Every Local News Station when Gas Prices go up

Every Local News Station when Gas Prices go up

How many times have you seen this news package? An establishing shot of the gas station, A bunch of clips of someone getting gas, following by a bunch of scary stats about rising gas prices. More at 10!

John Crist is a standup comedian. For more videos, bio or live tour dates, visit http://www.johncristcomedy.com

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42 Responses

  1. Our Kind of Entertainment says:

    I bet the only reason news teams do these segments is because they shoot random footage and get interviews when they’re at the gas station fueling their own vehicles 😂

  2. L says:

    This is even more like local television than local television in terms of accuracy.

  3. Devin Cordell says:

    This is the most accurate portrayal of local news media… that I’ve ever seen. Spot on.

    • Charlie Taylor says:

      You have clearly not watched The Onion News

    • Jot the Dot .. 🍿🥤 says:

      Unfortunately gas prices will continue to go up until you peon Americans stay locked down to save the planet. Democrats artificially raise prices to keep you in your place.

    • Nate OnThe-Radio says:

      @J S. Actually most stations are owned by large corporate companies… there’s some that are locally owned, I know one station that’s locally owned and is currently waiting for the FCC to get permission to buy two FOX affiliates by a regional company (one of the FOX affiliates is in Fargo which is in the same market as WDAY, the other one is in Duluth, MN)… probably best anyway since the only large corporate company that owns two of the four stations (KVLY/KX4) had a merger back in 2006 and is currently owned by Gray TV, which I’ll say Gray TV isn’t bad either… they’re adding two local shows that used to be on WDAY, and one of the shows are going to be shown on a lot of Gray TV Markets! The only one that’s currently local is Forum Communications, they own WDAY along with a lot of Newspaper companies

    • DL Lambert says:

      Watch Orlando FL area channels. 17th listed US 🇺🇸 media market. 📹 They do street interviews with foreigners who were no where near what happened. 🤦🏻‍♂️ They have news casters who editorlize on air too. 🗣

    • J S. says:

      The sad thing is that our ‘local news media’ stations are owned by large corporate conglomerates that tell all of them to do the same story, same pitch, same delivery. It’s really sad. Luckily here we have some awesome news media teams that do the best they can, despite being owned by large corporations. Heck, my hometown’s newspaper in Michigan is owned by some company in KENTUCKY?!?!?! WTH!!!! That is just not right man!

  4. Caleb Olson says:

    Even with gas prices being unaffordable, John still knows how to fuel a good laugh

    • Zombiexm says:

      @Jason Shoots
      Then you have people who have delt with these prices before still going out to buy that truck they “really need” in their life when they’ll use it to haul something two or three times over the life of said truck and in which the truck is just a daily driver.. yet they want to complain about gas prices driving around said truck that barely gets any mpg lol.

    • TheeDeadlyDan says:

      Pun intended

    • Jason Shoots says:

      Gas prices is as they were 16 years ago on the East Coast when I was 27 to 28 years old. Now that my generation is in the early forties, it’s just repeating already. Their children are now at the driving age. Today we’re at our parents’age almost two decades ago. 16 more years from now. Teenagers will be in the early stages of marriage with little children. And then 16 years. From that their children will be almost graduating high school.

    • D Murphy says:

      You sir win the dad joke of the day.

    • Jennifer Lynn Barkley says:

      I just can’t get my fill of his comedy

  5. swaguilar says:

    This dude nailed it 😂 I didn’t think these segments would be so generic for every local news station

  6. ChunkyJo says:

    As a former video editor in news for 10 years, this is 100% accurate.

    • Johnnjlee says:

      @S. Rose We Become What We Behold

    • S. Rose says:

      @Thomas Stuart I am praying for those who have been made to “edit” too much. There is even a video game about the pressure to push narratives. I forget what it’s called, it’s a fun and funny game with that message as an undertone, you need to push the narrative and part of that is what you don’t say and what you distract with. I looked up the video game and while I found, a few with this message, I could not find the one I am thinking of.

