse and wagon compared with his families super camper.
    There was more, but this was the best out of the stuff we dreamed up.

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