Everything Epic Didn’t Tell You In Fortnite Season 6! (NEW Crafting, New Items, Map Updates + MORE!)

Everything Epic Didn’t Tell You In Fortnite Season 6! (NEW Crafting, New Items, Map Updates + MORE!)

Today we’re going over everything Epic Didn’t tell you in Fortnite Season 6! There’s huge map changes, the pump is back, every gun works differently, there’s crafting… Hope you enjoy!

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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about the new season 6 live event that just happened in Fortnite!! Today I check out everything Epic didn’t tell you in the new Fortnite Season 6 update! Hope you enjoy!

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73 Responses

  1. Trey Goettemoeller says:

    I feel like epic doesn’t want the Tac and the Pump in the game at the same time

  2. Pnut_Playz says:

    Sypherpk: They reduced sniper ammo to 50

    Also Sypherpk: I don’t want to get sniped
    And also Sypherpk: Oh right theres no snipers in the game

  3. rico rico says:

    Imagine someone who hasn’t played for like 4 seasons there coming back to a whole new game 😂💯

    • Klassic Shadoi •_• says:

      @Hypnostedon The Game doesnt suck just get over it Thats just your opinion and IMO this season Is confusing af but Kinda fun ngl except from the fact that i get OBLITERATED

    • Susan B says:

      Mobile players. 👁👁

    • Hypnostedon says:

      @Klassic Shadoi •_• its just a pve game nowadays. It sucks. Bad weapons, bad locations on the map, worst battlepass ever. IT SUCKS D

    • tristan games says:

      @Ben K. it’s ruined and turned to shit

    • Charlie McGrath says:

      @Isamon Andretti They completely ruined it, it was a beautiful addictive game that everyone played, an amazing map and they destroyed it and made a new terrible one, they got rid of tilted ffs. They got rid of all the guns and replaced them with the new awful game. They destroyed the beautiful thing they made. Rip

  4. Fletcher Briley says:

    So the whole season of recruiting heroes was a waste lmao

    • Homer Simpson without a Face says:

      pretty much

    • GarnetsWeb says:

      Nothing new. Season 3 was never explained with the whole Jules and Midas thing. The GROTTO situation was neve explained either. Collabs became the fall of fortnite, in my opinion. There’s only so much you can do to connect unrelated plot lines.

    • HamadTheDefault says:

      Theory: Multiple versions of jones were sent in the same manner, to fix the zero point, these are all simulations of jones getting sent inside again and again losing memories every other time. The loop. the io has been trying to do it from the very beginning, destroy the zero point, the first jones to be sent had found a way to retain his memories and started the rebellious order of the seven. He went into the other realities which contained jones and brought them back and there were times when it was the opposite gender, and finally the order of the seven was formed. They came into this reality, our fortnite, and foresaw the coming of another jonesy. They waited and waited, but the time of zero point exploding came way too early, creating another reality, chapter 2, the seven are currently trying to find a way to get to the new reality. Btw for the people who want extra news, remember when the “the visitor” created some logs telling about the launch of the rocket, i think its a bit similar to the logs jonesy is making right now.

    • HamadTheDefault says:

      I made this theory around a month ago, didnt even know this was kinda related to it…i kept editing the comment though at the end

    • Professor burger Fan says:

      The heroes were in the game so they could 2 seconds each in the season 6 trailer

  5. Johnny Krafty says:

    The reason we all wanted the early seasons back is because they had simplicity. This is the complete opposite

  6. Eyal Farber says:

    He didn’t talk about the fact that they took out bouncers

  7. Typical Besties says:

    This season is just confusing

  8. zertexx 74 says:

    I dislike this season just for the reason that epic made it all about crafting

  9. Ivynx says:

    “Everytime a new update comes around Sypher makes at least 1 mil”

  10. Julian Maiden says:

    Is it just me or is it so hard to hit shots with the new rifel

    • Konstantinos says:

      For me it is not. The only drawback is that even if you can’t still the weapon doesn’t have the accuracy that older rifled had.

  11. Simon King says:

    “I’m finding a pretty sweaty player”

    My thoughts in EVERY SINGLE GAME!

  12. jhhv_5 says:

    Epic: posts everything in the new season
    Sypher: doesn’t seem like everything

  13. Mr Cybusy says:

    I’ve just started playing again, in my minimal experience of the current state of the game, I feel like epic can’t come up with anything that original anymore. I have no problems with games taking ideas and making it slightly different but to do it so many times that it starts to feel like a totally different game? I did enjoy playing this new season because of the weapons and the reduction of un-original items was a nice change to the game. I feel like it might be heading slowly into the right direction. I also miss a battle pass that is completely full of original items. They keep adding so many skins that are not owned by epic and it is getting very boring. I know it is about money but epic is a multi billion dollar company, how much skins do you need to add that are sponsored? I’m sure they are not paying you 100s of millions for them. Maybe instead of the battle pass add it in the store. Any other opinions? I want to create an open discussion where people can share their thoughts without any toxicity. Have a great day 👍

    • Hassan Khan says:

      Its the worst season lol

    • KeyFn says:

      no bro marvel paid epic years ago to make a season of them, they definitely played millions if u ask why then remember when they sign that contract Fortnite was the top game ever created, so it’s not unoriginal they are just getting their bag. they decided to make 1 season of it and another season for all the other sponsors. so the game is not that repetitive for too long, and they also made it so it fits the story.

    • Jazzy says:

      This season was trying too hard to be different in my opinion , I don’t really like this one and It feels somewhat similar to the new chapters intro , being introduced rapidly into a new world in which there are too many new features to deal with , I think fortnite needs to remember that less is more , and leave the game as it was , last season had enough features for me in my opinion .I feel like it’s kinda time to move onto other games for a bit until next season where they hopefully change things up again (for the better )

  14. ImPhares says:

    I feel like the game keeps getting more complicated next season we’re gonna see who can solve a math equation faster to win the game

  15. w1nd forc3 says:

    he’s trying to act normal but like the rest of us hes dying inside because of this update

  16. Chilly says:

    When the tower in the middle looks like a Clash of Clans Wizard tower

  17. Piece control Kyle says:

    If I only had one word to describe this season it would be:

  18. Hello :D says:

    Sypher: gets battle pass and a win

    Me: still waiting for it to update 😔

  19. To Have [S]EX With Me T[A]P Me!! says:

    Is it me or every season we go straight to sypher to see what’s going on?

  20. To Have [S]EX With Me T[A]P Me!! says:

    The game doesn’t feel enough like fortnite. I’m getting serious realm royale vibes

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