Everything Wrong With A Quiet Place In 13 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With A Quiet Place In 13 Minutes Or Less

A Quiet Place is a great movie! We loved it. But like all movies, it still has sins, so we did what we do and pointed them out in a video.

Thursday: Adventure sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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92 Responses

  1. Hal Barwick says:


    • CJ Johnston says:

      I don’t think you get it, Hal. Though obviously it’s never stated, it’s pretty clear why they don’t go live by the waterfall. First off, noise – sure, aliens would have a harder time hearing them, but when the aliens got closer and thereby became more able to hear them, they would be unaware. From what I saw, it’s got woods around it, meaning it’s way easier for the aliens to sneak up on them. Second off, housing. I mean sure, they could just build a whole new house over there, but it would be slow, risky, and pointless. They have an excellent setup at the farm – why risk everything by moving? And can you imagine the enormous risk of all those trips carrying all their stuff? Third, it wouldn’t actually be a foolproof way of staying hidden. The aliens can pick up all kinds of noises, but it seems pretty obvious to me that they censor out the “regular” ones so they don’t get overwhelmed by hundreds of noises constantly. But if the family went to the waterfall, they wouldn’t be able to see any aliens coming, certainly couldn’t hear them, and would be wet and deafened and miserable. Add in the fact that they had a preestablished and pretty sweet setup at the farm and it’s no surprise that they stayed there

    • Hal Barwick says:

      CJ Johnston I was gonna write a stupid comeback but you actually make a lot of good points so, well played- it takes a lot to distract me from being an idiot

    • MARVEL and EVERYTHING Else says:

      DUMB. ASS. YOU DONT HAVE. ANY F@#KING BRAIN. WATCH CinemaWins video of this movie you dumb two timer.

    • Chase says:


    • The Best says:

      +MARVEL and EVERYTHING Else strong fan much? movie sucks btw

  2. Ronald Rump says:


    Everyone in the comments: hur dur just shoot it reeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Lachlan Robertson says:

      .50 cal doesn’t give a fuck about whatever natural armour you could possibly comer up with.

    • Umber Nights says:

      Lol, no one seems to notice this. It also mentions they came from meteors in one of the newspapers, which means that they survived a huge amount of force, nothing we can do would really beat that. (Though the military should’ve found their weakness pretty quickly)

    • LegenDarius says:

      +Umber Nights I always think it’s kind of bullshit that the military would ever get ran over by any of these apocalyptic situations. Like zombies, aliens, these monsters. It would be taken care of in a matter of days.

    • The_BIGFriv says:

      +LegenDarius Zombies I dont know.
      Depends on the kind.

      Aliens also depends on if they have technology better than us.

      And monsters would depend if they are supernatural or not.

    • Abraxyn says:

      +Soviet Clutch I mean these things seem pretty agile, its possible they could have been a very difficult target to hit with a tank of all things

  3. Stormy Zormy says:

    Damn only 72 sins for a 2 hr movie. first for cinema sins

  4. Jordan Garcia says:

    Why not throw the axe *away* from the children hiding in the car to cause a diversion instead of committing alien suppoku

  5. gage hogg says:

    all the bags of chips are there becuase if you open them its too loud?

  6. YoshiBlitZ The First says:

    This movie made it hard to eat my Snacks in the theater.

    Very Hard

  7. Art Child says:

    Uhhh, for sin seven….. CANDY BAGS MAKE NOISE

  8. TheTrueTerrydactyl Youtube says:

    Uhm pardon me but no one grabbed the candy/nuts or bottles of medicine because they were *too noisy*

  9. Dominic Villanueva says:

    It is about time, now all that’s left is infinity war and venom

  10. Blaze Incendio says:

    There was a freaking women next to me trying to open a bag of chips the whole movie

  11. Rutuj Bhatt says:

    Legend says that if they played any of Jake Paul’s songs, they could have scared the creature away

  12. Justin Vincent says:

    10:34 Why couldn’t he just throw the axe in the field to make noise somewhere else? Like that one scene from Harry Potter hiding from that Basilisk in the sewers.

    • DarkVitamins says:

      It’s a one-off and then they would be back to breathing and attracting attention.

