Everything Wrong With 10 Cloverfield Lane In 10 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With 10 Cloverfield Lane In 10 Minutes Or Less

This Cloverfield “cousin” or “sequel” or “whatever” basically has nothing to do with Cloverfield, but it’s still an entertaining little film. Here are its sins.

Next week: Sins of a modern animated “classic” and sins of an 80’s sci-fi movie.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. Alistral says:

    My thoughts when the credits rolled up
    *Insert Ron Burgundy*
    “Boy, that escalated quickly”

  2. ColonelShaw52 says:

    Something I thought while watching the film that isn’t a sin, but sort of
    interesting; they really shaved his beard for the prosthetic burn makeup
    later, but the way his character is, you think it’s for creep factor,
    because he’s trying to be more of a father figure towards her.

  3. Necromancer King says:

    Add one more sin for Jeremy sining this movie

  4. Thomas Donald says:

    This takes place in Texas, not Louisiana.

  5. Matiss Matrozis says:

    It’s time to make Everything Wrong With Purge : Election Year

  6. Antonis K says:

    dude wtf when are you going to do fucking civil war????????????????

  7. Redmond Silverfield says:

    How does 5:53 not equal a sin redacted?

  8. Liger Tigon says:

    So i used to live like 20 minutes from Lake Charles, and there is not a
    sign in NOWHERE L.A that points this way Houston this way Baton Rouge.

  9. tron1977 says:

    the hatch to the ventilation room was jammed from the inside. That’s why
    she had to craw through the ducts. So that’s not a sin. The sin is why
    didn’t she un-jam it once she was in the room and leave that way, instead
    of climbing back through the ducts.

  10. Kasperr The Unicorn says:

    Everything wrong with Cinema Sins in 9 hours or more.

  11. Trenton Barnes says:

    Do captain America civil war

  12. Davis Deckerr says:

    Can someone explain the Eiffel Tower joke, I saw somthing about a tit job
    but it foesent look like that at all, is she a former porn star or

  13. Jose Godinez says:


  14. Emmanuel Green says:

    You missed the fact that she was able to turn on the car that the lady left
    with the lights on, that cars battery would’ve been long dead, lol

  15. noherczeg says:

    Movie was shit and that’s all.

  16. historybuff5341 says:

    No ‘Roll Credits’ for when she knocks over the mail box with the ’10
    Cloverfield Lane’ address?

  17. EmbraceTheNight138 says:

    That whole thing about the filtration system makes me feel like you were
    just looking for things to sin. Like a minute earlier he tries to get
    through the hatch that leads into that room and it’s blocked. If anything,
    that’s what should be sinned.

  18. CLR0727 says:

    Ok. how is this movie connected to Cloverfield (2008), cause i just can’t
    see a connection

  19. Serpents Blight says:

    They kept going back and forth trying to make you guess if Goodman was evil
    or not, but if he wasn’t evil why would he have a room that only lock from
    the outside and a pair of handcuffs in his bunker? If you’re observant it’s
    obvious immediately.

  20. Gage Farris says:

    I can’t wait for your Ghostbusters video…. I will be counting the days
    aaah oh how I will be counting.