Everything Wrong With Black Panther In 17 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Black Panther In 17 Minutes Or Less

Early in 2018, Marvel released Black Panther, which went on to smash records and delight audiences all over the globe. So naturally we went looking for sins in it. And we even managed to find a few.

Thursday: Sci-fi sequel sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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81 Responses

  1. tim fischer says:

    I know i’m Australian and therefore not really in the position to criticise American opinion on politics but I reckon that if your American your still entitled to criticise fake, hypothetical politics fabricated by other Americans and featured in an American movie. Also that “what are those” gag was outdated by years and deserved minimum 30 sins!

    • obliviouz says:

      Pretty sure they’re saying that Black Panther is basically fake political theatre (go Black people!) for profit.

    • tim fischer says:

      I don’t think cinemasins was trying to display some sort of internal racism. I reckon it was a crack at Americans generally choosing a political stance after learning nothing about politics. Also this movie has been politicised enough and has been given extra praise just for its cast. Don’t get me wrong though it was a good classic marvel movie.

    • Kristi Marie says:

      tim fischer Oh shit, I thought OP was talking about the comment section not Cinemasins. That racism remark was purely for the Youtube comment section.

    • tim fischer says:

      Well that makes more sense, I had not read the comments before I posted those comments. It was a little difficult to navigate through all those “they”s.

    • issa osama says:

      What are you even on about my dude???? no one spoke about politics in the video so why would you bring it in assuming that people did?

  2. Twimbo says:

    You’re surprised Shuri flipped off T’Challa in public even though he is the older brother and future ruler? Do you have teenage sisters Jeremy? Do you?

  3. Mal Reynolds says:

    It’s a racist movie. Not enough Japanese people in it!

  4. Josh Bourke says:

    T’challa wasn’t narrating…..racist

    • Vozhan says:

      Marble Witch Well it was a lame ass joke. I don’t know how anyone over the age of 12 would find that humorous.

    • Kidastro123 says:

      Nah my dude…it is not t’challa. It’s clearly Sterling K. Brown lol. The whole point of the opening is that it is Killmonger’s father telling him about the origin of his home a place that Killmonger would never be allowed to visit.

    • John Watson says:

      It’s the same as saying that’s racist when characters in movies make demographic specific assumptions. He heard and African accent… thought it was t’challa… lol its literally the same formula cinema sins used when they say “that’s racist”. Get out of your feelings people omg lmao

    • Stick Crual says:

      Only went into this video to see these comments.

  5. Chasen 161 says:

    That “what are those” line should have gotten 100 sins

  6. ThΓ©ophile Thiriet says:

    Actually, yes. He was the black panther before beeing king, because his father wasn’t in shape and considered him ready. Unfortunately, this information was in a scene cut from the movie.

    • Jaime Up says:

      Tim Terrell it’s like you never watched a CinemaSins before…hes usually very nitpicky ya fool

    • Ethan Burger says:

      Jaime Up it’s not nitpicking, it’s ignoring facts for views

    • Jaime Up says:

      Ethan Burger lol okay bud

    • 90 Lancaster says:

      He was at a disadvantage that he had no time to recover from his powers being stripped.

      I think they do sometimes imply the role of Protector isn’t given to a individual and that it isn’t always the king – It seems (unfortunate) that they imply that the dictatorship they have going is down to a family line in more recent times – but going back further the role may have moved around the various tribes – based on who is most worthy.

      But perhaps there is situations where a king offers the role of champion to the younger person so that they can rule into old age – as otherwise they’d just get challenged once they were in their late 40’s or early 50’s and likely killed.

      So that – isn’t happening suggests they have become a traditional royal line – or familial dictatorship – depending on how generous you want to be to T’Challa ancestors.

      But there is perhaps a legit argument to be made for why someone would be angry with the family – if they were refused the right to challenge (and that filtering also protects the royal family from being challenged) – it seems they game was rigged for quite some time – our boy Eric was an unfortunate loop hole (or is that A-Hole – Not sure).

      I do admit I’m a bit uncertain if T’Challa is actually a likeable person or not.
      Eric if written slightly differently (i.e less homicidally) could have even easily have been written as the hero.

      Now that would have made for an interesting conclusion – have Eric win the fight and then die soon after so T’Challa’s legitimacy is in question.

