Every WWE Return on Raw 30th Anniversary

Every WWE Return on Raw 30th Anniversary

Here is every WWE wrestler who returned during the 30th Anniversary of Raw, from Triple H, to The Undertaker to Brock Lesnar.


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35 Responses

  1. Zed anide says:

    If only Undertaker didn’t fully retire, that Wyatt/LA Knight interaction was amazing. Taker and Wyatt could’ve had a partnership similar to Kane and Undertaker where they go on and off being allies and rivals
    Edit: I don’t think people saw the “if only” part

  2. Sarcastic Viner says:

    Watching legends is always delight 🔥
    But Missing four Icons – Bret the Hitman Hart, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mankind

  3. Ma Va says:

    Can’t have 3 decades of Raw without Kane.

  4. David Wilkinson says:

    I absolutely loved the visual when Taker’s gong hit, and just as the lights went out the last thing to turn off was the entrance screens which reflected off of Knight’s glasses and looked like a cartoon version of his eyes going huge and popping out of his head for a second

  5. KDRtheMDDGNS says:

    I love these episodes even though it’s sad that I am so nostalgic mainly because the roster isn’t as strong as it used to be.

  6. Some dude with Shizune as their pfp says:

    shame that they didn’t use the attitude era stage, it would’ve been awesome

  7. Game Time says:

    Looks like it was good use of the legends. Would have loved to see something from Austin, Rock, Bret Hart, Kane, Trish, and Lita as they were huge part of Raw for many years. Jim Ross, Jericho, Big Show, Daniel Bryan, and Mark Henry are in AEW so couldn’t be a part of it. Hardys might still be there too I believe.

    • Jack Swavy says:

      hardy’s are still there, matt is active & jeff is in rehab; the women were really underused for raw 30 but it’s also rumble & mania season so i’m sure most of those top tier legends are coming back for mania (cough cough the rock & stone cold)

      glenn jacobs is hated by alot of people because of some words he said as governor of knox county, but that of course doesn’t stand for kane the character.

      bret hart i’m not sure about i just know he hates goldberg 😂

  8. “The fiend” says:

    We were missing some great legends

  9. Richie says:

    This Episode of RAW was Absolutely Amazing! Undertaker returning as The American Badass was Awesome and Taker passing the Torch to Wyatt was an Incredible Moment!

  10. Rayval Abdi says:

    This video is what has said by Ron Simmons: DAMN!

    RAW just ended and this video has been uploaded

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