    • ChunkyJo says:

      @Thomas Stuart good. I’m glad I finally got out.

    • Thomas Stuart says:

      I went crazy after 2 yrs and quit.

  7. singingmanscott says:

    My Dad was in local TV news in Atlanta for 40 years. He tells many a tale about how they worked a story to make it look and sound much worse than it was. All about ratings and the advertisement dollar….

  8. Karlita K. says:

    The news does tend to exaggerate or fear monger, however, gas prices have increased a lot in a short period of time. It’s hard for those already on a tight budget or have a long commute.

    • ThePastyPrince says:

      @Bill Peschel Bro quit being a fucking sheep. If you voted republican same shit would be happening. Neither side gives a shit about you or your interests, they only care about themselves and their friends pockets. They need you to buy into their facade and they need you too keep hating eatchother like you do democrates. All of america is getting played. Plus the president doesn’t even have that much power, our system is so corrupt that it’s fucked either way.

      We live in one of the least democratic democracys. We truly don’t live in good America anymore.

    • Eric Podell says:

      @Rosco Rosco They just listen to Fox Noise and spew back whatever they’re told. They are low IQ people who don’t want to learn anything other than Biden bad, Trumpo Klown good.

    • Eric Podell says:

      @Jessica Did you notice that a year ago nobody was driving and the economy was in the tank, thanks to Trumpo the Clown. Have you noticed that GDP grew at the fastest pace in decades under Biden. Got it? Now turn off Fox and read something about Russia, underinvestment in oil and economics 101. Got it?

    • Eric Podell says:

      @Rosco Rosco Perpetual information poor children can’t grow up. They are whiny children trapped in adult bodies….usually with bad Trumper beards.

    • Eric Podell says:

      @Bill Peschel Like every Trumper ever born or hatched, you don’t have a clue. But go watch more Fox Noose. Tumpanzees are so funny.

  9. Hyper MCoC says:

    As a chauffeur, gas prices being where they are has taken my income from around 22/hr in 2018 to around 14/hr now. I can live off 22/hr, cant live off of 14/hr. It is catastrophic for me, and many people who drive for a living, but its less of a problem for almost everyone else, still not a welcome change, I’m sure.

    • Jessica says:

      @Bubb You’re so out of touch lol Policies in place have affected the production of domestic energy. Even so, inflation has been hitting records for months prior to this foreign conflict.

    • T gold says:

      You’re buying your own gas as a chauffer?

    • mynamesjudge says:

      @Bubb I don’t watch Fox news.

    • S. Rose says:

      Fat Thor I am sorry this has been so hard for you, could you add upcharges? Like a party box and celebration box package? Then people feel they are getting more if costs rise. Something I had to do was “live on a dime” it’s a YouTube channel. There are tips like never buy juice and only treat cheese as a garnish and flavoring not something to fill up with. Sad but you might get tips from it. Less extreme help could be Financial Peace University, but that’s for people in debt who are more likely to lose their wealth over things like impulse memberships they can’t afford; gym, subs, product clubs, ect. I am so sorry, you’re facing this this hardship, keep repentantly asking God to provide and heal our lands, he will. We knew it would get rough before it got better, truth is coming out. Stay at at peace that God can use this to push you into a better position if you obey what you hear him say, he speaks, hear scripture.

    • Bubb says:

      @mynamesjudge No, inflation is not due to those Fox News factors. It’s a combination of supply chain glitches stemming from the pandemic and ruthless price gouging by ever greedy corporations.

      Do yourself a favor: read. Stop sitting in front of the tv staring at Fox News & its idiotic, uninformed talking heads — who, by the way, are pro-Russian. (I wonder how they can be against abortion but in favor of bombing a maternity hospital?)

  10. Gail Davis says:

    Love it! Even the sound effects are spot on! Looks like an actual news news gas station segment!

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