    • Umber Nights says:

      DarkVitamins Well, they’ve proved that breathing isn’t exactly a problem if you aren’t gasping like a fucking idiot. But even if it was, he should’ve thrown the axe into the other tools, which would create more noise and when the creature attacked and pushed more tools around, even more noise

  13. Antonio Martinez says:

    I’m surprised that you didn’t add a sin in the end with their plan to kill the monsters. I mean don’t tell me you never thought about their stock of ammo because they’re gonna run out eventually and then they’re going to be f**ked.

  14. Emperor Jerktog says:

    You forgot the sin when it said associated with Michael Bay

  15. Hashim Ahmed says:

    It’s funny cuz my dad said these exact same things when we originally watched the movie. Especially the fact as to WHY you would even think to conceive a child in a post apocalyptic alien world.

    • celebralbore says:

      Yes! I don’t even understand how they had sex. HOW!?

    • blupunk01 says:

      +celebralbore Same way you have sex as a teenager with your parents sleeping in the same house…very quietly.

    • Artem Bentsionov says:

      Can’t repopulate the human race with less than half a dozen related people, no matter what a certain book says. Genetics is genetics. You’d need at least 500 if you want a stable long-term population.

    • Isaias Tzinztun says:

      So you’re asking why would you consider creating offspring when the human population is almost gone?

    • RichyDYupYup says:

      With that theory, why wouldn’t you just go ahead and kill yourself straight away if you had no desire to replicate your genes and continue the human race?

  16. It's_ Alex says:

    1. People left behind all the packaged food because opening them and eating them would make noise
    2. The movie clearly shows the viewers a huge sand deposit so that they know where they get all their sand from to use for the pathways
    3. They leave the doors open in their house to avoid creaking so that’s how the creature entered silently

    • Adam _ says:

      sls slc like I said…. the nail was clearly down into the wood and when her bag got caught on it, it ripped the nail up…. it shows this scene in the movie. Have you seen it? Lmao

    • sls slc says:

      +Adam _ yes ive seen it, i know the nail wasnt originally sticking up like that, but the way you build stairs, it would be the head of the nail, not the sharp end sticking up. so still there’s no reason for that nail to be where it is with its sharp end in that direction.

    • Dargonhuman says:

      +Adam _ Have you ever seen anyone put a nail in the middle of a wooden stair backwards like that? I know I haven’t.

    • That guy who's done with McDonalds says:

      The aliens are still blind. They don’t care about doors. If they are coming for their prey, and there’s a wall in the way, they won’t find doors to enter the house, they’ll literally tear through the wall, the reason why number 3 is still sinnable is that the alien actually did walk through a door when the alien was logically supposed to make a hole in the wall trying to find the mother who made noise.

    • Daniel Epson says:

      The only explanation for the nail, is if the stairs were built with repurposed boards, and they used one that had a nail in it.

  17. Alex Butterfield says:

    The monsters wouldn’t need to care about the noises of the leaves because the wind would still make them make noise, so one would assume that they would eventually tune out the noises of the leaves, especially after 400 or so days.

  18. Wiggly Toes says:

    How do blind aliens run through the woods at full speed? Can they hear the trees, or would they run directly into them?

    • Soul Evans says:

      +retsaM innavoiG I think that trap would make a lot of noise so it would lure even more creatures :/…also how you wanna keep them in the trap? Those creatures are quick af and can jump quite high and hydraulic pistons aint really fast 😀

    • Saiyanfang10 says:

      +Soul Evans They Chase sound hence the speakers the speakers are constantly blasting they’re gonna stay in the Room looking for the thing that’s making the sound but it’s an electronic that’s making the sound not something alive that it can eat

    • Memorra Sylver says:

      Have you never seen daredevil?

    • dbachos says:

      +Memorra Sylver then why can’t the they use echo location to “see” the humans?

    • Memorra Sylver says:

      +dbachos Ask their creator, best I can do it offer weak theories based on the same info you have. I have no desire to wrack my brain coming up with solutions for you only to have you retort in a negative manner. Simple answer, because plot.

  19. John Christopher says:

    Saw this three times in the theater (RIP Movie Pass!) and each time, the whole audience was silent. Like not even eating popcorn. Second best theater experience (seeing Gravity in 3D in an otherwise empty theater was number 1).

  20. CkbGames says:

    I was expecting you to bring the word “demigorgon” from stranger things lmao

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