Every Press Conference Ever (ft. Weird Al Yankovic)

Every Press Conference Ever (ft. Weird Al Yankovic)

Whether your team wins or loses, this is what the press conference sounds like after the game. Every time.

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Cast & Credits
Weird Al Yankovic, Jason Small, Kirk Johnson,
Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Brian Gaar, Kris Betts, John Ramsey, Byron Brown, & Ryan Darbonne

Written & Directed by John Ramsey and David Ward
Produced by Russell Groves, John Ramsey, and David Ward
Edited by David Ward

The Kicker Producer: Brendan McMorrow

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20 Responses

  1. Jesse Dugas says:

    Here from Weird Al’s Instagram, woo!

  2. Zekeriah Jones says:


  3. CossaBros says:

    2:50 – Hey, there’s the Weird Al we all know and love!

  4. SancLunatic says:

    *random unrelated witty comment for likes*

  5. RWHaulbrook says:

    80’s snark is still alive!

  6. Th3 D0ctor says:

    I’m here for Gavin and Burnie…and also Weird Al.

  7. thejoint25 says:

    Weird Al is gold!

  8. WifeBeater Jones says:

    this is fucking great

  9. Line Skis says:

    Weird Al .. King of all Parody

  10. avi saks says:

    I didn’t even recognize it was weird al until halfway through the video

  11. Max Pankau says:

    Then blast it with your Spice Weasel to knock it up a notch.

  12. FlyingOverTr0ut says:

    This is great! All you sports lovers and athletes are the worst people in
    society, and you deserve the worst we can give you! You’re all so stupid,
    thumping your chests at your favorite team! I hope the man gets the ball in
    the goal on my squad next weekend! Haha you sports loving losers.

  13. Daniel Shelton says:

    Did Roosterteeth do this video or something? Was not prepared for them to
    be in it lol.

  14. aradin24 says:

    What the hell are Gavin and Burnie doing in this video, and why weren’t
    they featured alongside Weird Al?

  15. James Grady says:

    So where can I get one of those “City Animals” hoodies?

  16. the artist says:

    So great!!!
    Plenty of room left for a whole series of these!

  17. Kevin McKee says:

    Gavy boy

  18. ArtisanTony says:

    LOL, the most accurate video on YouTube :)

  19. Rhetoric Thug says:

    Society is collapsing, labels coming undone, roles being questioned,
    mocked. Recreational parody.

  20. X-BCW Edits says:

    Lol Gavin