Every Johto Pokémon Game Freak Forgot

Every Johto Pokémon Game Freak Forgot

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Every Johto Pokemon that’s never gotten later generation love, like an evolution or new form!
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33 Responses

  1. MandJTV says:

    I made a weird error in this video and said Shadow Lugia was introduced in the same gen as Lugia, something I know clearly not to be true. I am befuddled and ashamed, but you can make me feel better by buying merch hahahahahaha https://mandjtvmerch.com/

  2. collettiville says:

    For what it’s worth, Ariados was gifted a signature move in Gen 7 that would actually be a pretty solid move if given to a pokemon with better stats.

  3. Beta Bee says:

    I feel Ledian actually has the highest chance of any early route bug to get something. It just feels like it has more potential than the others

  4. palpatine rocks says:

    I really hope Ariados gets something. I used him on my team in Moon and absolutly loved him. I hope he does get better stats for better useage in non playthroughs

    • palpatine rocks says:

      @Socialist Republic of Vietnam Toxic Thread is an amazing move and my perfect tool for catching pokemon or just to get any kind of statud wether it be the speed drop or toxic. I like the effects being seperate

    • Socialist Republic of Vietnam says:

      It got a signature move, Toxic Thread, in Gen 7 actually

      Sucks that they immediately killed it with Dexit tho

  5. Bogey says:

    I haven’t been a super long time viewer, only a little over a year. But I have seen HUGE improvements in the editing and just basic video content that Mikey has made. These improvement just became even better and greater after the sabbatical. Keep it up Mikey

  6. John Doe says:

    I think there should be a new Unown form that you can get after collecting all the Unown forms. They could give it a base stat total of 680. The same as each member of the creation trio.

    • AlphaLycanroc55 says:

      But if this new form kept the same move pool, it would need to make the base attack stat 0 to make the most of that new 680 base stat total

  7. Leafeon says:

    15:19 also giving Shuckle an evolution means that Shuckle will be able to use an Eviolite, making it’s defenses even more insane

  8. Alec2cool says:

    Hey Michael, I just discovered your channel a week or so back and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it. It’s a great ride while also being very informative, your personality is a blast. Keep rockin’ on man

  9. Parker says:

    I really want regional forms to be available in other regions, like Paldean forms maybe being available in Kalos since they’re based on places so close to each other in real life.

  10. Pawel 26 says:

    I remember back in the 4th gen wifi battles, a fortress could have been such a pain to battle. It threw hazards on the field, and unless you had a good special attacker or fire type, you could have been in trouble. Luckily for me, I also had allergy to Skarmory so i tended to often carry Infernape or in later years of 4th gen I found a really fun mix Flygon set that I used. If i remember correctly once Garchomp got banned in that generation, i seem to have battled less fortresses.

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