Everything GREAT About Spider-Man: No Way Home! (Part 1)

Everything GREAT About Spider-Man: No Way Home! (Part 1)

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No Way Home! Spider-Man 3 but no that one. Pretty widely loved, but I bet I found some stuff to love you didn’t even know you loved! This is Part 1, Part 2 will be here next week! Here’s everything right with Spider-Man: No Way Home!

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52 Responses

  1. CinemaWins says:

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    • Alessh 77 says:

      You really need to clarify it’s 15$ per year not for 15 minutes 😆

    • Abigail W says:

      @Sam it’s not a dollar a minute, it’s 15$ for a year of both curiosity stream and nebula and his video just happens to be 15 minutes

    • Alex Toro says:

      @Sam you get access to the entire curiosity stream library and its 15 dollars for the year so i would say its at worst $1 per minute

    • Sylvia Arbie says:

      As much as I wanna, stupid American sites only allowing credit card payments block me from ever being able to pay for this stuff, where I’m from a debit card is the norm, and credit cards are super expensive and 99.99% of the time not worth it

    • Steeve Rogers says:

      do the batman please

  2. maccas says:

    The woman who tries to grab MJ and then claims Spider-Man hit her after he stops her is the best villain in the MCU. People actually do that in real life and it’s infuriating.

  3. FrequentUser99 says:

    Honestly didn’t expect this EGA this soon, but I’m not going to complain. This was definitely a video we were all waiting for!

  4. Fletcher Reed says:

    I really appreciate the balance the movie struck with the other Peters and villains. My biggest fear was that they would either barely show up or steal the movie away from the main characters, but no. They all have plenty of screen time, but it’s very much still MCU Peter’s movie.

    • Jeremy Adler says:

      This! Honestly, while I’m hyped for Multiverse of Madness, I’m a TOUCH concerned that they won’t have the same balance that this film had. However, having said that, I’m not TOO worried, as No Way Home and Civil War have both shown us that they know how to do fanservice, but only in service of the main character and their stories. I’m pretty sure it’ll be the same for Multiverse 🙂

  5. Leo Phoenix says:

    This movie is such a love letter to Spider-Man!!!! I loved how all the characters were treated, my biggest fear was that Tobey, Andrew and the villains were just going to be treated as fan service. But they all had their own little arcs in this movie.
    Andrew was able to save MJ after failing to save Gwen. And Tobey stopped Peter from taking a life, something Tobey failed to do with Uncle Ben’s killer. Each villain had their own moment to shine. Sorry for how long this will be, but Spider-Man is my favorite Hero ever!!!
    And I can’t believed how well Marvel was able to pull this off. They brought back all these characters from different Spider-Man movies and was still able to tell it’s own story for Tom’s Peter/Spider-Man. Willem Dafoe will never stop scaring me with his Green Goblin. Alfred Molina was just as threating and Complex as he was in Spider-Man 2. Jamie Foxx wasn’t blue and had some of the best lines and jokes in the movie.
    I’m so excited to see where they take Tom’s Peter next, I LOVE THE MCU!!!!
    P.S. was not expecting Charlie Coxx to be in this movie “I’m a really good Lawyer” Still gets me.

    • DarkKnightofAnime says:

      @prufan I mean I can’t speak for everyone but for me it’s one of those things that is just a little too goofy even by comic book standards and I know how odd that sounds given his original costume design but some things just don’t translate well from page to screen

      Kinda like the idea of Mysterio being an android/ robot or whatever it is they did to him in the ultimate universe

    • prufan says:

      what’s wrong with electro being blue? He was in ultimate Spiderman

    • CNgotham says:

      I mean other then the lizard he kinda had nothing in the story.

    • Eternal Thunder says:

      Yeah the stakes for this movie were HIGH . They could’ve messed up bad bad . But they didn’t . The movie was quite good . Not as good as Infinity War or Endgame for me , but it was great.

