Every Way to Make Pizza (32 Methods) | Bon Appétit

Every Way to Make Pizza (32 Methods) | Bon Appétit

Is there any other way to make pizza other than boiling it? Wait, there is? Ok, so apparently there’s also oven-baked, cast-iron and microwaved pizza. In fact, Amiel Stanek is here to show us almost every way to make a pizza. We’re betting the waffle iron pizza may be a method to avoid.
Filmed on 2/11-2/12/20

Check out each method here:
Baked Pizza 1:42
Pre-Heated Sheet Pan Pizza 2:30
Twice Baked Pizza 3:13
Pizza Stone Pizza 4:00
Ceramic Tile Pizza 4:38
Baking Steel Pizza 5:21
Crisper Pan Pizza 6:09
Frozen Pizza 6:52
Rack Baked Pizza 7:40
Oven Floor Pizza 8:24
Grilled Pizza 9:02
Baking Steel Grilled Pizza 9:42
Flip Grilled Pizza 10:24
Kettle Grilled Pizza 11:10
Ooni Oven Pizza 11:57
Grandma Style Pizza 12:40
Deep Dish 13:58
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Oven Pizza 15:13
Waffle Iron Pizza 15:53
Pizzazz Plus Pizza 16:55
Breville Oven Pizza 17:44
Stovetop to Oven Pizza 18:31
Stovetop Pizza 19:32
Boiled Pizza 20:33
Deep Fried Pizza 21:30
Steamed Pizza 22:20
Stovetop Oven Pizza 23:08
Pizza Stone Firepit Pizza 23:59
Wood Grilled Pizza 24:36
Camping Pot Pizza 25:17
Easy Bake Oven Pizza 25:55
Microwaved Pizza 26:37
Pizza Cone Pizza 27:23
Dehydrated Pizza 28:19

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Every Way to Make Pizza (32 Methods) | Bon Appétit

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63 Responses

  1. Natasha Majasi says:

    Amiel- “Yes, this obviously looks like a deep fried calzone”

    **Ben enters chat**

  2. Majd Freiji says:

    Amiel when the burger patty is still showing signs of life: “mmmm a bit overcooked to my taste.”
    Amiel when the pizza dough has basically turned into ash: “that crisp tho I love it!”

    • Madi says:

      @Ezequiel Dg He did say he is a heavy smoker and his senses are a little muted in the guess the cheese episode. However he did do well in it….so idk

    • Insert Inconspicuous Name says:

      I mean I understand both, the burgers were ground by him so you don’t have to worry as much about it being brown throughout, so in that scenario leaving it a bit pink in the middle is nice. And with the pizzas, who doesn’t like a little burnt scorch on their pizzas, I mean every brick oven pizza I’ve had has had scorch on it

    • Wizard Level 1 says:

      I definitely started asking questions about Amie’s credentials after that burger episode, and this one does help.

    • Jill Klatt says:

      Haha I thought the same thing!

    • Xbox Yeah says:


  3. Olivia Gallenberger says:

    for the ceramic tiles: make sure they are made to be in an oven. there are specific types of clay that are able to be put in an oven. depending on the material of the tile, the tile may shatter within the oven over time.

    EDIT: i would recommend getting “flameware” ceramic because that is made to be able to be in an oven, otherwise “stoneware” is a good second choice but again it is not necessarily made to be put in an oven over and over

  4. TehKisuka says:

    Hopefully someone reads this… I’d like to point out that the grill grates on the Weber GS4 are on upside down. The flat surface is supposed to be on the top, with the pointed side down toward the flame. This allows for more surface area and allows drippings to flow downward properly.

    • Daniel Costalis says:

      I think 90% of America needs to see this comment. I also think Weber needs to redesign the grill grates so they only go on the proper way.

  5. Erin B says:

    The waffle iron would be better with the toppings inside the dough, like a pressed stromboli

  6. Manny Alfaro says:

    im glad he stopped that fake post-edit eating sound when speaking over his pre-recorded self

  7. Luis Peguero says:

    Claire: Why is the microwave this disgusting?
    Amiel: …

  8. College of Foliage says:

    Amiel: doesn’t like bacon that is even slightly bendy.
    Also amiel: Likes boiled fricking pizza and raw burgers.

  9. Max Aaron says:

    I love how he says “pour a little bit of oil in there” and then proceeds to pour half a big measuring cup. It reminds me of the vine of the lady pouring “2 shots of vodka”

  10. Ben Starzec says:

    anybody else notice that at some point he stopped doing the eating noises in voiceover? not sure when that happened but i just noticed and am hugely relieved

  11. dezza77 says:

    Anyone miss the “ding” sound effect every time they present the result of a method?

    • Aaron Rotenberg says:

      If that that was the sacrifice to avoid the fake munching noises, then that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

  12. Koen Prud'homme van Reine says:

    16:08 *flips waffle iron
    “Oh jeez it is leaking why would that be “

  13. Diaz says:

    ba: Okay Amiel, we’re not allowed to do the chewing thing when you do your voiceovers, the fans hate it, we have to think of something else…
    Amiel: Yum!

  14. Heidi Wren says:

    “We’re gonna get a little bit of flour on this surface”
    *Puts a metric ton of flour on the counter and wonders why theres no colour on it*

  15. Bortex Productions says:

    how come no one commented on him not doing those annoying chewing noises anymore! thank you Amiel you listened

  16. hans says:

    I hope whoever has to clean up after you is getting paid enough.

  17. acid drive says:

    “you can hear the crunch” he says, as the editing team overlays “crunch sound #25” over the footage of him cutting the pizza”

  18. mMeister_5 says:

    Bottom of the pizza: Is literally BLACK.

    Amiel: BEAUTIFUL coloring and development on this crust.

  19. The Piano Guy says:

    Ameil: pizza dumpling.
    Me: you mean a calzone?
    Ameil: deep fried calzone.
    Me: why didn’t you lead with that?

  20. ZinXGaming says:

    Amiel: “Fold it like”

    Me: “oh like a calzone-”

    Amiel: “Like a pizza dumpling”

    Me: Confused pizza noises

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