Everything Is Stupid – “Fortnite” Addiction | The Daily Show

Everything Is Stupid – “Fortnite” Addiction | The Daily Show

Ronny Chieng takes a look at whether “Fortnite” addiction really is the worldwide problem some people are saying it is.

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85 Responses

  1. Diplomatic Diplomer says:

    Time to play some fortnut on mah piss4

  2. Jaman Varrier says:

    I love the daily show ????

  3. BTS ARMY AnimeShadow19 says:


  4. Zoe M says:

    When he said bingeing Marvelous Miss Maisel, i felt personally attacked ??

  5. Star Cherry says:

    Lol still not going to acknowledge that floss move in YT Rewind?

  6. Denise Gill says:

    This is bs. My kids ply the game but we don’t spend money on it and they have days/times of game play. I tell my kids that too much if anything is bad for you. They listen and do as told. Maybe more parents need to parent and stop just letting the game system watch the kids.

    • Kelly says:

      I agree with you 100%%%%%. Kids will do as told bc parents are the ones in control. If you don’t want your kids to play video games then don’t buy it for them. Where r they gonna get the money??? I mean come on, what we need is to teach our kids how to become responsible, kind adults. Make them do some chores and earn their gaming time, make them get a job and pay for their auto insurance. Instead of giving them a hand out, how about we prepare them for real life. Be a parent and your kids will thank you

    • Orion Foresee says:

      True. Parents need to realize they have the power to turn it off (not just the system but also the internet).

      But what about all of the adults playing 20 hours a day? It’s not 200 million kids playing.

      Someone needs to help Ronny Chieng out; the dude’s got a problem. This whole story was a cry for help.

    • gooberweevil says:

      What big billion dollar corporations love is keeping us all fighting in the edges of hyperbole. Blaming it all on other parents is not healthy and blaming it all on the one game itself is silly as well. Fortnite doesn’t necessarily create addiction… but it exploits addictive tendencies with gambling mechanisms and tailored grind loops. It’s silly to blame it all on games, but it’s also silly to dismiss the shady gambling structure practices of a lot of our video game publishers. Other countries have woken up and have made a lot of the predatory practices found in games like Fortnite illegal. You wouldn’t put your child in a casino room full of slot machines and say “hey you can pull on this particular lever every hour as long as you play. maybe you’ll get a fancy reward… oh those other machines… well you could pull their levers whenever you want… and the chance is greater for unique rewards but it’ll take some real world money…. just focus on pulling this one every hour on the hour…”

    • TX says:

      +gooberweevil While the game is primarily based on luck (what guns are on the ground, chest loot, where you have to go, etc.) there are is no luck when it comes to getting skins and other cosmetics. You do have to buy skins in the store however or buy the battle pass. There is nothing that you can buy that will truly affect advantages and disadvantages in the actual gameplay except for darker skins which is probably the only advantage to buying things. The cosmetics are only to look different. If you don’t want your kid to buy anything, I am pretty sure you can restrict access to paying for things if it is child account on Xbox. There is most likely another way to do this for adult accounts but not to my knowledge. A better example of random chance for getting things that give an advantage and you have to pay for was Star Wars Battlefront 2 on the PS4/Xbox.

    • A Potato says:


  7. AA GAMING YT says:

    who else didnt even relize trevor was there

  8. Jon says:

    Dopamine is dopamine is dopamine…

  9. Millicent Tantheta says:

    I don’t even understand the concept of Fortnite. I’ve seen people play it . What’s so interesting about it ?

    • gozzilla177 says:

      +M A I was describing it to a person who may not know the experience of another PvP game. Or possibly games at all.
      I find it best to put it into terms that someone with no experience could understand!

    • M A says:

      +gozzilla177 okay no problem.

    • Kevin B says:

      strong competition,teamplay or soloplay, ever changing battlefield, players forced to get close to others after some time so you need to adapt often and there is many fun features. the game can be played seriously or you can just go completely crazy (by building weird shits,by walking in the sky or hidding yourself in weird bushes etc…)
      there is also a pro scene so kids good at it can have prospects

    • Eric Zetterlund says:

      All these comments in here.. No that sounds terrible! Its a cartoon battle royale first person shooter? K, yeah, no. RPG’s all damn day, yes.