      Also , Jamie Fox not being blue being used as a plus point to the movie is literally the best thing I’ve read in a while lol 😂😂

    • powwboy says:

      I also love that in the OG Spider-Man movie, you can tell that right as Peter lets the glider hit Norman and he passes away, it just crushes him. He immediately hangs his head in shame, and you feel like in NWH he finally gets redemption for that moment, in a way.

  6. Eric R. says:

    When I watched it in theatres, we cheered when Charlie Cox appeared. I like this new green goblin outfit. It allows Willem Dafoe to go all in with the facial expressions.

    • Gage Taylor says:

      @Samuel Barber I like the design and it shocks me that people hated it. It was a unique take on his look. Also I think he did better with the mask on because he still terrified you even through the mask. They could have put a mask on anybody and called him the green goblin but it’s just Willem’s acting that takes over every single time. Besides, people shouldn’t be complaining anymore because now he’s got a movie without the mask. And he’s still just as terrifying so I don’t think it made much of a difference.

    • Samuel Barber says:

      Giving him the mask was just a mistake. You cast a man who actually looks like a real life Goblin and you cover his face up for the Goblin scenes? It would be like casting him as the Joker and never showing his face. Not to mention how good of an actor he is with his facial expressions.

    • Vesper84 says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with the facial expressions. The goblin mask honestly robbed of true sinister nature and psyco that Green Goblin is. Being able to see his face adds a whole new layer to it all.

    • Ivan Duarte says:

      Seeing Charlie again made me instantly relive “I BEAT YOU!” from Daredevil, and I was so happy to see him again

    • Someone says:

      The mask in og was because the directer didnt think dafoe could pull it off with the facial animations

  7. Mii Joji says:

    “We truly live in good times. For movies. Everything else is going to crap” couldn’t have said it better

    • Aegix Drakan says:

      Oh yeah, that’s a mood and a half.

      2022 has been especially bad for me, on top of all the horrible shit going on in the world.

    • Captainpep says:

      @Kate Archer as bad as it is for the Ukrainians, at least they have hope, which other parts in history can’t say they had. There are a lot of problems today and I won’t deny them, but it could be worst. It HAS been worst

    • Kate Archer says:

      @Captainpep not from Ukraine, r u

    • Captainpep says:

      I mean, life now compared to anytime in history is actually not all that bad

    • Kate Archer says:

      Yes, but when you hear it from the main optimist of the internet… It’s like there’s no hope left

  8. BlueFoxDA The Commenter says:

    Spider-Man: No Way Home takes the idea of multiple Spider-Man universes combining and perfects it by focusing on universes we know and love. This is seriously the most amazing thing that Marvel has ever put together, and we know they have made so many great and immaculate films. Not only is it an amazing Marvel movie, its just a stunning movie in general. Would watch it again, if I could. 10/10

  9. Alex says:

    It’s insane that Willem DaFoe is the greatest Spiderman villain across almost over decades

  10. Phillip Crawford says:

    The great thing about No way home is that is satisfies both lovers and haters of the Tom Holland spiderman

    If you like him, then this is probably his best movie yet.
    If you hate him (And have a high possibility of having called him iron boy jr), this movie is good in completing his origin story and making him Spiderman.

    • CNgotham says:

      @Fogmoz I feel like this next trilogy will show a better tom Holland Spidey.

    • Hychro says:

      @David Rosenberg Maguire

    • Tommyy says:

      @David Rosenberg Tobey

    • Fogmoz says:

      Yep. I like Tom as a person/actor, but I’ve really not been a fan of his Peter. Whiny little zoomer hung up on Tony – a guy who, despite Marvel’s best attempts to make him seem fatherly – didn’t _actually_ interact with Peter all that much. The relationship always felt forced to me, and mopey “I miss Tony” Peter felt like it was supposed to resonate with Iron Man fans more than Peter’s character.

      No Way Home finally feels like it brings Peter up to the caliber of the other Spideys, and I’m here for it. The tragic loss of someone who really was close to him, the “great responsibility” speech, sacrificing personal happiness to protect the ones he loves… welcome home, Peter.

    • Arkham Red says:

      @David Rosenberg yeah that part

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