Everything Wrong With Captain Marvel In 16 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Captain Marvel In 16 Minutes Or Less

Captain Marvel was a huge hit at the box office and most fans seemed to enjoy it. It’s not amazing, but it’s not bad either. It’s a solid MCU film, and as such… it has sins.

Next week: Some animated bullsh*t and some action sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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53 Responses

  1. STE Jambo says:

    Cinemasins: Removes four sins for the Stan Lee logos
    Everyone liked that

  2. Demon Lord Gaming says:

    Are you seriously telling me a mother flerking cat is the reason for Nick fury’s eyepatch?

    Disney wtf?

    • ThaRhyno says:

      @Hikaro Maybe because the definition of “someone” literally means a person.

    • Li-Li Mandragon says:

      Eh it’s fine, the melodrama of Fury being betrayed is overdone in both the comics and film. Sometimes it be as simple as Fury was idiot to play with Cthulhu Cat.

    • NickyD says:

      wait in the movie nick furys eye is harmed earlier in the movie. when sheild was inflitrated by skrulls or something. thats what fury meant in winter soldier when he said last time i trusted someone

    • Medic83 says:

      RIGHT!? Badass nick Fury and he lost his eye to a damned CAT!? ?

  3. Micah/Dark Fantasy Writer says:

    I respect you for removing 4 sins for the Stan Lee intro.

  4. Maru'sArcade says:

    Honestly i kinda laughed when captain marvel punched yon rogg near the end, i laugh easily

  5. Chinedu Opara says:

    I want a T-Shirt that reads _”I have HAD it with these mothaflerkin’ _*_Skrulls_*_ on this mothaflerkin’ PLANET!”_

  6. TiefenTV says:

    11:30 as soon as they hug, cinemasins decided to take a sin off and the counter goes down to 69… Coincidence? I think not! 😀

    • David Cappadoccia says:

      TiefenTV who would want to do the Brie Larson version of Captain Marvel or Brie Larson in general? Answer: Betas.

  7. Thomas Leavenworth says:

    Cinemasins has given sins on account of Stan Lee cameos in the past. I wouldn’t have been happy if they didn’t remove sins for the opening logo!

  8. Joe Dirt says:

    I think that Stan Lee intro would have been better on Endgame.

  9. Syed Noore Rasul says:

    You’ve earned my respect for taking off 4 sins for the Stan Lee intro

  10. Dania Martinez Lara says:

    “You can’t change an event by remembering it”… Rick Sánchez is laughing in the distance

  11. Jerome Dumont says:

    Jeremy, wait for the extended version of Endgame to sin it. Please?

  12. Frank Mai says:

    You didn’t sin the fact that Nick Fury lost an eye from the cat

  13. Raptor Jesus says:

    ten million sins for that kitchen scene between fury and “mar-vel” were they’re like “marvel is better!”
    it was so cringey.

  14. TheRealEnderMorpher says:

    Fun fact, flerkin is a actual replacement for swear words in the comics.

  15. Kieran Morford says:

    Hawkeye is decent-to-OK with arrows.


  16. Gavin says:

    Me: “ Ah I have to go in 5 minutes”

    *Sees Captain Marvel on CinemaSins*

    “Imma have to reschedule”

  17. Griffin Peterson says:

    This movie discredits Winter Soldier. Remember when Fury was talking about how he lost his eye? Then this movie shows that it was messed up by a cat

    • President Garrison says:

      They should retcon it, maybe have Fury lost his eye to Wolverine

    • p view says:

      they should retcon CM entirely

    • Niko Gruben says:

      I mean, Fury said himself in the end that he’s gonna keep the cat thing secret

    • Dinca Aelius says:

      Actually, it’s a callback. In CA:WS he said that the last time he trusted someone he lost an eye and prior to the incident he picks Goose up and tells him he trusts him. It’s also quite fitting for fury to say something like that considering humans would think Goose is just a cat and not a lethal alien.

  18. Ice Bear says:

    Jeremy, I might have to bareknuckle fight you in a Denny’s parking lot.The hell you mean by “Never much liked Stan Lee cameos,”.

  19. MJ A says:

    It would have been worth removing all of the sins if 1995 Nick Fury looked and acted exactly like Jules from Pulp Fiction.

    • Robert Thomson says:

      i thought it was hilarious how much they made him look like his character in xXx, Augustus Gibbons. thats what i said as soon as he stepped out of the car “Augustus!!”

  20. Steven F says:

    “Couldn’t bypass Ma Bell and the Ill Communication”
    I…I just can’t express how wonderful that line is. Thank you.

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