  7. Envy Unknown says:

    does anyone else have trypophobia and didn’t like looking at killmonger?

    edit: i’m aware they’re not holes but they were systematic enough to trigger me lol

  8. Bear Manley says:

    No one else cared that the Jabari Tribe was not present, because they are the tribe that sticks to themselves.

    • Ricardo alves says:

      Exacly, they were isolating themselves, they didnt expect them to come, and there is probably something like an invitation, and then guest confirm if they’re going or not, and the Jabari probably didnt say a thing

  9. ChillaystiKz says:

    The guy who narrates at the beginning isnt T’Challa, its N’Jobu. +1 sin for CinemaSins. Plus, the previous king, T’Chaka, gave up the title of Black Panther because of his age and inability to fight, so T’Challa took the mantel. Another sin for CinemaSins.

  10. Awesomeness Hippopotamus says:

    “How could she tell they were 3 Americans from across the room”

    You Americans just don’t realise how obvious you are

  11. Sayun Tamrakar says:

    When is “Everything wrong with Justice league” Gonna come out? Waiting.

    • Sam Carlson says:

      Sayun Tamrakar sorry it’s taking to long there’s to many cins

    • Stavros says:

      We pretty much know what was wrong with JL when we saw the movie. All the behind the scenes drama = 100% wrong. On screen content = 60% wrong.

      Why did you feel the need to comment that here though? Can’t your fanboy-self stand the fact that the count the (actual) wrongs in a Marvel movie?

    • Ricardo alves says:

      I doubt he wanted EWW with JL because he’s a marvel fanboy lol

  12. Tyrone Escat says:

    Everythong Wrong with Deadpool 2

  13. TheCstar07 says:

    As a South African I wish they would have cut down the use of Zulu and Xhosa to maybe…. zero? Less than zero? So jarring and painful to the ears.

    • Admire Kashiri says:

      TheCstar07 I totally agree

    • Akinwale segun says:

      TheCstar07 wakanda was meant to be in Central Africa but the various accent and culture they just mashed together, imagine nollywood making a film titled captain America but some characters have Spanish accent some have Greek, Polish accents etc and captain America dress like a Russian and sound Slovenian after all all white ppl sound the same and have same culture.

    • zaxx29 says:

      Out of curiosity, why was it jarring for you?

    • 90 Lancaster says:

      I can’t speak to them – but that the accents were all over the darn place was – a bit distracting like watching a shakespeare play where everyone in the cast was Posh British and in the middle was an Australian and someone from Nebraska… It’s kinda “Huh” ??

      It would be the same in any Movie where someone had a really out of place accent for where they are supposed to be from.

      Bit like Mel Gibson in Brave Heart to someone with an ear for Scottish accents is.

  14. John Smithee says:

    The purple stuff that everyone drank…was it just sugar, water and purple

  15. anonymouscomments123 says:

    A bunch of the sins listed were fundamental misunderstandings of the plot of the movie, like the stuff about Hanuman and “where is your god now?” isn’t some melodrama, it’s because the jabari follow a different god from the rest of wakanda. And Nakia didn’t go for the heart shaped herb to bring it to T’challa, she was bringing it to M’baku to ask for his assistance… There was a whole scene in M’baku’s throne room. Oh and the “I found my daddy with panther claws in his chest” is referring to the claw wounds not the claws themselves…

  16. Dimetrodon 22 says:

    I’m pretty sure that by β€œpanther claws in his chest” he meant the wounds inflicted by the claws

  17. SparaticSpartan says:

    A lot of these aren’t sins they’re just your reactions and opinions to certain scenes in the movie.

  18. Samuel J. Taylor says:

    Am I the only one who found the “WHAT ARE THOSE?!” joke completely and utterly cringe-worthy?

    • Trenton Quinn says:

      Samuel J. Taylor The whole theatre sighed on that joke

    • Chrissie P says:

      I remember watching that scene in the theater. Me and my brother cringed so hard. It was painful.

    • McBaron says:

      Most jokes were cringe worthy. They were either seeded in racism or overused memes…

    • 90 Lancaster says:

      I would have if i’d ever even heard the meme before watching reviews – which I hadn’t. They are making the same mistake a lot of CGI animated Movies make – putting quickly dating references in any movie is a very bad idea in general.

  19. ScarlettP says:

    I can’t wait for the sequel

  20. ScarlettP says:

    -Wakanda Forever- I know Chadwick is so tried of people saying this to him in the streets πŸ˜…

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