Everything Wrong With Ant-Man In 19 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Ant-Man In 19 Minutes Or Less

Ant-Man. Many loved it, many forgot it quickly. But we’re here to list its sins, as is our custom.

Next week: 2015 bomb and a 2014 indie hit

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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20 Responses

  1. gtactwit says:

    No sin for the helmet and suit changing positions after growing in the

  2. MorderElg says:

    When, at the end, the scene with “Good Morning, Hank.” was added, I had a
    split second hope there would be a vlogbrothers reference. Oh, well…

  3. Adidasman 35 says:

    I don’t have time to watch this now
    And I probably never will

  4. vince Karade says:

    Oh come on..it was good.

  5. Foxtrot says:

    For what it’s worth, the ant raft thing is actually a thing. Just look up
    ant raft.

  6. Daniel H says:

    Loved it! hahahahahaha

  7. Spectral Stranger2 says:

    I would’ve thought that “playing Disintegration by The Cure” part would’ve
    at least got a sin.

  8. Saad Naveed says:

    Do fight club!!!

  9. ajcnielsen says:

    4:46 – Isn’t it obvious, once you take the time to look at this budget
    sheet – that those are daily numbers, not monthly. Income of $72/day is
    $9/hr for an 8 hour shift. Which isn’t great pay, but it’s believable,
    and it makes a LOT more sense than $72/month. Plus “377 DAYS until”. . .

  10. 815StoneCold says:

    Better than Age of Ultron, despite how crappy the villain is

    Jessica Jones and Daredevil are equally good IMO

  11. Charlie Lashmar says:

    The sin at 3:34 needs to be un-sinned. I’ve done video work for security
    companies that has been as complex as the video in that scene, and your jaw
    would drop at the size some of the non-disclosure forms I’ve had to sign.
    That kind of thing happens everyday.

  12. Alfred Hitchcock says:

    I’m not hearing many things wrong with the movie, more like the inability
    of the people who put this together to imagine anything, laced with
    shortsighted opinions.
    Scott needed a job fast, not in weeks. Presumably he’d get the shit job at
    B&R and keep looking for another job. He grew a conscience and had time to
    think in prison, hence his newfound desire to take care of his daughter. He
    failed her and knows it.
    Just because his backstory is ‘noble’ doesn’t mean it wasn’t a felony and
    he wasn’t imprisoned and away from his daughter.
    You call cliché on things that actually also happen in real life, hence
    being clichés. Then you spout mean shit about Michael Douglas (wow, do you
    feel better about yourself now?) Honestly, I wish someone did Cinema Sins
    in a way that is actually smart and analytical about film (and its
    writing), as opposed to some bunch of idiots who didn’t like the movie and
    got stoned and recorded themselves attempting to sound clever and/or funny,
    failing at both. You guys literally just shovel feces.
    Making humans 10x larger makes them better targets. Did you even watch this
    film or did you do this video just to fellate Judy Greer? She’s not going
    to put out to any of you. No need to rip on the formula. Films, and this
    will be a surprise to you, have metaphoric value as well. Why does the
    villian never have tech together? Because he’s a villain, so he’s never
    going to be as smart as the good guy. I saw both italian jobs a few times.
    It didn’t remind me of it as much, that type of sequence is in many many
    many other films. And you must be a master chemist to pour glue into a ring
    or know how to break an old safe. Sounds like you guys have trouble heating
    up your Spam. When you make chemical tests, you bring another subject
    because you make a set of different samples to use. You don’t make one
    sample, go back to spend weeks on research to come back with one sample to
    test, but that does show how you guys make these things (without any
    revisions). Have you never looked in a mirror? The ants were counting down
    the time till the guard shows up. It does explain vaguely how they control
    the ants.
    The only sin that you didn’t have there that should be there is exposition
    in conversation. They should’ve shown Hank being pushed out of his company
    in flashbacks. You probably had the same reason with Captain America,
    right? Why’d they pick a scrawny asthmatic kid to inject with the serum? If
    Scott’s position is unclear to you on that basis, then dude…. I give up,
    only halfway through and you guys are literally too dumb to continue. You
    guys don’t even seem to like film, so I don’t see why do this. You just
    feed idiot haters with idiot opinions.

  13. Khaled Taha says:

    2:00 “He also did a stretch in Arkham Asylum…”
    Actually he was in The Dark Knight not Arkham Asylum. But I guess the sin
    stands because it’s referencing DC-Marvel crossover either way…
    Still, no ding for DC Comics?? =P

  14. Ray Levie says:

    This was one of the best episodes

  15. ETK Reviews says:

    Rogue Nation

  16. therandomdot says:

    Here’s what I don’t understand. The premise of Pym Molecules is that when
    things shrink they still maintain their relative weight/mass. So, tiny
    Ant-Man can punch people with the strength/weight of a normal man.

    But, Pym’s walking around with a shrunken tank on a keychain. Wouldn’t the
    weight of the tank still exist, just compressed, making that a multi-ton
    keychain that’s impossible to lift.

    Are they just arbitrarily breaking the “rules” laid out for a convenient
    joke / deus ex machina, or am I missing something?

  17. Ni Co says:

    Do tarzan

  18. Evan Clark says:

    Your a dick this was an awesome movie

  19. Giggles Galore says:

    Can you do the Brady bunch movie please???!??!???

  20. UncommonSituations says:

    I thought gotg was going to be the last good marvel movie.