Everyone Crashes Randy Orton’s 20th Anniv. Celebration | WWE Raw Highlights 4/25/22 | WWE on USA

Everyone Crashes Randy Orton’s 20th Anniv. Celebration | WWE Raw Highlights 4/25/22 | WWE on USA

Randy Orton welcomes some well-wishers and some not-so-well-wishers. WWE Raw Highlights 4/25/22. Watch WWE Raw Monday nights at 8/7c on USA Network. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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44 Responses

  1. Nicholas Dunlap says:

    Used to hate him when he started, but he really has grown to be a legend of his own. Honestly, can’t wait for another decade of RKO.

  2. Faux Mahcloud says:

    The reunion of Cody Rhodes, and Randy Orton is actually really huge. Especially for those of us who loved and watched WWE in the late 2000’s/early 2010’s when they were in Legacy. One of the best heel factions of all time.

  3. ben ried says:

    Anyone else noticed Ezekiel “sorry to interrupt, that’s not my thing”. …Elias would always get interrupted.

  4. Virg DarkLord of Comics says:

    I swear Randy is that guy, he doesn’t disappoint RKO Outta Nowhere and if you been following him long enough you seen it coming before it even hit lol, love the legacy reunion, warm feeling in the tum tum!!

  5. Dragons Vendetta says:

    God if this is just his 20 year anniversary, I can’t imagine what his retirement will be like, hopefully we don’t have to think about that for a good bit.

  6. Charles2K says:

    best segment on raw in a long time

  7. Andrew Madderra says:

    Was really cool seeing Randy Orton & Cody Rhodes together one more time! Legacy was almost all together again!! And Seth with the Green Ranger vibes with that Drip tho…😂..

  8. Jduke93 says:

    Crazy how fast 20 years goes by. Being just 8 when randy debuted and watching his career. Congrats on 20 years

  9. Anthony Thompson says:

    I hope this time, the WWE gives Cody the chance he truly deserves. He definitely carries himself like a champion

  10. jlomamba says:

    Young Randy
    Evolution Randy
    Legend Killer Randy
    Legacy Randy
    Rated R Randy
    Crazy Heel Randy
    Viper Randy
    World Champion Randy
    and now Mentor Randy

    LEGEND.. Thank you for the 20 years Mr. RKO

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