Everything Wrong With Battle Los Angeles In 18 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Battle Los Angeles In 18 Minutes Or Less

Battle: L.A. had a fantastic trailer!!! And that’s about the nicest thing I can say about it. Also… here are its sins…

Thursday: Another sins video about aliens.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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20 Responses

  1. CrazyeyesDark says:

    God, this is one huge cliche. A marine named Martinez? Check. A ridiculously obnoxious but somehow strong and independent female marine? Check. Explosions? Check. Pseudo-emotional dialogue? Check. I could go on, but the point is clear.

  2. smokebomb.exe says:

    “Soldiers with access to classified intel have to watch the news for intel”

    1 sin removed

  3. I Care says:

    Did anyone else hear that sound glitch, or was it just me?

  4. What's That Now? says:

    you forgot to sin the fact that this movie which is titularly set in LA was filmed almost entirely in Louisiana.

  5. Hunter Baker says:

    I actually liked this movie… But only because it’s basically X-Com the movie. Half your squad dies saving 3 Damn civilians.

  6. Markius Fox says:

    “The Marines consider the most comfortable introduction to a civilian is to scream loudly while pointing a rifle at them. It’s in the manual and everything!”

    No, literally, it is in the manual.

  7. Joseph Roberts says:

    I hand you a sin for not understanding that obviously Beck who was on leave isn’t able to get back to base.

  8. George Hogan says:

    When you watch Cinemasins, sin all the stuff that is realistic military culture because its not realistic in one of the most acurate to military culture movies ever made. I am confused, was my entire time in the military just one big cinemasin?

    Is military culture a cinemasin then?

  9. Mr. Wobbuffet says:

    He should do the Bee Movie and here’s the bonus round. “It’s cinemasins but everytime they say ‘bee’ we add a sin.” Then, “It’s Cinemasins but everytime a bee is in a frame we add a sin equivalent to the number of bees.”

  10. Harv72b says:

    0:30 Actually….I used to be an intelligence analyst in the US Army, and yes, we watched the news all the time on the watch floor. During Operation Desert Fox we had CNN on constantly because the reporters hunkered down in Baghdad could get video of the air strikes out much faster than proper military channels. In a scenario like the one in the movie, every military installation with access to cable television worldwide would be tuned in to the reports from the scene, including those in the Pentagon and White House.

    As far as front-line Marines hanging out at a stateside base during what was peacetime, no–they do not have access to classified information.

  11. Oxi Clean Stain Removal says:

    10:00 -1 Sin Because Shrapnel Is A Thing.

  12. KingCaesar001 says:

    Can you do The Thing (1982)?

  13. Joy! says:

    “people who should really know better use CNN like it’s a reliable news source.” *DING*

  14. Olivia LaRocque says:

    mickey. fucking. milkovich. *removes a thousand sins*

  15. TF Sparrow says:

    At 8:00 isn’t he yelling 25 meters in reference to the position of the aliens?

  16. Max Madmax says:

    Shaky Cam ruined Hollywood… u_u”
    F#ck Shaky Cams !!!

  17. J158n says:

    Battle Los Angles not to be confused with Battle of Los Angeles
    two different movies

  18. Skull Sniper says:

    This movie was painfully average.

    But the game… Oh god, don’t even remind me of that fuck-fest.

  19. CFsketches says:

    Everything wrong with Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2

  20. Black Man says:

    One of the only movies I’ve seen before it was sin’d

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