    • John C John says:

      M A I never thought something this bright and colourful would be taken seriously in anything other than mobile. So wrong.

  10. Nery Cabrera says:

    Next thing you know, people are going to sell “detoxifying” liquids to “cleanse” people of gaming toxicity.

  11. Asa Coe says:

    Don’t spend your money on fortnite, spend your money on this guy, at his camp.

    “I don’t understand how video games work, so therefore they must be addictive.” ….


    • DOEboy06k says:

      I love how they first say videogames are bad and addicting. So lets use it to trap kids into the army

    • LuLeBe says:

      Well honestly spending money on fortnite seems indeed way more stupid than giving it to this guy. I can have fortnite for free, so why pay? At least kids should learn that just buying that fancy clothing doesn’t make you better.

  12. Brian Ngoma says:

    As usual, the problem isn’t the game, it’s the people playing it who lack any self control. And yet people will blame video games anyway.

    EDIT: So reading the replies, I will concede to the fact that some games and apps are designed to make you spend as much time on them as possible. However, in the case of Fortnite, it’s just a standard battle royale. Last man standing wins. There doesn’t appear to be anything malicious behind the concept. My point in my original comment was to call out people who will use this piece of news as ammunition to fire against video games, when the problem is less the video game and more on how people react to it. Hope this cleared some things up.

  13. Michael Abia says:

    LOL, drop fortnite on ISIS. i’m dying ???.

  14. Nkululeko Zungu says:

    I love how Trevor shares his seat of fame at The Daily Show with others…Its just beautiful! Keep it Trevor, you doing a great job.

  15. Ladygothii12 says:

    You know it’s actually very possible that it’s the wife playing fortnight……

  16. Culture Atika says:

    Ronny Cheng is just one hell of a comedian. This is serious humour, just the best way to describe. So intense. ??

  17. Ced Mc says:

    boy these white ppl try and solve everything but the right thing

    • Commenter Person says:

      White people? What is white people?

    • John C John says:

      Some people don’t just can’t find the fking OFF button on the fking monitor. Own your kids, people.

    • Commenter Person says:

      What if I said: “boy these _Mexican immigrants_ try and cross everything but the right gate”.

      Do you see the obvious issues with the above sentence?
      1 – Capitalize first word.
      2 – Missing comma after “boy”.
      3 – Missing full-stop/period mark.
      4 – Missing comma after “everything”.
      5 – Using “and” instead of “to” –> “try to solve”

      Oh yeah, I excluded “Mexican immigrant” from the list because I think that you are too stupid to understand the underlying detrimental implications.

      – @0:10, I heard “people”, and not “white ppl”.
      – @0:21, I heard “experts”, and not “white ppl”.
      – @0:23, I heard “behavioural health experts”, and not “white ppl”.

  18. Shams Omair says:

    I get addicted to studying all the time but no one told me that’s bad

  19. organicgrains says:

    1. Play Fortnite with your wife, then you won’t have to worry about it. 2. Gah, can we stop blaming everything else for our problems already this is getting ridiculous.

    • organicgrains says:

      +Ingrid P XD People spend their free time in any number of ways. An adult who chooses to unwind by playing a video game is no different from one who chooses to unwind with a trip through wine country or going skydiving. Not everyone can afford to “relax” and video games offer a cheaper alternative to vacation.

    • organicgrains says:

      +R R My S/O and I play World of Warcraft together definitely my best teammate haha.

    • Sebbley says:

      its not the Videogames,

      its the Mexicans!!


    • Commenter Person says:

      +Ingrid P What about adults that make video games?
      To make a great game, one has to have/be-in the right “mindset”.
      So, what about a partner that makes video games?

    • Coolmaster X says:

      +Ingrid P Ingrid is obviously old…and a snob.

  20. cole fresques says:

    Children need a parent who is smart enough to limit their child’s video game time. The children don’t need rehab, they need good parents!

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