everything is changing

everything is changing

Amazing song at the end;

Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music : http://hyperurl.co/u837oj

Intro song:
AllttA – AllttA (20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros) – https://soundcloud.com/alltta

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36 Responses

  1. Moejii - says:

    Omg Francine sounds more and more like candice

  2. vlog_forshort says:

    Wow, if your family changes every time a new person comes into it, think of how many times the Duggar family has changed holy crap now think of all the videos on change they would have made if they were vloggers holy double crap

  3. Deepak Soowamber says:

    When Casey says:’And back at the airport”, it feels like an old friend saying Hello. Airport vlogs are awesome

  4. Adam Senior says:

    While it’s natural to be scared of change, you should never let that fear keep you from making changes.

  5. Schmmores says:

    This video was so well done! I love how he started that interview of talking about change and then comes back to it at the end. Absolutely brilliant Casey.

  6. Daniel Byrd says:

    The Taxis number was (1)368 🤯

  7. Diego Pedroza says:

    I just moved to America, so the big change theme hit close to home. Encapsulating a feeling with images and sounds so effectively is not an easy thing. Great filmmaking, Casey. Thank you for the constant inspiration. x

  8. Lincoln Riddle says:

    Who thinks we get a “Her Water Broke 2.0” video in the coming months?!

  9. RIP NINGA says:

    Please keep making videos, even just sitting down talking with little editing is still great with ur personality

  10. Go Gather says:

    You’re scared…imagine Candice, she has to push that boy/girl out of her hooha

  11. Yo Kidz says:

    My favorite scenes starts from here 6:03

  12. Justin Burgan says:

    Change is Everything!

  13. Allen Reid says:

    Why did I think by “changes” this video was going to be about the new full frame Canon mirrorless camera that everyone else is putting out today?

  14. Sit Stand Walk says:

    0:47 great shot, but jeez, show some respect for your fellow travellers, you nearly hit the dog.

  15. Oni Ologeanu says:

    i thought this was the move to LA change

  16. Happy Facts Lifestyle says:

    That moment when the baby comes will be magical, especially when Casey sees his reflection in the shades the baby has on. 😋 Congrats, love this channel and awesome you guys have a little one coming soon

  17. Wiara says:

    Casey’s creativity is simply out of this world…

  18. babyteeth4 says:

    Franny is going to be an awesome big sister!

  19. Oliver J Hughes says:

    Started bawling when you did that little Francine montage – my wife just had our second little girl in April and it, like you are anticipating, changed everything. I mourn the sweet times with just my first little girl who is 4 now, but at the same time, I spend more intentional time with her since the baby has forced action there. Change is good, hard, and beautiful all at once and babies are the sweetest and most ruthless forces on the earth.

  20. Andrew MadeAFilm says:

    The way that Casey maintains simultaneous narratives and merges them into one cohesive message is so impressive.

    His command of storytelling is so layered – despite his massive success I still think he’s underrated, and still learning and adapting his style. It’s awesome to watch his process as well as his content.

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