EVERY major GAME OF THRONES death EVER drawn with hand! (SPOILERS)

EVERY major GAME OF THRONES death EVER drawn with hand! (SPOILERS)

All the characters were drawn with hand by me, I really have no a clue, but I’d say took 150 hours to do all of this

Music by DJ AG

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19 Responses

  1. itay227 says:

    Roose Bolton was poisoned by his enemys

  2. 59seank says:


  3. Shivam Shahi says:

    great work mate. brilliant.

  4. GizmoTheFFF says:

    Bloody awesome, the only thing is you got Roose Boltons death wrong, he was poisoned by his enemies. Hope this goes viral! so creative!

  5. dragonmcmx says:

    This is so meta it’s straight up amazing.

  6. John Briscoe says:

    What a clever thing to do! Your art is phenomenal!

  7. Blaid54 says:

    sandor is alive maaaan

  8. Jeffery Miller says:

    I really got emotional watching… how far we’ve come!

  9. Kellen Donovan says:

    Someone with 16 subs gets #14 on trending. Congrats

  10. A Black Guy Who Wants To End Political Correctness says:

    Alright, alright, you won the Internet. But just for today.

  11. Buzzdash says:

    Damn Lysas must have taken a lot off work good job!

  12. Gamer Girl says:

    Still mad that Rickon didn’t run in a zig-zag

  13. Four Hundred Twenty Pixels+ says:

    Always good to see something different on Trending.

  14. lakamokolaka says:

    “Death by stabbed,” the grammar in this video is the thing that is bothering me the most though. xD

  15. Ur Dank Ass Boi Figment says:

    Remember when George RR Martin’s
    character choked on a wiener?

  16. Andrew Novak says:

    Aw. Sad you didn’t cover the direwolves. 🙁
    But great job, nonetheless!

  17. Irish Identity says:

    Dorne plot crumpled up, lol.

  18. Jimmy Durrell says:

    One of the best things I’ve ever watched

  19. Debra Cecchi says:

    Great Talent, You’re Bound to be a STAR.

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