Every Tinder Ever

Every Tinder Ever

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20 Responses

  1. pepsi pig says:

    Girls swipe right on me because they think I’m a dog.

  2. Nerte says:

    This is literally 95 % women on Tinder.

  3. AssholePatrol says:

    Remember, each and every one of these women is completely unaware of how standard she is. Each one will come to Tinder with a canned line about how she’s too good for all of this, completely unaware of the fact that she can be replaced easily.
    But Chipotle is life right?

  4. Donald Trump says:

    *Searches “Venmo”.

  5. J ronnn says:

    Don’t forget… “no hookups” … and “my children are my world”

  6. Gerry Adams says:

    Is this Every Smosh Video Ever or something

  7. Chad Williams says:

    You made world-star welcome to fame

  8. Sir Dios Basado says:

    He forgot the part about all women on Tinder liking to hike for some reason.

  9. Lustrum - 0005 says:

    All Tinder bitches wanna suck cock but they make it sound like they don’t

  10. Captain Katz says:

    How is a joke video on your second channel #6 on trending right now

  11. Coolness Apes says:

    tindr only works if you look like a male model. Otherwise you will only match with a confused transexual

  12. Random Idiot says:

    I’m a catfish. Any takers?

  13. Henry Long Richard says:

    And that’s why I don’t use tinder anymore

  14. joel falcon says:

    Your on the trending page

  15. Trevor Clasper says:

    Literally watching this while on tinder.

  16. Malik & Kalah says:

    Sub to Channle we Sub Back Like when done ๐Ÿ™„

  17. ASR NA says:

    “Like to have fun – drama free no one night stand”

  18. Safar Akell says:

    Tinder: Proof (for the few who needed it) that women do not like sex as much as men do.

  19. Tronic134 says:

    Post on your main channel ๐Ÿ™

  20. Malichan121 says:

    dude what happened to your salmonella academy channel?

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