Every Wedding Speech Ever

Every Wedding Speech Ever

I’ve never been funny before, but I’m gonna go ahead and try it right now, on the most important day of your life!

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TRAPP: http://www.twitter.com/mikewtrapp
RAPH: http://www.twitter.com/chestangraphael
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Katie Marovitch
Ally Beardsley
Brennan Lee Mulligan
Mother – Katy Dore
Father – Steve Brown
Guest – Jessie Hixenbaugh
Wedding Guest 1 – Adam Henry
Wedding Guest 2 – James Tolbert
Wedding Guest 3 – Erika Wilhelm

Director – Michael Schaubach
Writer – Katie Marovitch
Producer – Jessie Hixenbaugh
Production Coordinator – Olivia Aguilar
Editor – Yaniv Elani

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81 Responses

  1. Can we get 1000 subscribers with no videos? says:


  2. Asquad .Meadow says:

    Did Smosh steal this from CollegeHumor or did CollegeHumor steal this from Smosh

  3. Veridian says:

    Who’s gonna be best dealer for Katie’s wedding?

  4. ThnksFrTh TwentyØnePhallØutDiscøs says:

    smosh is *_quaking_*

    • Rafael Flores says:

      ThnksFrTh TwentyØnePhallØutDiscøs they could’ve just named this
      The wedding speech
      Wedding speeches
      But no they intentionally are messing with Smosh XD

    • ThnksFrTh TwentyØnePhallØutDiscøs says:

      Ryden Yeemo aAlexe hi I love your username yes please I wanna be frens yeEEeeEEe (also I stan the coconut sharks in the water reference)

    • ThnksFrTh TwentyØnePhallØutDiscøs says:

      Rafael Flores true they were just doing it for the views

    • Nicolas Flamel says:

      ThnksFrTh TwentyØnePhallØutDiscøs I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but College Humor have had ‘every blank ever’ videos since 3 years ago with ‘Every Youtube Gamer Ever’. So, unless you can find an earlier smosh video, CH are certainly not copying anyone.
      Also, of course they are making videos for views, it is called running a business to get money. What did you expect: them to be making videos purely for the love of comedy?

    • Just me says:

      What IS smosh? Like what is it? What do they do there?

  5. Ken Kaneki says:

    This is so funny, you guys should make a YouTube channel!

  6. Veridian says:

    Being best man for your brother even though you aren’t even close is way too relatable

    • Gigi The Waitress says:

      Almost every wedding I go to it’s like that.

    • Hydqjuliilq 27 says:

      My older brother used to and currently bully’s me in both physical and verbal ways, and he has a super low opinion of me. If he gets married, he would probably make me best man because our mom would make him. I hope he would rather pick one of his dumb-ass friends, but if he does make me best man, I will do exactly what Brennan did.

    • FlyingWonderGirl says:

      My fiancé has his brother as his best man. They’re not close

    • Pls WaLuigi Dom Me says:

      Geoffrey Forbes don’t go than lmao.

    • smokesgtp says:

      I’m trying to identify with not being close to my brothers. I can’t do it…

  7. deathwatch27 says:

    I still Love how Katie always gets her cocaine addiction in her sketches, and she looks pretty

  8. UnPhayzable says:

    Katie’s out here dropping bars

  9. UnPhayzable says:

    This is why I’ll stay forever alone so I won’t make people go through this

    • Will Noodles says:

      nah u just ugly

    • Pink bunny says:

      Or just elope

    • Archelaw says:

      Beyond legal tax evasion is there any point whatsoever to get married in the first place?

      Signing away half your stuff for “forever” is heavily unrealistic standards you place on both parties to not change. Marriage just seems like a stupid bet that a lot of people seem to lose. I see no point in not just living your life peacefully without a potentially expensive arrangement that seems to have little benefits for the horrific consequences available. If i ever did get married i would certainly amend a few things and if i ever loved them at all it’s not like i’d leave them dirt poor on the street with nothing anyways and it’s pathetic that courts have to assume that possibility as a standard for whoever is the primary bread winner of a marriage.

      TL:DR I don’t see enough pros to outweight the cons of a marriage.

    • Uyanga Battulga says:

      UnPhayzable maybe that is just an excuse for you to hide no one loves you 😥😥

      Do not blame wedding speeches

    • Brenton Acorn says:

      Archelaw you know there’s such things as prenups right? Thoes pretty much fix your biggest issue with it all.

  10. Bandit Raccoon says:

    “Everyone would’ve preferred if I wasn’t there”

  11. SylenDraws says:

    Then they immediately get a divorce

  12. It's Thinzy says:

    I don`t

  13. HelloThereDaily says:

    *h e l l o t h e r e .*

    *-I don’t understand why I have 9,225 s u b s !-*

  14. Mr.Rockets says:

    Is this *Black mirror*

  15. You Still Get My Heart Racing says:

    Katie’s dress is so cute!

  16. Justin Y. says:

    Cyke we’re getting divorced in 6 months

  17. John Abbatiello says:

    Making the brother the best man when they barely hang out with each other is never a good move.

  18. KalleOK says:

    hey a new smosh video

  19. thegossipswan009 says:

    I kinda ship Katie & the bride.

  20. Gigi The Waitress says:

    Omg the brother as the best man because of obligation. It’s just so true, I’ve seen that so many time.

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