Everything Wrong With Ant-Man and the Wasp

Everything Wrong With Ant-Man and the Wasp

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Ant-Man and the Wasp is a bit of harmless fun. Or something. It has mad sins, though.

Thursday: some older comic book movie sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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62 Responses

  1. Scott W says:

    We need Luis to recap the journey to Endgame. Actually I’d listen to Luis recap pretty much anything.

  2. ManThatYouFear says:

    You let me down cinema sins dude.

    Not once did you question why in the first movie the helmet was so important and without that tech you’d go mad, see the end boss “the yellow jacket”

    But in this they are driving round in shrunk cars, in shrunk buildings and he walks round a school the size of a child with no protection.. and not once does anyone give a fuck about turning into a bad guy.

    • Handsome With The Handgun says:

      feathero3 fuck off

    • Timothy Rodowicz says:

      +Handsome With The Handgun the fuck is your problem? Someone shit in your tuna sandwich? Did you wake up today and just decide to be a dickhead to a random person for literally no reason? Fucking talk to someone about your problems pal. You’ve got issues.

    • santacluase123 says:

      +Handsome With The Handgun cunt

    • Kokiri J01 says:

      The shrinking process needed a helmet or a cage (if you remember the caged goat in Antman) so the car thing works. As for being small without a helmet…. Maybe you only need the helmet to shrink? I know it’s not the MCU but I remember a Fantastic Four episode where Hank opened his helmet while small. But tbh, memories can be false so idrk

    • Tod Reynard says:

      1.) The windows have to stay rolled up, which they mentioned.
      2.) The building isn’t shrunk when they are in it, except when Hank goes to the Quantum realm – where he has a suit.
      3.) Last I checked, being the size of a child doesn’t make you insane.

      God, Cinemasins went and turned everyone into a bunch of dumb nitpickers. You can say you don’t like it, but you can’t say they didn’t explain it.

  3. Ajax Johnson says:

    “Ulysses S. Gr-Ant”

    No comment. Just SIN


  4. J Elliott says:

    Yeah like she could survive in the quantum realm for 30 years without food or water AND she has makeup here

    • Paulafan5 says:

      It should’ve been outside space-time so she should still be in her 30s, not 60s. That would explain not eating, breathing, etc.

    • maged emam says:

      She mentioned that her body changed and called it “evolution” she might have got the x Gene and became a mutant she died before giving us more info . KEVIN FAIGEEEEE

  5. Ormi Ader says:

    So you are not sinning Stan Lee cameos anymore? Good. Respect the man.

  6. Brian Jr Spero says:

    2:51 It’s true. My divorced parents are still friends.

  7. MyName is Jeff says:

    I love how everyone is criticizing the movie ONLY to tell unfunny bug puns

    • Handsome With The Handgun says:

      MyName is Jeff yea it’s like they are just quoting a joke anthology…wait

    • Kasey Rolow says:

      MyName is Jeff lol nope we criticize it for more than bug puns. Also ppl like me like the move just as much as the sins lol

    • Kasey Rolow says:

      rewester17 dude…your videos are shit..11 million subs yet you still come here trying to promote basically you be itching about things as well…one day someone will be the new you making a video about you as well and digging into your life and how you operate…Jesus…11million subs and you still can’t quit wanting attention huh? Lol welp…this is the end of my attention for ya. Good luck and quit hating or that shit will come back around

    • Bananamation says:

      yea it’s really BUGGIN me

  8. Groot says:

    7:50 You could’ve just said “GOD DAMN YOU, RUSSO BROTHERS!” (+1,000,000 sins) We would’ve gotten the point.

  9. Robust Titan says:

    Oh boy, I can’t wait until Birdman makes the counter video!

  10. Xavier McQueen says:

    “Downloading new skills on the fly”
    Don’t you mean “New skills on *the wasp*”?
    I’ll go ahead and sin myself…

  11. Mr Roozdkie Kaeus says:

    All these “Quantum technobabble” things make this movie less fun, so many things just pure nonsense to me

  12. WritingCooper says:

    “God forbid a woman be the inventor of scores of useful Marvel tech”

    So Shuri just doesn’t exist, I guess

  13. The-Trustees says:

    Could probably feed the whole country of Ethiopia with a dozen bags of carrots. Hmmm.

  14. deathlord9907 says:

    There really should be a cinema sins on all the terrible puns in this comment section

  15. JsAMONSTA says:

    I know it is Cinema Sins’s job to hate on everything single thing in existence.. But how can you hate on that “de-aging” technology. It’s dope as hell! Knowing how old the actors are now just makes it cooler.

    • Entropy Zero says:

      If it worked well, maybe. What was shown here was not even uncanny valley material – it was more “bad ’90s animation” level bad… :/

  16. Shadow Games says:

    They shrink by decreasing the distance between atoms without changing mass but all the time things act as if the mass was changed.This is the biggest sin in my oppinion

    • Emsnews Supkis says:

      Decreasing the space between atoms: how to blow up things. The ‘science’ in this movie is ‘stupid science’.

    • Shadow Games says:

      +Emsnews Supkis i know the science doesnt make sence but it was the fact that they said it like it should that annoys me

    • Emsnews Supkis says:

      All of the movie is ‘magic’ and not any attempt at ‘science’. The childish nature of modern movies is astonishing.

  17. Wesley Solmon says:

    If he made Thanos 100x smaller he would also make Thanos 100x stronger… definitely a very very bad idea

    • Dragonlord the king of dragons says:

      A situation is Antman goes into Thanos and grow giant

    • Mr Derp says:

      Those numbers should come with an asterisk, as he’d be 100x stronger *in proportion* to his size, so he’s stronger related to size, but overall normal size is stronger

  18. Oscar Jimenes says:

    Most important sin: The word *QUANTUM*

  19. Jim Rinkenberger says:

    “Ant-Manning the Wasp”? That sounds vaguely sexual.

  20. The Rick Reviewer says:

    Please do Everything Wrong With Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

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